Hey guys! It’s Mike Chen. I just wanted to pop in here really quick and now clarify a couple things before you start watching this video. What i wanted to clarify was that if you watched this channel and you watched A Strictly Dumpling channel, you’ll notice after the Philippines, we of course started to upload the India videos. Which is not exactly how the order of events actually went. What happened was we went to the Philippines then to Malaysia then i went on my own to Singapore. and Korea, and then after that came back to New York, and then went off to India. But because of a lot of unexpected technical issues, which includes but not limited to lost audio files and misplaced footages. We weren’t able to fully showcase the Malaysia, Singapore, Korea part of the trip until all these issues were resolved and we didn’t really want to delay any uploads. So we decided to upload the India trip first. Anyway, it is kind of messy so i wanted to apologize to you guys and explain what happened, also to really keep up with what i’m doing in real time, it’s best to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. All the information is it’s gonna be here and in the description box below. So, in this video, what you’re about to see is right when we’re at the airport and the Philippines heading to Malaysia then to Singapore and Korea. Sometimes, these things happen. I promise i’m not really trying to be confusing. Alright guys, thanks for hearing, me out and enjoy the video. We are out to Malaysia (music) Oh my god. They sell lechon at the airport. Wow, that’s a good-looking lechon. Okay, I get the liquid. I get the golf clubs. Why. Why is furby not allowed on the airplane? That seemed a little discriminatory. I mean he’s not gonna eat after midnight. I mean just don’t feed him after midnight. This is ridiculous. So you have to pay a terminal fee and as largely as 750 that’s like 15, 20 bucks per person and cash only. Wow. I’ve never paid a terminal fee in my life. Well this is the first time i’m ever paying a terminal fee. Bag deposit was crazy. We were over by about i think 10 kilos and they wanted to charge us an extra 10,000 pesos for that extra 10 kilos. So luckily, we were able to take a lot of stuff out of our backpacks but that was crazy. And then this terminal fee thing. So, I’m hoping that’s it. I hope there’s not like a boarding fee or some other random fee. (music) Oh nice, this layout. Just need to order food. Calamansi juice. Actually pretty good. (music) Actual noodles, not bad. Not bad at all. That is actually good. This is nice and gingerly. This might be one of the best airport lounge meals I’ve had. Like anywhere. A couple of things to know about Malaysia. One, that was the longest airport network. I was walking for like 15 minutes. Also, they don’t really give you, like usually when you go into a country, they give you Like a declaration slip. That was not the case here. So, here you just give them your boarding pass and it was pretty easy. This trip is kind of different. Usually, we try to meet some local friends and go eat with them, have them show us around. This time we’re actually gonna go from Kuala Lumpur, all the way to Penang. And we’re actually gonna have our local friends drive us the entire way, and we actually have no idea where we’re gonna go eat. They are huge foodies and they’re just gonna take us to all their favorite food destinations. So, the food decision is completely in their hands and yeah, i think that’s actually pretty interesting. I have no idea what i’m about to eat but I am excited. Right now, we’re gonna go meet our friend, Rick, who’s picking us up from the airport. Oh, it is hot in Malaysia. Oh, this is way hotter than the Philippines right now. There’s our friend, Rick. Thanks for coming to pick us up man. Nice seeing you. Sorry, this camera is really bad in low light. So, his face is all black. That is Rick. Another country with a steering wheel on the right. This is our Airbnb. I think it’s probably the nicest one we’d been to so far. Got some complicated instructions. We don’t know what he said. We’re trying to find a mailbox, where our key is. Really nice complex. If I lived in this country, I probably stay here. How cute is that? (music) That is the biggest cockroach I ever seen in my life. (music) Woo, nice. Nice Airbnb. Beautiful condo. Oh, there’s a washer. We should have washed our clothes here instead. Cool little view. Ah, water heater. One bedroom. Two bedroom. The bathroom. Oh so the shower. So there’s really, no, like nothing separating showering in the toilet. There’s