100 thoughts on “DON’T BUY MY EVIL FISH. (It Took Me 5 Months to Film This)

  1. i thought killifish were semi-aggressive so why not just keep one male with a few females like most semi-aggressive fishes.

  2. Omg man i love bhad baby she is from boyton beach Florida and that is the "hood" she is not 13 she is 14 so u need to stop bitch

  3. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about. Don't feel bad if people don't want to listen to you talking about yourself.

  4. Generally you need a lot of females to one male killifish, and I’d probably get males of the same size. Maybe in a twenty I’d only put two males. I have had good success with my male killifish, but he has no other males and four females. Gets along fine with them.

  5. Who cares what others think? Talk about yourself all you think you need to. It's good to learn about the likes and dislikes of others. If people don't want to hear about it….they should skip to the part they wish to watch. Simple.

    Love the subjects you talk about with fish. I don't you talking about yourself or about your day. People are naturally chaty. Others don't like it they can skip the video or the part of the video with they don't want to watch.

  6. what? fish don’t have anything to do with hair? i thought they had long, majestic, and flowy hair?

    i mean, havent you seen Cheese?

  7. While re-watching this video I really love that hair color and lipstick on you.
    That color just looks great on your skin.

  8. Some of the rest borders are pretty cool, if you’re not going to put shrimp in there you can get bumblebee gobies come up there a little different, Cooley loaches would be cool. Cory cats are cool, Otocinclus work with Cory cats too and help with algae.

  9. Like why do people gotta think their from the hood 🤷🏾‍♀️ like are you referring she acts if she black or something….. my thing is she’s from a bad background basically and has grown up damn near in the project so that’s who she is and she’s young so she had a little phase ….

  10. I saw ur video on the lizard. Kind of weird. After that i saw "just the tip" about clitoral orgasms. Something every male should watch.

  11. If your hair makes you happy talk about. I personally love to I watch content where people are happy. And if people are so bothered by you talking about you hair on your channel then they should take the mature initiative and leave the video. No need to leave mean comments when you can do Taylor AND yourself a favor and just leave. That’s it. Have a lovely day, be kind to others, and thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 😊💛

  12. Eww people are so disgusting, this is her youtube channel, not yours so she can do anything with it. Since when Nicole's channel is ONLY about the fish? This is Taylor Nicole Dean's channel not "All about the fish with Taylor"

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