38 thoughts on “Do It Yourself FLY-IN Fishing for Monster Lake Trout!

  1. My favorite airports have slides for your baggage and you walk into the airport and your stuff is right there.

  2. Pike after pike! That 37 incher sure did have a belly on her. But WHAT a couple of lakers. Probably the biggest I've ever seen caught on camera. Unbelievable Jay. You dad's still got it.

  3. Jay, I guess it was meant to be that this video popped up on my phone. It was in 2013 that Howard wrote that sign "big trout here" after I had caught a 41.5" laker at that very spot. Great video and I can't wait for part 2!

  4. Jay did that boat come equipped with that nice sonar in it or did you bring yours up? Do you like make a portable mount for the ducer and unit?

  5. What a great video and trip 🙂 those lakers your dad caught were amazing and you caught some very nice ones as well 👍 the pike fishing was so awesome especially in those warmed up bays, looking forward to the next one 🤘🤘🤘

  6. Man, your Dad sounds exactly like Ben in our videos when they set the hook its soooo funny 🤣🤣
    Great vid, makes me wanna do a fly in trip with my Dad!

  7. Congratulations gentlemen, what an absolutely epic fishing excursion. The "Old Man" literally schooled you bro, bwahahaha

  8. What does a 40 inch Laker weigh and aren't Waterwolf's muskie lures. You should come to lake St Clair and do a smallmouth episode, you can stay on my couch. Keep up the great content.

  9. Saw the aaron reunion, the Honeymoon and the proposal (in that order…) and now you have one Sub more. Great filming, man!!!!

  10. I love your vids! So professional, well put together. Great work! I do a fly-in trip every other year in Canada and this year I’m trying to to film it (mainly just on GoPro). Any advice on how you handle all of your storage devices on a trip like that? Bring a bunch of micro sd’s or maybe the laptop with external hard drive? Any advice is appreciated, keep up the good work!

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