the shower right up there. This is probably the nicest Airbnb that I been to so far. It’s really, really nice. (music) (drumming) (music) (sizzling) After a day of filming, we stopped by the Connaught night market. It’s a massive night market About two kilometers long. You just keep walking There’s so many people here. Look at this. There’s so many people. Let me show you what is in front of me. The stalls are so close together, maybe about, maybe, about like seven, eight ft of walk spacing in between the two stalls on each side. There’s a lot of smelly. There’s a lot of stinky tofu vendors. But good thing for me, I can’t smell anything because my sinus is all i blocked up. I can’t smell anything so I guess this will be the best day to eat a stinky tofu, because won’t be stinking to me. It would just be tofu, (music) So, this is the black tofu. They fried it up and then they put it in the soup. And it is black, they told me because of black beans that they put in here and the soup it smells really awesome Maybe this is healing my sinuses. I don’t know. By smell, I smell some garlic, cilantro, onions. The soup smells actually really really good All right, i don’t know how much i like the tofu. But l think I really like the soup. I mean they might as well just call this fried tofu. It tastes like fried tofu. The black bean thing, not really a factor. Finally out of this night market. I think this is a really fun night market. It’s really long. It’s the longest night market that i have ever walked. It’s kind of crazy, because you can’t really walk into circles. If you walk one way, you’ve got to walk back which can get pretty tiring and like i mentioned before is crowded as heck because the walkway is so narrow. But it’s a fun night market. Lots of different vendors and there’s a whole side street here that you can walk on that’s mainly food stalls and restaurants on the side. So, if i lived in Malaysia, yeah i will come to this night market all the time. Anyway, i’m glad i came to here to experience this. It was a lot of fun. I think my voice is finally giving up and the food coma is creeping in. So i got to go to bed. Trust me, this sounds a lot better than it was yesterday. It’s about 4.50 almost 5 o’clock. We’re leaving and going to the next city on our tour, Ipoh. Which is really known for a chicken. i mean it’s not like you know Famous chicken. It’s known for a chicken dish, and that’s what we gonna eat. So we’re gonna drive there and that will be the second to the last city we’re gonna be in Malaysia. Until Jasmine and Ben goes back to New York, and i gotta go to Singapore and then eventually Korea. I don’t think i told you guys why i’m going to Korea. I’ll tell you when it gets closer (music) At our Airbnb here at Ipoh and really it’s kind of like in the middle of the town center. Hello! All right thank you! Are you from the UK? Haha. Owner: Oh no no. Two beds here. One bed here. Oh nice. Really clean place. The master bedroom here. This is a really nice Airbnb, right in the middle of everywhere. It’s clean, really clean. This is the first Air b&b that give us like a bunch of water and snacks. Really really nice owner. This is a great place. Absolutely by far the best Airbnb experience. I mean Uncle just dropped us soy milk, which I just filmed and tofu pudding, Tofu Hua. He is just such a nice guy. (music) Last day of Malaysia or last full day in Malaysia Forgot about this, about this yesterday. Sticky rice cake, thingy. Let’s see what it tastes like. So our local first tells us that we need to microwave it Get nice and.. Oh yeah, this is not going to work. Gonna turn outlets on in this country. Yeah, just to microwave for like a minute. Oh, it is all gooey. We get out the banana leaves all around. So that is what came out of it. Fresh coconut shavings. (music) It’s really sticky like really really really sticky. The finger lick was good. It’s like pretty awesome. hmm The fresh coconut shavings are perfect with it because the cake is really really really sticky. If you come here, you can find a lady who sell it, I a hundred percent recommend trying this for yourself. That’s one of the best desserts here I had in Malaysia. Mmm Seriously so good. (music) We are on our drive to Penang, which is an island. You know that? Which meant there is seafood. I don’t think she cares. (music) I’m at this turtle pond. I bought these, little veggies. Apparently, they’re like crack to turtle because look at this. They are conjugating near this food. I guess turtles love salad. They are all just swimming over here. Here you