PAK PONG PAK PONG / WAH SOLD OUT UUGHH, big, crazy, very big fish Great … really big friends runs out of the string / in the hands of Pak Pong cannot be extended anymore I just put this fish in earlier Today we are invited to fish where Pak Pong is fishing today is my plan we … towards the red rocky ground rocky red earth so the red earth rocks that red earth cliff is river crossing between the mouth of the river Pekasau, the estuary aa … Modang River, and this toward downstream of the river is towards Pasir Mayang owh, so there it is the outside direction huh if the upstream of the river goes there we usually fishing the river That’s upstream. Yes, that’s right. Today is the target, what fish, or Pak Pong (laugh) still asking? So, what is the proof today, Pak Pong? why I invite fishing in this place. the tide is from downstream enter the Modang river – and then towards the river Pekasau. towards our back yes sir pong the current passes through our current place well, the direction of the current going to our boat today Then, we park here. Why? because of the point we want to go to. by way of basic fishing it is a whirlpool it is a whirlpool. how deep is the river pak pong? it’s not too deep, the range is between .. 3 to 4 meters only okay the spot is rocky or .. beach. – aaaa … rocky yes, soft stones rock stones because of soft rocks there are usually mullets well there white snapper looking for food small fish inside that’s all Pak Pong? so we want to prove that it’s big also like in the current …. spinning yes sir pong, yes whirlpool yes hopefully today we can fortune yes. sip, okay friends, that is was a comment from Pak Pong this time we are fishing for Barramundi. so friends first enjoy the cinematic video OK This is not for content’s sake, is it safe or not, Mr. Kimpong? Secure rainwater is good to drink it’s a bit strange, maybe because I’m not used to it Um, like ice water, this was forced because it didn’t bring drink, even though it’s been prepared. left in the house first throw after rain as explained by Pak Pong the target is to throw it in the whirlpool before pulling fish, we drink first bro in order to stay calm when fighting because the weather is cold, suitable to drink tea great bro, sir pong still trying has been censored great boy sir, help me first sir huuuuhhhhhh Finally my snapper comes boss hey don’t go there, don’t go there wow, damn it exciting bro calm down, slowly exclaimed bro, don’t go there … don’t go there don’t go there don’t go there don’t go there … keep going there You can’t … keep on holding on continue wood No, no He fought, but he was tired … he jumped twice, right? one more time Bro, I’m tired bro wow wow snapper bro bro hey hey yes, yes so Be Careful Be Careful wow fight against, against the current, continue to him God damn it wow uwahh this big … this big this big … this big then … bro … bro do not be careless stretched..speechless bro ooh back … back is this because drinking rain water? we don’t know goes up Gosh, don’t go under the ship please..please please please wow, the fish’s raging sir wow, damn it hey, already … already Do not be like that I’m tired, don’t be like that then, that’s big … yeah, really big come on come on come on come on come on Come on, hey, how about the fish? pulled out the fish is pulling downward then … the fish is weak … fish is weak limp fish come on limp him, bring it here Bring it here Hey hey, limp fish hey..hei ., hold him up, lift up … up now wait a minute sir, i’m also weak Come on, Pak Pong ouch ouch ouch ouch still not yet .. let’s pack pong no problem keep lifting here wow, big Pak Pong, please pack Pak Pong Pak Pong, come up, please Pak Pong Come on, Pak Pong Alhamdulillah, oh my god wow success success bro, success my son this is the biggest in my life biggest in my life this bigger than yesterday bigger than yesterday, I can be sure Pak Pong, hold my cellphone I recorded Pak Pong where is the handphone, handphone in my bag briefly, I also took a cigarette crazy crazy crazy Pak Pong I after drinking This is Pak Pong, the biggest fish of my life the biggest in my life pack pong … pack pong … around 7 to 8 kg no, but bigger than the previous video Okay, okay This is what Pak Pong said just now … yes if This is an intersection … this is an intersection in the air it is a favorite place for this fish How much is this shove? What is this sliding current? / sliding current 3 steady river flow success bro success bro. / Thank you friends (bird sounds) Pak Pong, Pak Pong. Pak Pong wow, wow crazy big So crazy, friends the strings in Pak Pong’s hand are gone cannot be extended anymore this, this is amazing Wow, I just put the fish in earlier I just put this one earlier crazy crazy immediately struck Pak Pong Cheer up Pak Pong oh my fish has hidden the pong again. Pak Pong Pak Pong Pak Pong Pak Pong … Pak Pong sir pong … uuuuuuuhhh wow sister sitting sit okay, okay, okay this seems to be aaa don’t know what it’s called I’m speechless shoot and use cellphones I want to replace the battery, the battery runs out just I just celebrated just celebrated with the fish before This is Pak Pong again Come on, Pak Pong What who goes there, be patient Pak Pong … uuuughhh has been censored Barramundi, White Snapper Keep calm sir don’t have to be like a masked hero (laugh) No need I guess today I’m trending, it turns out that Pak Pong doesn’t want to lose either the fish is under the ship the fish is under the ship my fishing rod is stuck yes safe secure bro, sorry maybe as long. uuuh crazy Mad, mad, mad during recording may be a lot of uncomfortable because I recorded using a cellphone My hand is still shaking because of the fish sorry bro sorry Sorry yes it’s white Mister I’m ready here Pak Pong broken sir !!! Broken fish, sir !!! Is there a solution, sir? Broken fish, sir broken this pack is bigger Bigger sir, wow crazy crazy (expression) that-that you are my hero. huuuuuhh huuuh congratulations this time, really congratulations ALIG ALIG Nylon 29 Nylon 29 LBS JEBOL BRO Because getting beaten by the fish what is his comment, Pak Pong briefly, I rest first it’s as i said yes the current came from that direction from the fig of mayang, some to the modang river, some to our river, passing by parking our ship so the one down there is downstream who go there is upstream high tide circular there in our place that’s where we throw the bait whirlpool that’s what I want to prove to friends, in yesterday’s fishing strategy bro This is Pak Pong. pak pong want to hold 2 can you? hold 2 huh Try Pak Pek Okekah? Don’t let it go, Pak Pong? uuuhh the one with one tail there … have gotten snapper Pak Pong got one pair of this this is my fish This is Pak Pong fish. okay, Pak Pong thank you this is our barramundi / snapper today Mr. Kimpong What, Pak Pong? do not forget… subscribe. Don’t forget to subscribe and smile today. we push


