Đồ chơi câu cá Go Fishing Games In The Pool

Hi everyone to Angel Kid Toys today Katie and grandpa will go fishing in the pool there 2 two fishing rods, and one basket go fishing for Sunday’s dinner I have yellow and green basket now we prepare the bail for the fishing Katie will use small fish to catch the big ones this is the pool, full of fish now let’s fishing the bail is ready wow grandpa got one crab ah I got the first fish now put the fish inside the basket now let’s catch a seahorse ah there is a green one this is the fish net thank you grandpa wow I got the purple fish this is jelly fish this pool has so many fish that we didn’t know before wow I got a coral reef, we can use it for your fish tank ah I got lobster ah this is a cute shellfish mommy do you know the redtail catfish ah over there there is a frog swimming in the pool so surprising ah fish are looking for food by this way, let’s get them wow there is a pink fish too, it is waving Katie uses the net to catch the frog and the fish ok we get enough fish, let’s go home let’s collect the fishing rods I just got home this is our fish basket wow so many, let’s ask grandpa to cook them for dinner stay tuned for more go fishing videos right here on Angel Kid Toys goodbye and see you next time

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