Catch & Cook Ep. 6 Big Asp + Fixed Rod/ Хвани и Сготви Голям Распер + Поправена Въдица/ Rapfenangeln

Catch & Cook Ep. 6 Big Asp + Fixed Rod/ Хвани и Сготви Голям Распер + Поправена Въдица/ Rapfenangeln

On 20th of January. Fish, fish! I will use a Belly lure. The water now is perfect for ultra light. No problem with them now. Look what happened there! Keep casting the same way! OK. I will listen to you and put the silver crankbait. Cast, cause it was a nice fish! Was it nice? Yes. Well done! Look at that! You will cast there after that, it is here. I will cast now. You always have to cast a bit further upstream! OK. This one is big! Hope that the camera filmed that. Let’s see now what Tsetso caught. A chub. Is it chub? Let’s see it! It is an asp. A small asp! It was impossible not to bite. Well done! I put a small lure. Is it shallow-diving? We will film it quickly. Sure! You can return it immediately. I will unhook it and then you will start casting upstream, so that the lure comes through this area. For the big one. I will chase these small ones. Whoever has the luck, will catch it. Nice! On a shallow-diving lure. There is no time for picture. I will unhook it and release it. OK. Ready! Swim! See what it will do now! It swam away. Well done! Now the big one! Start casting for this one! So I have to cast upstream, you are saying! Cast there in the quiet water, so that the lure can go through the spot where the asp attacked. Lift the rod! Lift it! I need to reel quicker. See where the fish has gone! Take a look! Keep casting! Wow! Toss there! Toss you too! Take it out and cast again! Cast always a bit further upstream and reel quick! It is making big jumps. It is good there. Tsetso finally hooked one. Is it the same one, Tsetse? Might be the same, yes. It bit on the large lure. It’s it. Finally! It bit on a big lure! It wanted a big lure, isn’t it? We tried with the smaller ones. We tried with the small lures and.. it bit on a large Red Head Jointed lure. It could have bitten on a small lure too, but.. Apparently it wanted a solid lure, Tsetse! It’s a nice one, well done! It is at least 2.5 kg/ 5.5 lbs. Yes. The other one was small, but it was cool to catch it. Sure! If we use thinner braided lines, until dusk it will be even more comfortable. Because the small one bit immediately on a small lure. But this one is big. It’s a nice one! It was the one that was chasing. Yes, the same size. Step behind! Be careful! I will take it out here. If you give me the gripper, it will be better. Sure! Did you catch it on the edge? Yes, it attacked right there. Where you made me cast. I was just thinking to cast a few more times and that we leave. Yeah, we talked about that. It is strong. It was jumping in the beginning, right? Yes, it made a few jumps. Pity that it didn’t bite earlier. But that’s OK. Whenever it wants. It is so strong! It is strong; the water got cooler after the rains. That’s the reason. I see. Hope that it doesn’t come off, cause it doesn’t look well-hooked. I think it is good. If you can reach it with the gripper.. It is swimming again. Wow! This one is not a ordinary one. No, it isn’t. It is a crazy one :). The other ones are getting stiff so fast. Yes. Look what it is doing! Yes. Is is driving me crazy. It is very energetic. Do you want me to hold the rod? No. Look! The hook came out. Really?! It is big! It is a nice one, Tsetse! It will be more than 2 kg/ 4.5 lbs. It is at least 4 kg/ 8.8 lbs. Good job! Nice! A big beast! Very good. Well done! It has a big fin. Yes. It was a long game of chasing with it. Finally you got it! We will cook it on fire again. Right?! Sure! It’s worth it. Yes, it is a really nice fish. We take it. Hey guys, hello again! Now we will cook the asp that Tsetso caught. It was a nice outing yesterday. We forgot the table and the chairs. Actually we have just one chair here, but we will see what we can do about the missing one. Yes, there will be comfortable, it will be a table, chair and everything. I will sit here and that’s it. That’s what you will do, Tsetse. You can lie down as well, right? We also have another fellow with us, who was in our backyard. I will show him to you. Sharko! How are you, Sharo? See here! Sharko! There he is! So Sharo was in our backyard. We found him, he was crying, was hurt, had wounds from bites of a big dog. He was also very small, he didn’t have any teeth or nails. So we decided to keep him. And now you may see him in our videos sometimes. Sharo, say “hi”! Yeah.. Now let’s show the fish, Tsetse, and let us know what marinade you made. The fish was 2.7 kg/ 5.94 lbs. Here are the fillets. We will cook it again