Enter the Fish Hawk | Wicked Tuna

Enter the Fish Hawk | Wicked Tuna

first day of the season we’re heading out now try to get on some fish i’m brad keselowski captain of the fishhawk fishing is always been a lot more than a job for me I always had solace to be able to leave land and just fish to provide for my family so we can survive prepping the flag getting ready for a good tuna season hopefully the new flag will bring us some luck Brad started made the logo my first mate is matsan he’s just a guy that you can take out and you can give them orders will do what you want to do when Brad got the glossy had called me and said you want to go to an efficient i drop rate what I was doing I went right down the boat we got the boat rigged up brad is a fish maniac if it has a tail he has a hook he’s just a fishy fishy guy very good fisherman go check it out looks good good here comes up is so last season I was first made on the wicked pisser poulsbo style showdown here we had a little bit of rocky road in the beginning but then we got it straight down we did really well got him oh yeah but we came up just sure to be in the number one boat thanks Brad the exterior is welcome but now I’ve got my own boat so Paul and I will be competitors this season it pulls right here in front of it we’re just gonna stop by and see what he said yeah what do you think about the new boat the boat looks good looks really really good man brad is a remarkable fishermen each of us have been fishing here for more than 40 years brand i have forgotten more about fishing than ninety-nine percent of the people even know what we forgot Paul and I together last year we should one be lost by a hundred freaking dollars i know we got rocket yeah is it gonna be hard to have Brad not fish with me absolutely he’s one of my best friends i need the best fisherman around the season rick has very big shoes to fill and I have to prove that I could still be successful with a new greenhorn made any words of wisdom for me Brad words of wisdom just spray it right you’ll catch a lot of tuna and you’ll be fine that’s what we’re planning on going I think with me and Paul it’s really friendly rivalry because I helped him he helped me we helped each other and now i have my own boat one of us will catch more than the other who will see what happens we love you guys you’re going to catch it on your gonna be safe and good luck I good thanks guys ok we’ll go get a beer we get it was a bitch you got it sounds good good thank you Matt well yeah it’s got a nice boat huh yeah

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  1. Thought htis channel would be good to sub to then nothing but transgender stuff kept showing up on my homepage. 🙁

  2. Brad you guys are awsome. FishHawk. My favourite team. I love it when you guys do thanks to every tuna you catch. Pure good character….

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