  1. Gimana Sahabat Kimpong??? Tipsnya?Ukuran Ikannya? Kira-kira beratnya berapa Kilogram? Coba anda tebak?

    Salam sahabat Kimpong. Thank you

  2. Jiwa pemancingku ikut bergetar,,,sehat selalu Mr Kimpong sekeluarga biar bisa trs berkarya dan memberikan tips2 berburu baramundi buat kita2,,,👍 salam satu hoby dari surabaya 👍👍🙏🙏

  3. Joss tenan mas bro, emang enk klo pakai pancing tradisional ..
    Lebih berasaaa tarikannya joss 👍🏻
    Salam dari samarinda

  4. Betul² gokil pak kimpong sama anaknya…..matap mas bro….gedey²….ilmunya juga mantap utk diikutin….👍👍👍
    Moga dilimpahkan rezki…aamiin…

  5. Salam satu hobby dr Balikpapan,strake yg diidamkan setiap angket seperti itu apa LG tempatnya disungai mantappp….. Mestinya ukuran/size-nya yg di ambil seperti itu untuk kelanjutan channel ini sukses selalu MR KIMPONG.

  6. Bang masih belum bisa ngerasain gmna rasanya klau ikan barramundi memakan umpan udang hidup dan gmna cara nya saat menyentak joran agar kail nancap nya sempurna tolong ajari bang 😁
    Salam joran melengkun 😇🙏

  7. Dulu sblm mengenal joran n reel ayahku mengajarkan mancing dgn teknik gulungan ni, sensasix mantap banget… Tp sayang skrg g bisa mancing bareng lg…kangen mancing dgn ortu lg"sehat terus mr"pong👍👍

  8. Wahh, mntap bener ni pak kimpong, kayaknya sekitar 4atau 5 kiloan tu ada.. 😍😎 the best pak kimpong salam satu hobby. 😎🙏

  9. Mantap ms bro..jangan liat pancingnya..yg pnting ikanya..salam kenala ms bro..
    Mampir jg ya.biar tambah rame🙏🙏🙏🔁🔁🔁

  10. makasi tipsnya bg…Mr kimpong doakan besok aku dapet barramundi juga ya…..ijin tekhniknya tak pake yo……👍👍👍👍👍…sehat2 selalu ya Mr…

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