over wood coal. It becomes very tasty. It has onion, garlic, red pepper, black pepper, savory, salt and oil. It stays like this for about 4 hours. OK. Now I am waiting to have the fire ready. See the waves next to Sharo! Oh, yes, see the waves! A fish was chasing. We shall cast in the meantime. No, now we won’t fish. All right! Let’s first eat and then we will catch again. Sure, after that. We wanted to cook it for lunch, but we were late and now we will have it for dinner. It is like that today. He will check the fish! Maybe he will not go there. Sure, he won’t ;). He’s lifting his nose. Sure. The fire is ready for the fish. I will put the first peace now. The grill is very comfortable. Yes. Try this yourself! You won’t regret it. Yes, it is very delicious. Come on! The fish can get grilled and in the meantime I will show you.. what happened yesterday. Sharko! Come to this side because of the quality! The asp bit on this lure. We changed so many lures.. After sunset I decided to bring a Belly lure into action. It attracts fish so much! Shortly after that the small asp came. Very short after that, it took less than 5 min. It was the first one, then the big one came too. We tried to catch the big one with a few different lures, but the current was very strong. Yes. Finally I had to test the swimming action of this lure, since I haven’t tested it before. I also wanted to test the rod. This is the rod that I used to catch the 70 kg/ 154 lbs catfish. It broke here in this part. You saw it, there was footage about that. It broke yesterday in the morning. I fixed it with a part of an old rod. Yes. This part enters in the other one. I put this part of another broken rod. I cut two parts of the old rod, one from the upper part with a small diameter. And another one from the other part with large diameter. I cut the smaller part in half, so that it reaches till here. The same way as the original rod. Then I calculated how many cm this part gets here. And so many cm is the small part, so that they don’t touch each other inside. This one enters unit here and the other part is until here. The interesting part is that it it became perfect. Take a look! And I will keep using it until it works. Yes. It stood the asp. Its balance is good. No problem at all. Nice. It is very strong. This part is stronger now. It just needs some painting. And it turned out that this asp came on the biggest lure that we had. That you tested in that moment, yes. With the Belly lures fish got active many times. Even catfish. Katya was casting with a Belly lure and the fish got active. Yes. Before you cast the Belly lure, there was nothing. Yes, before that there was no activity at all. Everybody can try this trick. Yes. After about 5 min, even less, the camera was filming a bit more than 4 min, and the first asp came. Yes. Now we can look or cast. I can cast a bit. Let’s see the fish! Nice! I think that it is ready. It looks good. I will put the other one too. We made the salads in the meantime. They are ready too. The taste is different. You can try it. You can prepare carp, asp or pike, we made a pike like that, carp will be good too. No need to try with catfish. I don’t believe it will be good. You won’t regret it. I will turn it here. A lot of stuff here. Perfect! It’s ready! Tsetse, how is the fish? I am still eating my salad. It is incredible. Right? Its aroma, the marinade is tasty. And it is well-grilled. Sharo likes it too, right? He is waiting too. Yes. He sure likes it. Wait a bit! I will test it now too. It is very good; very tasty, as always. I know that anyways. Whoever tries this out, won’t regret it. It’s very delicious. That will be all for today. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, if you still haven’t, click on the bell to receive notifications when we upload new videos, and we see each other next time. Bye, bye! Bye and tight lines! Tight lines, sure! Catch big fish, as always! Bye!

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  1. Много вкусна става рибата на жар. Споделете в коментар дали сте си приготвяли и вие риба по този начин, и ако да, каква! Ще се радваме да научим. Aко имате въпроси относно поправката на въдицата, не се колебайте да ги зададете! Вижте също видео за улов на едър распер! Наслука! 😊🎣

    The fish is very tasty over open fire. Have you cooked it this way too? If yes, what fish species have you prepared like that? Let us know in the comments! We are curious to find out. If you have questions about the rod repair, let us know! See another video about a big asp catch:! Tight lines, guys! 😊🎣

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