Episode 3 – Tough Anglers Tour 2016

Episode 3 – Tough Anglers Tour 2016

We think that our German colleagues can’t be outrun when it comes to the amount of zanders. They have 16 fish now, whe have 11 fish – but they continuously catch more, while we are having a bit of a hard time. We’ve got the bigger pike, we’ve got the bigger zander. They’ve got the bigger perch with 33, while we are at 30cm. That’s why we will spend our last fishing time with trying for perch, hopefully top their 33cm and win! But… well, that’s a wish. I am thinking, one of us with crankbaits, the other on the bottom with small rubber lures. We are in a spot now that we’ve never fished before, we don’t know it at all. Well, we’ll see. Fish are here – the sonar augurs well. That could really be a perch. Ah? No. A pikey. Doesn’t matter, bring it in. – Oh no!
– Fuck.
– I’m sorry. Well, shit happens. Now here in side-imaging we can see a swarm of bleak on the left side. – That would still have been 45cm more, hm?
– Yes, sure.
– Shit… – So close to the net!
– Come on, so needless… If it had gotten loose just a tiny bit later, I could have even scooped it with the net… Look at that! Yes! After all! Look at that… maybe not necessarily the biggest one, but still… It’s coming over here… – Got to get the net to the other side.
– Yes. – Yes.
– Still, that’s too small, hm? Fish is fish. The size would actually be in a range that could include our target fish. And again, it’s my mandatory… 25cm. Firetiger! Yes! Very good! Found one again! It has got… 27! Yes! I just caught this, while twitching in front of a small harbour wall, a nice perch, estimated 25-30cm, on a Zip Baits Trick Shad 70, in a shock-colour that came out recently. It measures 30cm exactly. – Fuck!
– Foul bite?
– Yes. But very feeble. A real… AH! Again! Perch maybe. Bitchy perch. Bitchy zanders, I mean! You cast towards the edge exactly. Two times in a row. Same spot again. – Man!
– Pulled again? Oh, that’s a fish! There’s some weight in there! Especially… better to fight too hard… – Hm?
– Better to fight too hard, I say! – There it is.
– Where is it? – Awesome! Measure it immediately, I want to know if it’s over 63! The lure: TT-Shad, blood orange. Still hooked on the stinger. And… does our plan succeed? Now it counts! Two days over, last cast for each of us, 6:14pm… now we’ve got to bring it on once more! And now: double bite! We’ll both be thrown overboard, I’ll throw you over, – Alright!
– That was it. Yes! That looks good. – No!
– Gone? – Now what was that?
– Shit. – Was it a fish?
– But I did feel a fish! Doesn’t matter. Let’s go on. But I felt it striking! Don’t think about it too much. Ah, now I’m about to get one, watch out. Ah, it’s leaving… Just like last time. Rising from the ground 1m, towards the lure, but the other one then took it, this one didn’t. The Tough Anglers Tour 2016 is over, we’re all in the same boat, not just metaphorically speaking, but also for real, and are excited to hear the results of the other team. We haven’t talked since noon, and I’ll just start, cause someone has to. Since noon, we’ve caught: 3 perch, none of them over 33cm. That’s good for us, because our biggest perch has been 33 since day 1. We’ve caught… I’d have to look it up… around 20, 30 more perch, but up to 30. – Today, since noon, you were fishing perch?
– Yes, perch since noon. So your strategy was not to leave the perch to us, since you knew that we would be fishing perch? We didn’t want to go for pike, ah, zander the whole time, because that’s… a little boring, for zander and pike all the time. So we said, it probably won’t work out, but then decided that Jogi would fish perch, and I fish pike.
When he cought a perch, I would also grab the perch rod. We didn’t have another single pike. No idea how you did that! You wouldn’t want to know the way I caught a pike today… No, I will probably find out right now! You will find out! Well, and then of course we also tried to make points, in case it looks like a tie, so we could win total length. So, let me recap: You have the most zanders by far. We have 10 in total. And you had 16? – We have another zander.
– So 11. Yes, we have 16… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, – 17!
– 17 zanders! We had 11 zanders. Then we had the pike with 84. We were at 53, point for you. The zander with 63. Now it’s on! 64… – 65…
– 65! You got it, that it has 65? Awesome. Petri! Petri Dank. Guido, crazy shit! Alright, back to the water. After much back-and-forth and many lost fish, that was a really great fish with a strong bite! – Feels good.
– Feels really good after a thousand lost ones! Really beautiful. Now it can go back into it’s element. Really beautiful fish, built strong and healthy. Needs a little longer to recover. Reeling it in went smoothly for Guido, the net was right there. – Now it’s gone.
– So awesome! Jogi did it… when we returned from our perch spot, we said we would try for zander once more, where we had the fish at noon. Jogi lost 3 or 4 fish, I lost another 2… – and then he catches ONE zander: 65cm!
