Mahe .. is the only Union Territory of Kerala Mahe river was called as English Channel of India… Beautiful Mahe is situated on its banks… even after Independance Mahe still carries its French Legacy and traditions proudly Its is one of the four regions of Union Territory Of Puducherry we used to use hand reel before thereafter we came in contact with some new friends and with their help we switched to Rods and reels there after we changed completely from hand reel to rods and reels the difference between them is that the …fight with fish is real it gives an energy feel…… sporty feel….. the rods use lures unlike hand reel so no bad smells of baits .. is not there its a hobby … a time pass…. we mainly focus on salt water fishing we target Red Snapper..Hamour Giant Trevally Barramundi ..Salmon this fishing as a sport definitely helps us in reducing stress to us humans the reason is…. all are from different fields may be a businessman or in high pressure job so they all can take out an hour or two to spend in fishing which will give relief to mind … and 100% it will be a relief . once you are hooked up in angling..your job and other responsibilities are not a hindrance angling is a sport which enhances both mind,body and spirit alike !!

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