Darrell Peck – Day ticket 40 | Carp Fishing Korda

Darrell Peck – Day ticket 40 | Carp Fishing Korda

Back in the early part of the year we
were brainstorming in the Korda office of a series that I could do
that I could really get motivated for. I want to be fishing for big carp. I want to be fishing for 40-pounders.
That’s what I want to catch. We came up with the idea
of going to UK day-ticket lakes that anybody could fish. The whole point of it
was to get across to people and do the sort of fishing
that they’re doing but whilst I was still fishing
for a 40-pounder. By going to different lakes each week,
we can get loads of different tactics in and we catch
some nice fish along the way while always maintaining that you’re
always striving for that one big fish and that’s the thing that really gets
you going, makes you work hard, makes you do what you need to do. Really, in big carp fishing,
as you learn a lake, you get better, you understand what the fish do,
where they go, where the spots are, catch a few fish
and then the big ones come. But by just going to one-off sessions,
you never really build up any picture. So, when it happened
at the second time of asking, it was totally unexpected. I think that’s bigger than we think. Guys, check this out. We decided for the first part
to go to Walthamstow which is a day-only venue. Immediately on a day-only venue,
you are up against it. The fish have the potential
to feed at night. During the hours of daylight
when everyone’s casting, they can just stop feeding or not be
feeding and it can be very difficult. We were driving, I’m coming
from Chelmsford to Walthamstow which is a fair old drive,
and getting there on the gate. I think the gate’s open
at 7 or 6 o’clock in the morning and I was getting there
an hour before the gate’s open to just peer through the fence
and be looking for any subtle signs, activity, it’s a big lake, Walthamstow. Fish could be anywhere
on that 30, 40 acres and just by casting anywhere, the fish are not evenly
distributed round the lake and if you can’t put a bait near them,
you’ve got no chance of catching them. And just by getting to that gate
and looking in the morning, you may be catching
the end of the night time activity that they can do when you’re not there and hopefully
that’s going to lead to a capture. So on day one at Walthamstow I headed
to an area in the middle of the lake. There used to be
an old bird table out there and it was a good area
where a lot of fish used to get caught. I’ve just seen one. I’ve been here
five hours trying to find them. I could have
got my rods out straight away but on a lake this size it’s so,
so important to find them first and that is the sign I was waiting for. To be honest,
conditions are as bad as they get. It’s very minimal wind
but with that sign I’ve got a chance. I’m going to get
my three pop-up rigs out there. They’re allowing me to present
over any minimal debris out there and these bright hook baits should stand out enough
to draw the attention of the carp. Failing that, I’ll be on my toes
as soon as I see anything and in typical Walthamstow fashion,
I’ll move if I do. That’s more like it. Three days
I’ve driven that distance there. Three days
I’ve driven that distance back. You’re not getting a lot of sleep and I just think that we had conditions
that don’t suit day fishing. Sunshine, not much wind. I didn’t really feel
at any point during that session that I was close to catching a fish,
let alone a 40-pounder. And I’m using tactics that have worked
for me many times in the past. The naked Chod rig, these tactics,
they work for big fish but on this occasion on days only,
the planets didn’t align and that is the crux
of big carp fishing. You don’t get it right
every single time otherwise they’d just be
normal size carp. Big carp, by their nature,
are hard to catch and they should be. If that was as bad as it could be,
then the next part at Yateley demonstrates the complete
flipside of that. So I had a good walk round,
looked for some fish and there was very few people around,
it was really quiet which is rare for a busy day-ticket lake
like Sandhurst to be that quiet. But the planets had aligned
and it was perfect. Overcast, looked good, saw fish
jumping in the middle of the lake. And I always think when you’re targeting
a lake that’s got a lot of fish, somewhere like Sandhurst, if you find
a clear spot in the middle of the lake then you’re never far wrong. The fish are generally
pushed to the middle by the angling pressure from each bank and also if the fish are down one end, they’ve only got to move halfway back
to meet you in the middle. Sandhurst is a weedy lake,
it’s really weedy with Canadian and it’s all good
