16 thoughts on “CURLY TAIL VS PADDLE TAIL (Perch Fishing Challenge)

  1. Bra filmet og kult å se dere får så mange pene Abbor. Jeg fisker mest fra land å har ikke sjangs til å få så mange/pene fisk. Utrolig stille nå også med tanke på at Abbore og Gjedda leker.

  2. Varför ens göra nån form av undersökning på det här sättet. Helt omöjligt att dra någon slutsats av ändå.

  3. Adam, I see the rods and lures and line mentioned often in your vids. What size spinning reels are you using. I see alot of rather large 2500 and 3000 size used in Perch Pro and Perch fight. I use 4lb braid and 6lb leader here in the US for fishing for my Yellow Perch. 1000 size reels and 1-3 and 2-4 KG rated rods…Your fish are alot bigger true. But I often land small pike like fish called pickerel and Walleye which are cousins to the Zander on this size gear. Would it work ok for the average Swedish Perch?

  4. This place is amazing, it reminds me a lot here in Brazil.
    Great for the fishing technique, Congratulations.

  5. Guys, i think its better to release the Perches faster, especialy when its that cold. Just explain everything after releasing.

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