Feeding Monster Tarpon at Robbie’s

Feeding Monster Tarpon at Robbie’s

yeah Dad, I gave the white bird one so he
would shoo. Jump! OOOH! Do you see the pelicans, like, touch, bite the fish? God, these things are huge. Where are we going, Lily? Robbie’s! So here’s the story about Robbie’s. They saw a tarpon by where they’re living that had big tear in its mouth and the guy there took the tarpon in and actually
stitched its face up and put it in an oxygen-rich tank and then basically
nursed the thing back to life and after they nursed this tarpon they called
Scarface back to life they let it go into the wild and then it came back and
you know they gave it some food and then it left and then occasionally
this Scarface tarpon started bringing friends, and after it brought a bunch of
friends it turned into the place that it is right now, Robbie’s where people can
actually buy minnows and then feed the tarpon, Robbie’s! So we’re gonna do that all right you’re gonna have fun doing that? Yeah. Yes, but mom is still in the thing. She’s still changing because she takes hours. There’s a traffic jam cuz the bridge was up and now they’re gonna let us through That’s the one thing that’s about the
Florida Keys that’s a little rough is there’s one road to get down here. I
don’t think my wife believes in plastic surgery but she has enhanced her lip
by getting at sunburnt. that’s not healthy! I think we go this way. Feed the tarpon. Thank you. Just run those birds off. Oh my god?! There’s so big. Do you see them? There right there. Oh my god, they’re ridiculous, get out of here. Do you see this, they’re monsters. Run off the birds dad. Dad, run off the birds. Get out of here. Get out of here. Go away. Wow, look at these fish. Look at these fish. Somebody, come over here just look at how big they are. Joey so did you like? Umm if the pelicans were gone, that’d be awesome. Nick, what about you? Shoo pelicans. It would have been a lot better if the pelicans weren’t there. They were mean. You put your hand too close. I’m sorry. There’s a video of people doing it and their hand gets all bleedy. well I let go, I wasn’t gonna let him do that. Mom what’d you think? Mom, what did you think mom? I can’t Lily. Mom’s hiding because she’s got beautiful lips today.

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  1. very cool, hope vacation was great. weather looked fantastic.. really sick of the eternal winter we are having.

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