Ensuring Impeccable Presentation When Fishing In Weed

If you’re fishing on a weedy lake whether
it’s a gravel pit or an estate lake investing time in sorting out your spots and getting
your line lay sorted is investment in time that will pay you dividends. You need the
right tools though and that’s why we’ve got the Multi Rake. It’s a unique design broadly
based on a Deluxe Weed Rake with the prongs so that it gets maximum grip to get as much
rubbish off bottom whether that’s detritus or weed or whatever you want to clear out
the way. You can tie onto the split ring it weighs just over 8oz so it’s castable with
a big spod rod on very heavy line because remember you don’t want to be snapping off
and leaving this bad boy in the water. And the additional feature which makes this product
really unique is the integral 3/8 BSF thread so that you can screw it onto a pole whether
you’re on a boat or sneaking into bushes dragging spots clean. This is a real good gadget takes
up no space in your barrow and it’s one of those essential products that when your fishing
on a gravel pit like this one you really should have in your armoury. This is the Multi Rake
and it’s available now in all good stockists. Go and have a look at it.

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