Catching Northern Pike Walleye and Bass 2019 –  River Fishing From Shore in Pennsylvania

Catching Northern Pike Walleye and Bass 2019 – River Fishing From Shore in Pennsylvania

there we go that’s what we’re after
right there it’s a decent one it’s gonna be a legal one I’ll bet or close to it smacked it fuck me in to–they decided to switch it
up a little bit today from and he might not be legal can be closed so I’ll probably 56 cast to go out one yes he’s gonna be you go that’s like 23 oh really
boy he’s not legal I don’t get a picture over here well I wanted to see how the action of
the war worked let’s drop it on in pumped it three times close large mouth giant I’m gonna get into one way or
another do you think you’re gonna catch anything okay you got to do a pregame
too by the way yeah yeah what are we doing what do you mean what are we doing
for what yeah well fishing for though I don’t know why well if you can’t tell by
now mean the old roommate headed down to the creek down there gonna be fishing
for some walleye probably catch some small mouth or we’re targeting walleye
just pitching lures today all the way down or just way down through and fish
down or just way down cooking fish yeah garlic yeah
first cast that’s gonna be close but now the scenes but he’ll be like 13 he’ll be
14 I’ll tell you what he’d be close 15 first cast well that was good let’s see
if I get you get one nice bug yeah – what is that your second cast
I just miss long Oh we’ll go on that’s a better fish yeah I’m straight down maybe
not I’m just fighting it in the current man they are in here thick yeah but one
thing I’ve noticed about walleye though yeah it says if you cut you yeah if you
we’re gonna maybe we might catch some legal ones but I’d be surprised until we
move down yeah that’s it’s not so 13 or 14 entry
first save that ho I’ll launch that baby in a tree man this look I have another
one of these if you want it yeah I would say so huh that’s the smallest one yeah
that’s 12 or 13 I’m talking 18 inches like a part 18 to 20 is like perfect
like $15 get me wrong I keep 15 inches but it’s like an 18 inch sure you get
that nice bit of meat on it like now I mean that I’ve kept you know I’ve caught
them over 30 and stuff like that enough captain I don’t think I’d keep 30 not
out of here anymore yes all right very nice good spawn like
I said then you get you learn it there’s a small e king of a string right
there small 30 here he wants move down I mean we’re just will walk we’ll keep
walking I’m fishing we’ll get down here and in front of them
two big rocks get one there you go got a better one yeah I’m gonna be
illegal one guard maybe you’re a fifth on it’s 14 and a half I got a tape
that’s a legal one off but it’s gonna be close I got a tape measure oh it’s gonna
be close upside down he’s 16 there you go either tie your shoelace I’ve come down through here throwing
buzzbaits before for smallmouth get one there what do you got there bud
the repower that is torpedoes and buzzbaits fired across there and just
push now you don’t catch any great big ones I
mean but like you get a 15 inches on it that’s that’s a good one for here there
you go sneaking a smallmouth jump out of the
water before you ever set the hook is how we’re gonna be legal yeah it’s gonna
be close he’s 14 oh he’s close like 14 and 3/4 Oh buddy
yeah it’s a good one yeah there might be a Creek job oh yeah
I was actually kind of pitiful not a bad outing Oh buzzing fish you’re so fast
and while I won’t leave one bug let it go kept it for a little bit but how can
you get more and never did so we’re gonna maybe hit one more spot up before
dark and head home and get some supper so good talking to his girlfriend kids
and their phones these days you

17 thoughts on “Catching Northern Pike Walleye and Bass 2019 – River Fishing From Shore in Pennsylvania

  1. Been really awesome to see a new video every week or so. Been watching this channel forever. I honestly love it because of the archery content, but also cause its just so close to where I live. Normal old Country Boys. Rare Toath sightings, it's like seeing Bigfoot! Be awesome to see Hunter, Adam and Booner back at it. The OGs. Being an adult can suck sometimes! Keep it up fellas.

  2. Been fishing for about 15 years now and I have fished for pike and walleye a ton and never caught one. Worst part is he said he’s caught some of his biggest on the Juniata I’ve fished it a good bit and only catch smallies lol. But I also fish it on the bedford county side.

  3. Nice looking fish in this one. I wish I could find a spot with so many walleye, the only spot I can consistently catch them people are lined up fishing shoulder to shoulder so its no fun at all.

    This place is wonderful to fish, congratulations beautiful fish.
    Hug and good fishing!👍🎣😉

  5. I caught my first northern pike today it wasn't that big but it fought like hell and thrashed everywhere good catches on your video man

  6. Those northerns remind me of fishing in Alaska. Those were some good eating. Now I'm in the lower 48 and wish I had good fishing like this around here. I mean I do have good fishing but it's all at reservoirs hours away and a boat is pretty much a requirement. On top of that the majority of the fish is…wait for it…rainbow trout

  7. “Juniata river has some of the biggest smallmouth I’ve ever seen”, Shane: “Go to Erie once” hilarious, very true tho

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