having the fish in front of you but if you can’t present your bait,
then it can be difficult to catch them and I had a tactic in my mind that I was going to be looking for
a large clear spot, preferably gravel, and I was going to be keeping my rods
all fishing on one spot accurately over a lot of bait and, again, that’s a great tactic for somewhere
like Sandhurst which is well stocked. 300 or 400 carp
are supposed to be present in there. One of the bailiffs told me there was
a gravel spot at 21 rod lengths towards the hole in the trees and
so I had a few casts out towards this and eventually I plumbed a little bit
left and I settled on 21 rod lengths… 21 and eight feet,
so just over 21 rod lengths and it was just a little bit left
of where he’d said. There was a pointy tree on the horizon
and as I cast to the back of the spot, it came off a weed bed, you could
feel it fall down onto the gravel and then as you tighten back
into the lead after it fell off the weed bed it was just the most purry gravel,
it was just perfect. And it wasn’t that big. I would say all
three rods needed to be within six feet. So there’s only three feet
between the rigs. So I’ve meticulously
plumbed this clear spot, I’ve worked out the distance
where to hold the rod to make sure I’m not hooking the back
of the weed bed on the leads descent and made sure all three rigs
came down at the same distance. I did that,
got onto the gravel spot perfectly, clicked, marked, everything.
I knew which tree I had to cast at and then it was a case
of getting some bait out there. Most people’s spod mix
will be derived from hemp with a bit of other stuff in it. Whereas I went down the line
to the majority of the mix being tigers, some 8mm boilie
and a little bit of hemp. Tigers are a brilliant, brilliant bait. There’s myths and rumours
that they’re bad for carp but used in sensible quantities,
they’re not bad for carp. The carp enjoy eating them,
they have amazing pulling power and the sugars when you boil them
that come out of those baits, when you soak that into your boilies,
like the 8mm Iso sweets, which I did in this piece, they really, really taste good
to the fish and they enjoy them, there’s no doubt about that. And then all you need is the weather. The planets truly aligned. Not only was nobody there, the swim
where the fish were showing was free. If you get the wrong weather, they could
suddenly just turn on to spawn and we had the exact opposite of that. They were obviously super-charged
by the spring weather and we had a nice
low pressure come in. A proper bit of rain, windy,
and from that first night, you put the rods out just before first
light and the first take of the session and I catch a 38-pounder. Whoa. I’m here at Sandhurst Lake
and on the first night I’ve caught this 38-pounder. An absolutely cracking fish.
Top, top, top-looking fish. We’re not quite at the 40 mark yet –
that’s the target – but it’s a lovely fish to be catching
from this sort of venue. Let’s get him back. Well, one final last look
before we get him back. It’s not every day
you catch 38-pounders, especially here at Sandhurst. I was on a 7-night blank,
would you believe it? This is my first-ever carp from here
so I am over the moon. I’m going to get him back
because it’s absolutely **** down and I don’t want him to get too wet. Here he goes. Thank you very much, mate. There you go. It just went down my back! That was really stupid. The next fish that we caught
was a low 20 mirror. While we were sat there
the rain was hammering down. All the trees at Yateley
are over the swims as such and you get really big droplets of rain
coming down and all the mud
flicking up all over your stuff and we’re hiding in the bivvy. You can’t work in weather like that, especially not with the high-tech
camera kit that we’re using and I had a double take. I remember we were all huddled
in the bivvy drinking tea and the next thing, they’re out there
with the cameras and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, here we go’. Well, it’s only been half an hour
since I got those two fish back and the rain hasn’t stopped. I just had a little change of clothes
to try and dry off. Both the cameramen
absolutely soaked through. I was just making them a cup of tea and
the middle rod has just whacked down and away it’s gone. The fish has gone through a bit of weed
and it’s grating but it’s moving which, as long as it’s moving,
I’m going to keep it coming. There is a bit of weed
at the back of the spot. What’s happened, the fish
has just charged straight through it. I’ve got three rods
out there on the spot and quite often you can get another bite
straight away but in this situation I think a fish charging through the spot
is probably unlikely. Look at him, he looks nice.
