Danny Fairbrass – How to carp fish using plastic corn

Danny Fairbrass – How to carp fish using plastic corn

This is how I fish with plastic corn.
First of all the pop-up version. I would use a pop-up,
one, if the fish are very hungry and they’ve not been caught a lot. Sometimes something a bit more blatant
and a bit more in their face gets more bites
than a slow sinking bottom bait. And sometimes you need
to combat the weed, which I do here. There’s lots of different kinds of weed
on the bottom out there. A bit of Canadian, a bit of silkweed and I just want to lift that hook
up off the bottom so when the fish sucks it in,
the hook doesn’t get caught in the weed and it can go in its mouth.
So the simplest one first. If you can tie a knotless knot
then you can do this rig. All I’ve done is tied the knotless knot
onto that size 8 Krank hook. I’ve done seven or eight turns up,
pulled the hair out of the way, a couple more turns
to force the hair out at an angle, back through the eye
and that’s the rig done. The hair is very short.
I’ve got the Banoffee version on here. That’s based on my Banoffee hookbait. So in all of these, the attractors
that have gone into them are the ones that have lasted
the test of time in our own fishing when we’re making our own pop-ups. And that Banoffee,
especially in the white colour, is an absolutely brilliant combination. And then the counterbalance there, all I’ve done is slid
a small size sinker onto the hooklink before I’ve tied
the bit at the end of it and then just put a bit
of the Dark Matter putty round it, just rolled it round and
because that putty is so heavy, you only need a little tiny dropping
like that to counterbalance it so it just sits up off the bottom. And this is the new Dark Matter braid. This is 20lb.
Personally I’d rather use 15lb because when the fish are feeding
over little bits and pieces, you’ve got bits of hemp out there,
bits of corn, little tiny pellets, they’re sifting the bait,
they’re not really sucking it in like they would do with a 20mm boilie. So everything
needs to move around quite easily and that’s why braid works so well. Then the next one up, this is probably
my favourite braided version, I’m using Supernatural in 25lb and you can see I’ve added
a couple of extra sinkers onto that and those two sinkers
help it to settle into the weed and look as natural as humanly possible. The counterbalance is exactly the same. Just a small size sinker
with a little bit of putty round it. And then on the hook,
there’s a slight change there. All I’ve done is put a rig ring
on to the shank of the hook and then tied
a simple overhand knot around it and then tied the short hair. And on this one I’ve got the IB corn which probably
is the most successful one of the lot. Everyone loves yellow so it probably
gets used a lot more than the others. But that flavour combination in there
comes from Ali Hamidi and it’s an absolute winner. Then the next one down,
this is a classic combi rig but the simplest way of tying it. So there I’ve got the N-Trap Semi-stiff,
I’ve stripped a little bit back, tied my favourite whipping knot again. Again, put the rig ring around the hook and on this one
I’ve got the Fruity Squid which is based on the attractors
that I used in the Underwater film that I was lucky enough
to catch that big plated on. Those same attractors
have gone into that corn and in all of this range, the attractors
are actually put into the plastic before it’s moulded
into a piece of corn. So it’s allowed to absorb in,
then it goes into the moulding machine, so it’s in that corn permanently. So even if you bring it
out of the water after 10 hours, there’s still some smell in it. Then the counterbalance,
you couldn’t get simpler than that. It’s just a split shot squeezed on
to the exposed braided section, just heavy enough to sink it. If it’s not quite heavy enough, I would mould a little bit more
of the Dark Matter putty round it just to get it to sink nice and slowly. Then probably
the most complicated one. It’s the one that I like using
in this sort of situation where the water
is absolutely tap-water clear. I’m using an IQ boom
that I’ve tied to 25lb Supernatural and I’ve done that
using the Albright knot. What you do is make a big loop
in the boom section in the mono section, go through that loop with your braid,
around both bits of line six times, back up a couple and back the way
you came through that same loop. Then just pull it all down tight. That’s a really great join
between those two materials. Trim the ends off and then your
bit of putty goes around the knot so it’s got a bit of purchase
to hold it on. And if you find in weedy conditions where you’re stripping weed off the line
all the time when you wind it in, if your putty’s moving,
dry everything out first – don’t try and do it with wet hands – a tiny dab of super glue on the knot and
then put the putty back on again, let it all dry out
and that will help it to stay on because sometimes when you’re casting
and repeatedly winding in trying to hit a spot
and there’s weed round it, if you keep pulling the weed off,
you will move the putty, there’s no way of avoiding that. So by drying it out and
using a little bit of super glue, you can keep it on
that little bit more permanent. And this particular version
of the hookbait, believe it or not, started off as a Banoffee
but I’ve soaked in the Almond Supreme, and if you want one of the Goos to soak
into the plastic, use the Supremes which are the thin ones. So Garlic Supreme’s brilliant, Pineapple
Supreme is really good on the IB. And on this one I’ve put the Almond and that’s turned that white
Banoffee hookbait bright pink. So it’s worth mucking about
with those as well because sometimes you can find
that a colour or a flavour on the day is much better than any other. At the moment it seems to be the IB
so I’ve got that on all three rods. But I’ll keep mucking around
during the session and changing things around and it might be that the green one ends
up being the one that gets the bites. So that leads me nicely
on to this last one. Again, I’ve got an IQ boom
tied to Supernatural and here I’ve incorporated
a Kaptor hook, so a coloured hook. So if you’re finding
the fish are really spooky, the water’s really, really clear, then a coloured hook like that
doesn’t stand out so much. And I think as long as you
make the hookbait more visual than the actual hook underneath it, then I think you’ve got a chance
of getting a bite. And you’ll see with all of these
I’m using quite small hooks. One, because they’re not very heavy so it allows that corn
to pop up off the bottom, but also because the hook
is sitting up straight off the bottom, it is more visible. So I like to keep the hook nice and
small, makes them very sharp as well, and that’s how I get my bites
using pop-ups. And if I’m going to use this
with a PVA stick or a PVA bag, what I’ll do is make the bag up,
then I’ll put a needle through it, cut the top of the bag
and the bottom of the bag just to cut a little bit of the PVA and then use the chod-it tool
to make a huge hole through the middle of the PVA bag and that means
I can pull the counterbalance through without moving the putty
or moving the split shot. So it’s a good little tip. If you’re finding it a struggle to get
the counterbalance through the PVA bag, use the chod-it tool
to make a great big hole and then it will
go through there really easily. And then if it’s not working on pop-ups, if the bottom’s really clean
and the pop-ups are too high off and you can’t get a bite, then
I’ll move over to a slow sinker. And that’s a classic situation there. All you’ve got here is a Mainline
Dumbell that’s just cut in half and then one of the IB corns
on top of it. The hook will lie flat on the bottom,
the bait will just sit up above and that can get you bites
when pop-ups don’t. Then the last one,
another great combination using the white Banoffee on the top
and then a darker bottom bait. Imagine you’ve got dark baits
all over the swim and there’s one little bit of white, that can be enough to get them to hone
in on that and get the bite first. So if you’re going to use plastic corn,
that’s what I recommend. It can be as simple as you want
or as advanced as you want. If you choose something here,
you’ll be getting bites.

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  2. It's really simple and I use just 28 different kinds of braid so please buy them all……………..

  3. Caught so many fish using the slow sinking ib flavour corn in yellow not always small fish big fish too just got to be ready to catch a few bream

  4. One question I really want answering . Can carp see plastic corn at night when they can’t smell it if it’s not flavoured

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