Dreamworks Trolls Blind Bags Series 2 opening toys surprises for kids play

Dreamworks Trolls Blind Bags Series 2 opening toys surprises for kids play

Hi everyone welcome back to cams toy box now
today we have 6 blind bags from Dreamworks upcoming movie Trolls these bags are the new
ones Series 2 so lets open them up and see what we got . A Flyer a Series 2 flyer and
this shows all the Troll Characters from the movie now these ones look a little different
from the Series 1 that we opened in an earlier video and there are some that are the same
as well. Alright lets see what we have .I know some
of the names not all of them . Now i am not quite sure how this is she kinda looks like
Poppy but i don’t think this is her she has the same blue hair and pink body. Looks like she’s going to bed looks like shes
wearing a night shirt with a little moon on it and she’s sleeping. ok very cute . Let’s see what else we have
lets open our next one , there’s some hair sticking out already looks like blue hair
my scissor i gotta be so careful not to cut their hair off , i don’t want to cut too close. more blue hair and it is the same one , and
she too is sleeping ok put you down right here , let’s see if we got a different one. More blue hair nope i don’t know who this
is . this hair is more of a green color ,with a pink body and green shorts. Hmm i don’t think i know who this guy is , I
can’t wait to see the movie so we know who all these characters are but i love how they
look . It could be Creek there a character called Creek that looks somewhat like this
so I’m thinking it is him , orange nose yep that might be Creek. We’ll know for sure later on. Let’s see who we have next aww who is this
guy look at all the black hair he doesn’t look very happy does he looks a little upset
a little grumpy maybe I don’t know who he is ,oh wait you know who this is I think this
is Branch , i think he’s one of the main characters. He does not look very happy.ok lets see what
we get next . we got a lot a hair on this one be careful where i cut we don’t want to
give anyone a hair cut. Ohh look at this one, I think i know who this
is this ones name is Fuzzbert you can see he has glitter like tinsel in his hair and
hes just feet he has no face no body . Very very cute. oh knocked all my trolls down. ok lets see who the last one is. And I am not sure who this is same color hair
as Fuzzbert green i can see in there she has some spots in her hair dark green and some
yellow dots hmm i don’t know look like shes wearing a bathing suit almost right? looks like sh’e got on a skirt with a bikini
top shes very cute. Alright that’s all we have from our series
2 blind bags today . thanks for watching Cams toy box be sure to come back soon for more
surprises talk to you later bye!

82 thoughts on “Dreamworks Trolls Blind Bags Series 2 opening toys surprises for kids play

  1. Great video I love TROLLS and cant wait to see the MOVIE) A big thumbs up from me♥ Stop by my channel anytime♥

  2. I like the first one. I don't think she's in the movie, so I just call her Luna. And the shirtless guy, that's Creek (but with different colored pants)

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