Not big, but nice. Go on… Go on, yeah! Get in there! Yeah, that’s a take. Well, number three just in the net, haven’t even had the time to unhook him
and get the rod back out and the left-hand rod
has absolutely sizzled off. The weather is absolutely
cock on for day bites. There’s nobody left and right of me so no disturbance,
no people casting around and stuff. Perfect conditions.
May, would you believe it, mid May. Raining, overcast, Sandhurst,
loads of big ones out there. This has turned into
a great session already. Just gently, not going overboard here. Just… Just taking up the slack. Keeping it moving if I can. Yeah, it’s definitely
gone through some weed. I’ve had pressure on him
for a minute or so. Nothing’s happened. I don’t want
to pull any harder and pull the hook so I’m going to ease off and hopefully the weed that’s
all pulled down tight around the fish will loosen up a bit
and he might kick free. If not, even when I pull next time just because the weed
is a chance to relax backwards and sometimes they just come free
on the second attempt. So I’ve just eased off a bit. Yeah, here we go, here we go. Yep. It really does
look like a leather to me. Come on. Here we go. Come on. There he is. It is absolutely raining cats and dogs.
I’m soaked through but here’s the first one,
a lovely 25-pounder. A typical example of what you can catch
here at Sandhurst. Pukka fish. Let’s get him back in the lake
and have a look at carp number two. Well, fish number two
and he’s a 30-pounder, just over. 30 and a half and conditions are perfect
for fishing at the moment. They couldn’t be any better
and the fish are feeding. Wet weather in May is brilliant but the film crew
are having absolute nightmares. The cameras are misting up
and it’s not doable. So I’m going to continue to fish and the film crew
will come back tomorrow and we’ll pick this up then. I was 24 hours in at that point so
I just basically repeated the process which is getting the bait
back onto the spot, getting the rigs back out there. Talking about the rigs that I use
for the session, I’ve said Sandhurst
is a really weedy lake and we’re fishing for really big fish,
30s and 40-pounders. You need the right tackle on to be able
to bring these fish to the bank. My rig for the session
was some Dark Matter tubing on to a Hybrid lead clip.
The Hybrid lead clip, you only just nick that tail rubber
just on there quite lightly, as the fish hooks itself and maybe it shakes its head trying
to dislodge the hook from its mouth, that sets the hook,
the lead then comes off the clip and the fish rises in the water
and makes it easier to land. I was using a tiger nut hook bait
tipped with a piece of plastic corn and it’s quite, what I would say,
a light bait and when you use a light bait you’re more prone to getting tangled
with a light hook bait. So to get round that, I use the coating
of N-Trap 20lb Semi-stiff all the way through. The only piece of the rig
which is peeled is the hair and that just gives the bait
a little bit of movement and that was tied to a size 8
Choddy hook, knotless knot style. The whipping, that’s the important bit. Get the whipping down so that
the hair exits just past the point. If you haven’t
wound down the shank far enough, quite often what can happen
is you get what I call the hair tangles when the boilie
has come round the shank and in that situation
it does lead to hook pull. So to make sure
when I was winding down the shank that I was just past the point and I’ve got the coating all the way
through between the swivel and the eye of the hook,
six, seven inches long. Because of the stiffness
in that coated braid and the lightness of the bait and the floating piece of plastic corn
on the end, if you throw that in the edge,
the lead hits the bottom, it just kicks out and it’s just there. Fish, as it goes in, it only has to move
one or two inches and it’s hooked. Then the cycle of the night went by. I didn’t catch through the night,
I remember. I remember I didn’t catch anything
on the night. A 30lbs leather is a lovely fish but we still want to catch
that really, really big one. And it was the following morning
when that happened. As you can probably see from the light,
it’s very early in the morning. 5 o’clock to be precise. And finally we’ve had a take. Left-hand rod again
which has been the money spot. You often find when you’re fishing
on all three on the spot, sometimes there’s a better part of it
where they prefer to feed and it’s obviously what this is. It feels like a half tidy fish. It shot off the spot
and went into the weed behind and it all ground to a halt like some of those other ones
but I eased off and by easing off, the weed relaxed
and he suddenly came free. And he’s now just out there to the left. I remember thinking
that when the rod went off that it was a heavy fish. And it was in the weed and
you’re thinking don’t come off. You’re playing it
through really thick weed and you’re worried that the hook hold
might be getting a bit loose after you’ve pulled harder
than you might necessarily want to. You never really know until they’re coming towards
the spreader block of the net. I just remember seeing the bait
in the side of its mouth and its head coming towards the net and again it was raining, it was
a pretty rough situation for filming but I could see the thickness
of this carp’s head and I’m thinking
that is a really big fish. There are a number of 40s in Sandhurst
and that’s the reason we were there. Come on… come on… Come on, keep coming. All the way. That’s a big one, that’s a big one. I think that’s bigger than we think.