– cool! That’s something to gratulate! Well done! So there’s no use speculating about a tie… – No…
– But I would say, that means 3:1 for Germany! Congratulations! – Awesome, man!
– Well done, guys! Whoever is taking on these two guys, is in trouble! – You can say that again.
– Well done! But: so exciting! We were scared as shit when you said you had a perch, 30cm… Oh God… if they keep it up like that… But I have to tell you, a perch over 30 was probably the toughtest fish of the Tour! Yes, and big pike! How did you catch it? First cast this morning. Fishing for perch. Over there, on that key wall next to the ferry, cast it… Shall I tell you who had a follower, a 80-pike, on the first day? Where we wanted to go, but didn’t, because the ferry was there…? – That’s how it goes!
– That’s how it goes. So, your last fish was that 65-zander? But to be fair: even if it had been 2:2, with that many perch and zanders you would have beaten us centimetre-wise. While we were thinking: none of that is going to help us if you catch a bigger perch! That would have been the plan! We have been angling perch for 3 hours now, and maybe caught 3 or 4, not more. – And 28, or 27 was the biggest.
– Sometimes the finish is so close! We caught them all at the slipway. – But not the big ones.
– The 33-perch as well? No, one with 30! Or no, that one was over there. Yeah, we saw you over there. That was on the first da, wasn’t it? 33-perch on crankbait? And the zander was such a close call! Really? Four missed bites, I was already in despair… this is not possible! Knocks all the time, and you grasp at nothing! Makes you go crazy. And for that one cast, I had 3 missed bites, and the fourth time, I knew immediately: now! That’s the one now! This one’s hooked! I struck, and felt the weight. And then it came up… and we were happy – that could be over 61! 65 is really good for lake Lipno! – 65.
– And then you drowned the measuring tape! And drowned the tape. – Ruined the pen, ruined the measuring tape…
– So you restored Germany’s honour. But last year was… I don’t want to call it unfair, but it was very hard. Last year our zander-total was half of what you had today… so there weren’t many fish at all… So this year we can offer our viewers a lot of fish, beautiful fish, too! big fish, taking into account what’s normal for lake Lipno… We had 34 in total, I think. You at least 25… That almost makes it hard to decide which ones not to feature in the film! 84-pike, 65-zander… 33-perch! Competition conditions, not really training beforehand… that was close. – I think that’s good.
– Absolutely! Respect for your achievements! That’s incredible!
– Respect! – Thank you.
– To you, too! Wasn’t easy, either! We were really scared stiff in the end! We were so lucky to have found the zander spot, I think we caught all of them in the same place. That made us thinking, too. Because we were right opposite of you at our spot. And today we realized: the wind blew away from us, exactly towards you. I told him the exact same thing yesterday: I think we are doing better because we’ve got the windward side, and you the one facing away. – We might have had more trees…
– no, no,… the trees were with us, too – We were never with you!
– That would’ve been ok. We had such a nice plateau, it was actually perfect. But the bites didn’t come all at once, we had to trick every single fish into biting. With us, this morning: arrived at the spot, Jogi’s first cast – tock – missed bite. Second cast – tock – missed bite. Me, first cast (brake still open from the transport with the car), cast it, first sinking phase while I’m not completely present yet, the brake screeched – but it was hooked. And after that: noting, for one and a half hours. And: all of the fish were deeper this time. Between 5,5 and 7m. And our fish at 3, 3-4m! That’s how it goes! Got there, tock, zander. After 15 minutes, second zander. Then it was calm for a while. And then, at some point, there was another one with 65cm. I think, the rest of the stories we can tell each other while drinking beer! And pizza. Just a few final words, thank you again to all of the contestants, thanks to you two, thanks, Hans-Peter. Thanks to Thomas and Manfred, our camera team. Many thanks to all our sponsors, and I hope the viewers are going to enjoy the Tough Anglers Tour 2016! So far – Petri Heil, tight lines, and see you soon on lake Lipno! I love it when a plan works out!

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  1. Wieder eine sehr schöne Tour von euch🎣Hatte 2016 meinen ersten Angeltag am Lipno, obwohl ich nur ca. 45min davon entfernt wohne… ein wirklich traumhaftes Gewässer, das dem Raubfischfreund keine Wünsche offen lässt🐟
    Freu mich schon auf die TAT 2017 und vllt trifft man sich mal am Lipno👍🏻

  2. Es war definitiv ein richtig cooles Event und ich hoffe auf eine Fortsetzung des Konzepts der TAT!! Vielen Dank für die Organisation Andi! Ich war sicherlich nicht das letzte mal am Lipno Stau 😉

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