go. (music) Our last Airbnb together. Pretty nice building like a luxury condo. No shoes? That’s okay. Girl: Or durian. Oh where does it say that? Girl: Uh.. I read the instruction. Oh no shoes or durian. That’s meant for you, not me. Wow. This Airbnb is pretty gorgeous. Look at this. High-rise building. Very modern. Like it. Massive building. Oh ocean side view and and a little pond view! Pretty nice. Bathroom. Oh when you shower, you actually don’t get water in the toilet. That’s actually really new. Bedroom. Two beds. Another two beds. One bed and the bathroom in the master bedroom was awesome too. This might be the best like modern, clean Airbnb that we’ve been to so far. That is locked. We have an Asian dryer. Pretty darn good. Good Airbnb. All right, found out why this place is not also perfect. There’s no wi-fi, that’s pretty bad. Erm it’s not like I am an internet addict. It’s just that, we need to work, we can’t work here, Oh well, we leave tomorrow so it is just one night but the thing is like it said it has wi-fi on the thing. So if it said it has wi-fi on the airbnb, it doesn’t have wi-fi, that’s not good. (music) So, this is Chew Jetty. It is a mystical sight A fishing village Now, It just like it looks like bunch of commercial shop. You can buy some souvenirs, some clothing. I got my fridge magnet. Probably overpaid for it and it is supposed to be the really famous wall art that is supposed to be in Penang. This is really cool. This is gourd. It’s really useful. Chinese people in the ancient times will make this into like wine jugs, water jugs, medicine containers. You empty this out. This thing comes out you know a really cool, fun looking container for a lot of uses. Well you can also eat it. I am walking along and we see these, massive bowls and apparently they make massive bowls of noodles and this was supposed to just like we’re walking around to get a break from eating. So i guess now we’re taking a break from eating by eating. Yeah i could take a bath in here. I could. (music) Just had a massive bowl of noodles. Still got like three more food locations to film for the today. I feel surprising still pretty good. I can go on and i can go on eating. I think we’re at the end of the fishing village. And it’s just so peaceful and nice here. Look at this. (music) This is some Lunar New Year festival going on. We’re on to our next food place and there’s a line. Look at this. Hokkien Prawn Mee. It is supposed to be the best but i gotta go for my next food video so i shouldn’t. Really happening festival. (music) I think they are giving away like free wine or beer or something. They are making some kind of rice cake. With peanuts on the inside. Apparently, these are really famous, street art here. That’s a must see when you’re in Penang. Pretty cool, they turned the middle of this mall into like this traditional-looking Chinese village scenery thingy. Look at this. So lanterns hanging everywhere. It is actually really pretty. I’m gonna korea in a week and for some stupid reason I didn’t think i needed a winter jacket. So yeah i didn’t bring my winter jacket. i’m thinking that if i buy here it’s gonna be much cheaper than buying it in Singapore, much cheaper than buying it in Korea. So, we just finished filming. it’s 10 o’clock. We’re hoping Uniqlo here is still open and this is the Queen Mall. And it is beautiful mall. Huge. Still a lot of people here, it’s like 10.15. Still opened? Yeah nice. Thank you. yeah, promise they don’t really have a lot of winter stuff here. Cuz you know this country is not usually that cold. This is the best they got, right here. I guess this is my new jacket. But this thing for 50 bucks. That’s a pretty good deal. Okay got what i came to get. Nice time to go to bed. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Love your videos as always *love love*. Mikey….come and visit Surabaya (my real hometown)…..and Melbourne (my second hometown) =)

  2. Hi Mike, im glad you came to malaysia and sorry that you were sick! Must have caught that during the long flight! You could take some vitamin supplements before u board the flight and it will keep u healthy! I hope you enjoyed Malaysia

  3. Love ur personality , always positive , optimistic, and the food.. just mind blowing, keep up these brilliant vlog ! !

  4. Wish you tell us how much a night these places are so we can plan a trip around the rooms if we like them. It's hard to find out sometimes the rates if we don't catch the name of the place. Thanks for any info you can give us.

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