Let’s have a little look. Let’s have a little look at that. Oh, hello. Yes! Guys, check this out. To see that go over the cord
was a very special moment indeed. Oh, God, that is heavy. Yeah. That is a sealed unit. 41.6. – 41.6?
– Yeah. Yes! Yes, mate. Day ticket mother ship. If you come to the right venue
such as Sandhurst, there’s not just one 40 in here, six,
seven, maybe eight fish over that size. If you’re catching and you’re fishing
well and getting a few bites there’s every chance
something like this could come along. I don’t know what this fish is called
but it’s 41lbs and I’m over the moon with him. A really cool, Yateley carp.
It’s good to be back in the area. Good to break my curse here
after seven blank nights previous, to come here and have this session… Wicked. I’ve got to put him down, he’s heavy. One last look and get him back. A Yateley Sandhurst 40-pounder. There you go, mate. Yes! On the final morning of the session
we caught another common, 35lbs, before we were kicked off the lake. One thing I should probably mention is I’ve also got a near 30lbs common
down there in the net. We didn’t actually film that one. It was early and Elliott captured it
on the iPhone for the Facebook Live. So that one’s down there
awaiting to be filmed. One on the rod and, yeah, we’re meant
to be out of here in 20 minutes so I don’t know how well
we’re going to get to film these but we’ll do our best to give you
a quick glimpse of them because that one’s a good fish and this one certainly feels
like a good one, too. That’s a good fish. Yeah! Yes! Get in! What a buzz. What a buzz. Well, here’s the one we didn’t film. We were in the middle of packing up
and done a Facebook Live, so he’s Facebook Live-famous, this one. Just over 30lbs and
the one in the net still is even bigger. So, like I say,
there’s a match on in a minute and the draw’s 20 minutes away
so we really need to hurry. So a quick look, admire the 30-pounder,
and let’s get him back. Yeah! Yes. Having a great time. Having a great time. Have a look at that,
the last one of the morning. 35.12 and what a way to end this series. It’s been truly incredible. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that I would catch a 41,
a 38, a 35, two 30s, a 25 and a 20. It’s been crazy. Incredible fish here at Sandhurst
and I’ve really had a good time, really enjoyed it,
I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too. There you go. Go on, mate, on your bike. Off he goes. I think to summarise
what was supposed to be a series as in targeting a day-ticket 40,
hasn’t really turned out that way with the way things happened
but at the same time I think it really does show
what big carp fishing is about. We went to Walthamstow,
conditions weren’t good, didn’t really see anything
and didn’t catch anything. That’s quite often the nature
of big carp fishing. If you don’t have the critical pieces
of information and things don’t align,
then you don’t catch. Whereas when we went to Sandhurst, the weather was right,
the lake wasn’t busy, it was the right time of year,
we found the fish, we found a beautiful spot,
we got the rods out, fished technically well, baited
with the right stuff at the right time, and the results show you. If you go to the right places,
day-ticket lakes that hold big fish, numbers, not just one. It’s all good going to a day-ticket lake
that has only one big carp but it’s harder to catch just one carp. But if you go somewhere that’s got
eight, nine, ten, ten 40s in it like Sandhurst has,
and you get a few bites by fishing well
and doing the right thing, then you can catch absolute monsters.

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