100 thoughts on “Catch and Cook Fish With Your Bare Hands And Bushcraft Waterwheel Part 2 (87 Days Ep. 30) Alewife

  1. Sungai yg masih indah dan alami 😍
    Smoga alam itu tetap terjaga dan tidak rusak habitatnya 😊
    #salam #dari #Indonesia 😊

  2. His nature is very beautiful.
    I don't have any fishing.
    If in my place in western Sumatra people aready fishing with people.🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  3. I absolutely agree with the idea if leaving the places you like you were never there , I'm quite happy to have found your channel and this is only the 3rd video that I've watched but I'll be checking out as many more as I can. I was stoked at you being able to catch the fish with just your hands and I could almost taste them as you were eating them , nothing tastes better than fish or any food that is cooked on an open fire . Thanks for sharing these educational and entertaining videos , best regards from Lloyd way up here in Ontario Canada.

  4. i come form viet nam. 😀 i think video very interesting . beautiful river and many fish. Finally, the dish seems very delicious. good video 😀

  5. Instead of using shovel that you use in digging grounds use some stick for a fish.. Your not an adventurer guy..

  6. Great video and also good to see the comments section ain't talking about dishes and stuff everyone's enjoying it I know I'm pointing it out but it is refreshing

  7. I used to live in east millinocket Maine and in bucksport Maine I grew up in NH but have lived there happiest 5 years here in Oklahoma. Bush craft and primitive camping/ survival camping and bugout preparing is my passion. I love watching y'all doing what I love! It's so much fun!

  8. It’s about that time of year here in Ireland 🇮🇪🍀 and that’s the type of place I’ll be fishing from they looked deelishhhh😋smoky browny trout and at the size I love no mucky water taste from that size trout and with the smoke and hot coals man your gona have me out eating Minos next chance I get 😜 always brings me catty also and am always on the lookout for that perfect natty fork 🧐 a great pastime while waiting around your fire for your food to cook 👌🏼peaceout bud ✌🏼ps keep your eyes 👀 peeled for some cool fishing and mainly sling hunting this summer 😉it’s about time I unleashed Ireland’s green isle to u folks from a irish hawker that’s what we call hunting. All above board with permission and fishing licence 😉

  9. Instant subscribed as soon as first clip and you started talking. Then said Maine. Yup good guy.

  10. Me sorprendió la oración de agradesimiento al creador por sus buenos alimentos simple sensilla pero poderosisima y sinsera oración Dios te bendiga

  11. Sub to my friend over at Oakley outdoors for more content like this. He's 2 subs away from 200 help him out please.

  12. Lol we would call that river a creek here in Alabama. It’s so cool that you could just grab those fish from the water! I want to do that one day!

  13. Roe is the eggs, I think they call the sperm "milk"? and please tell me you didn't just say you ate fish sperm sacks in Patagonia! You were only talking about eating the eggs, right?

  14. Did anyone else notice his lips weren't matching with what he was saying. I think the audio went out and he had to do a voice over or whatever it's called cuz his lips would be moving but he wasn't saying anything

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