EPIC TRAP TROLL in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (CRAZY)

EPIC TRAP TROLL in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (CRAZY)

Welcome everyone my names Ali-A, today an epic trap video in Fortnite A special welcome to all the notification squad that are subscribed, turned on notifications and are here nice and early Thank you guys, you get a special shout out in today’s video Now this video is a crazy one, I see it suggested a few times in the comments, and it’s all to do with traps And trying to ultimately win the game and use traps to our advantage To get a victory royale it is not an easy feat maybe you place down traps on the way into a building or maybe make you your own little den, and place a trap inside and lure someone in but if you ever won a game of fortnite trapping someone in using a trap That’s what we want to try and go for today Myself and which teaming up for this one is very very hard to do in solos But can we pull off an epic epic feat? well We’re gonna find out today guys and make sure you’re subscribing smash that thumbs up button if you want us to mess around a little Bit more with traps and come up with some crazy little contraptions and luring people in and getting them killed But this is an awesome gameplay make sure you stick around to the end to see what happens without further a do Let’s jump into it. Oh, hey shots Think you’ve southeast. I don’t But I believe you. I haven’t heard any for a while though No enemy How much ammo do you have you good one six seven yeah, um good make guess mine It’s very close to yours on you little bit higher one seven three or one seven OMA almost nah, I know In total is that yeah, no just mayor just may off What the hell what the hell I a of that Jump me if you’ve got I can grab I can grab this laughs actually here. We go this people of a building like straight East These poor guys literally My thighs thighs a that is a cheap shot This is what it is are they might one of them now We can’t panic on the stewardess to it. I need a lot already already doing good. I’m ready on Canova Good line behind them, they’re not ready for this They destroyed it just as I jumped on it you see it you serious. Yeah, you can do it. Oh Thank god, how did you survive that fool me? Oh no oh no? It made you go down down the mountain and then I fell down lucky off I was on the rock from they were a hundred a hundred shield both with serious I’m not I hear a few they must have heard like maybe maybe not I don’t know I don’t know. It’s like a lot. You don’t like a lot of shoe. That’s crazy, man Yo, let’s go up there because if they’ve got med kit Yeah, so let’s just let’s just build our way up first nice clutch man nice one so good-natured No ideas there, so just as I drove Donny. Oh May that stuff sucks It was precarious build to say believe so as device no All right well hey take your pick I’ve got I’ve got um slurps, and I’ve got mini shoes, so I do need to make it oh Wait you’re fully shielded. You only lost hell yeah myself. I Can’t grab those mini shoes if you want to hold them I can do that I’ve gone hey, I’ve got once-ler one shield. Do you need to slap you good? I’m good. Thanks. I’m 100 hundred You could use a slower vaccination wants to right mate. Sorry. Yeah, yeah Not too far I never any traps Tammy, I’ve won You know you know. There is a light coming from that broken house but you know what it’s like with you and things in I don’t think it’s gonna be I Think it’s already here rather than building me. You know what? That’s not been opened oh Sorry, it’s dislike and it’s the Sun. I’ll do this real quick I see em I see em cima North East. I was gonna sneak up closer closer closer yeah Okay, let me get a little bit advantage. You can pop shots you want me so good. I can’t see anymore. He’s behind this um Later boy there was a top Maybe there wasn’t I thought that was there’s a trap here me nine. I’ve got two. I’ve only got two though Oh, we need to get out of here. Yeah We’re good. We’ll do this guy You have a launch pad. I don’t made as I use that one to get the kill on those guys than at PCC He’s pretty good time to use it to be fair. It didn’t work out. Well. It’s bitter leavin I’d like to but it worked out. Well. It did well you needed to otherwise we would have died Yeah, we’ve been in the valley like me I thought you’d maybe been shot up there and then dropped a light again, so I’m glad you’re alive Yeah, I was good We can actually I bring this for a long story go do we build a Crossley like I have 437 would contribute I Don’t know me, would you want to you reckon sacrifice? I say we go around the right a little bit Yeah, I don’t think you and I’m down to go to the mid mid house so unless silly let’s do it I’ve got a run in um were you yeah, and it’s night. It’s not you’re gonna Tell how much would like maybe someone up there though. Just a heads up a good point. Yeah, lot of stairs and stuff Can’t seem to us, right Which is good? I’ll be actually mainly not in the storm. That’s unbelievable Just like its second to all they’ve got a custom window there just heads up. Can you see that that that oh? Yeah? No, you’re trying to go on the roof. Maybe yeah, not like that make not like that mate here we go It’s hello soon Yeah, come come sit up up high with me It that way, it’s not oh my god mate. Let’s sit here like that It’s the most we do kind of work, oh, we’ve just set a trap I think on the inside I think they did you a Three snowed should we snowball these maybe it’s not bad idea, it’s not bad idea What’s going on haha Where are they where are they? Are they alive? Are they down low now what’s guys doing? But definitely hold a trap. I swear. No. I’m not enoug said.i, bro. What’s yourself? Unless they’re like underneath in the little downstairs chamber they could be you know I reckon they are they’re not here are they Let’s go check it Let’s go get Ya What the hell it’s nothing here, bro, what what do they go Hello we’re here for the private hotel stay that we’ve promised scaffolders Some shots someone is firing shots made I Think they may built away. You know I think they just Do see someone reading 300 that’s not then there’s a team over there Do you see him? I don’t ma’am stock for Frick sake okay. We’re looking 300 yeah very far away, so I’m gonna shoot either going to front that quick builders If you shout with someone to our right as well, but I think I have a line of sight Let’s listen to next MIDI Island, yeah She’s I Think they may be running away just Check with something new fair was the second medkit mates gonna go and grab that nice do it Yeah, I see a basically we’ve got an ax Supply Drop, okay Building across this way if you wanted yeah, it’s a bad building up that way I don’t it foap we should change these guys. We’re kind of behind these people over here There’s a so property coming coming coming I’m quite far away mate like quite far as I guess okay? I’m gonna get eyes on and stuff. It’s just behind this now sir Okay those people you issue across the lake. I think are still in there. They’re mini base I think so cuz I saw him building extra stuff tree pop this. I am miles away. Just a heads up I’ll try and see if I can shoot him boy, so good. I mean you’re gonna get a clean shot if I can just tell They’re both a they’re both either neither a stun is still there spill. There’s one at this tree right to your left rude So like the mini tree near me to the right to the right, okay? I am once it’s nice. Yeah I’m rushing him. Oh, I got man. He’s dead Damn he popped a mini shooting the time you got rid of the shield, that’s mental I know I’ve got five traps now for our child this guy 5:19 let’s go we can do this Like 300 bodies – I don’t really have much office rockets. Yes, Amy. I’ve only got five We start at is it while speaking up a sniper. What do you reckon? I’m gonna pick it up Cuz I’m gonna go to Rockets now. I don’t know which way I’m being shot from the way I think I saw something all right. Oh, I can see my catty macademian out in the open Oh my god, you just pop me Jesus make sure He’s standing up. He watch it watch himself. He’s lining up a shot watch it. Yeah. Oh my god Oh bleep mate were in the next ring bro. No wonder. They’re running hours. They were in the next room. Yeah, they’re nervous I’m nervous I’m going to go over the other side of the hill and just see if anyone’s rushing us good idea I’m also gonna pick up a sniper. I think and help you out in a second Are they building a base of bed they have to push us though? Do we just build a big base on this hell yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, bro We’ve got absolutely no reason to not I’ll boot my next to you okay We go one more up and connect it maybe Maybe ain’t seen building lists before I’ve aimed Well, I see some reading Christa. Oh you’re not going to get strong on them, but I can oh My god down. Okay. We got we’ve got snipe to our right still That guy’s in a bush, I swear, they’re trying to bet trying to find my upper wall down though Like near loot Lake. I see him. I hit one shield and put To shield three shields nice mate nice, man. I’m focusing the guys know right Close Where the guys to our left Dave Bram they mention again inside that building I think I did hit one off a few times these these are the odds of running I think what once we all right? Yeah, they once all right behind that hill like a Northwest, but the one to a sniper you mean, yeah Yeah, yeah, they’ve left their base. Okay. Oh, yeah, I see I see see see No I didn’t get him, but I think I hit him. I don’t know oh, so close. Oh, she jumped over my shot damn it Watch out for these other people to the left still yeah Down my shot damn, man We’ve got a picked up a sniper. They wear. The other ones you reckon Maybe we do Yeah, oh My god of building up which habits you all might okay? Oh my God God God God God Okay, huge, you’re the guys running it were any other guys. I think like–look to foresee There’s not one day and actually they killed him. I’m just building trying this for us. I think that buddy’s here oh My god They go black Supply Drop right of death I think that maybe trying going for it yeah going down going down there Sniper got sniped someone’s there since that’s not 195. Can you see that person it’s night me? You know That’s weird me That person’s gonna be revived right now surely. Yeah Baby, so next one. I 5 that both near like a really good shot good shot Alright dot oh oh my god. I missed him by an inch and inch Adam, anyhow challenging, and they’ll be Okay They drop down Oh drop down drop down. I was really a lord and whatever don’t wouldn’t they’re gonna find a fine When you skip one guy less if you’re still going for the trap things yeah, I Leave you on this remember okay nice Your traps how many traps you got I got five okay nice It’s a black night. Oh Nice your head your head shop, that’s if we can kill him, which we can kill him. That’s it. That’s it. That’s what we need Would be a woman could be one person left Last one last one last one Let’s go, baby, all right, I’ve got a launch pad I’ve got to not reply to me about two nice black though. You can put it down I’ve got I’ve got a lot of I got eight sixty would so okay. I’ll put down right hand right Okay, I put down the I put down a launch pad and we go for the trap. Yeah, 100% understand You’ll just build a rounding, but let’s see if we can get eyes on him is he behind that would He Much, he’s in the bush. I swear. I try to go to 14. I swear to God. I swear to God. I swear to god He’s gonna try shotgun me He’s trapped yeah, no you go out we go You shot me Casta, just can you believe on the other side you’re doing the other side? Oh? My god, I’m trying mate. I’m trying. I’m trying okay. He’s innocent Ritchie then Let’s go look how many chopped during that room, bro, you’ve gotten enough feet oh God we did it Oh Baby nice room he was in that book if he didn’t move from that Bush. I was like well son stop

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