Female Angler Playlist – Reel Women Fish – What To Watch Wednesdays – Episode 3 –

Female Angler Playlist – Reel Women Fish – What To Watch Wednesdays – Episode 3 –

hey good morning Fisher people welcome
to another episode of what to watch Wednesdays this week I need your help Fisher people my name is Mark otherwise
known as eating lunch this is what to watch Wednesdays it’s a weekly feature
on my channel where I create a playlist of other Fisher people’s YouTube
channels and then share them with my subscribers for two reasons so that they
have something to watch to break up the monotony of you know the middle of the
week on a Wednesday and also as a way of saying thank you to the creator’s who
are making the video content that I enjoy watching this week’s topic is real
women fish you know on YouTube there’s a lot of these sort of clickbait bikini
wearing girls wearing not much holding up fish etc etc these are not the the
channels that I’m talking about not that there’s anything wrong with those per se
I’ve got no qualms with them but that’s not what this topic is what I’m talking
about our serious angler is women who take fishing seriously and not only are
serious about fishing but are serious enough about it to create their own
YouTube channels specifically about that not to say that some of the I call them
bikini channels that not to say that they don’t love or enjoy fishing but
they’re not serious about it but there’s another angle to it that I think they
use to obviously get subscribers get views things like that I’m talking about
the channels that straight up fishing that’s enough now here’s the struggle I
only know of two of those channels when I search through YouTube trying to find
some all that comes up are the bikini channels so I need help from you guys
down here in the comment section give me some suggestions I was just some
channels that I should be looking at because honestly one of the reasons I
wanted to do this topic was because when I look at my own analytics and
demographics I was surprised at the number of female viewership that I
actually have it’s not a huge number but it’s enough that it surprised me because
these are women who either sought out or were suggested fishing videos made by me
and then clicked on them watch them to me that’s compelling
because I know there are a lot of women fishermen out there my wife goes out
fishing with me she enjoys it but she’s not gonna go on YouTube and search out
fishing videos not even my own I know there’s a lot of great female anglers
out there I’d like to show a little bit of light on that I think it would be
great if we could sort of highlight these women and you know build us show
them as a positive role models I personally have a daughter who’s 15 at
the time of this recording and one of the young lady’s channels and I’m
highlighting andis and this week’s playlist is I think a little bit older
than that but not much but she’s obviously extremely experienced on the
water handling a boat lots of great fishing knowledge I think she’s from
Canada her channels name is Lady bass she’s very impressive very knowledgeable
I think a lot of us could learn a lot about bass fishing smallmouth fishing
from her I also think she’d be a great role model for a younger female anglers
to look at her and say you know look at how good this girl is I could be that
good people a lot of times think of it as a boys sport it’s not it’s for
everybody but like I said when I search through YouTube I’m having a hard time
finding these positive not click Beatty bikini girl fishing videos I’m looking
for these videos that highlight real fish or women so far this week’s
playlists only has two videos so we need to check those out but also I’m begging
you please leave me some comments if you have any suggestions of some other real
fish or women who are getting the job done on YouTube I’ll add them to the
playlist we’ll just build it up a little bit and that way we all can kind of get
exposed to to see more of them so hey thanks for the help my name is Mark
otherwise known as eating lunch urge you to check out some of the other content
on my channel if you enjoy it please consider subscribing but definitely
check out this week’s playlist which will be hopefully appearing in a card
write about this area here and also down in the description area below so next
time always be fish

9 thoughts on “Female Angler Playlist – Reel Women Fish – What To Watch Wednesdays – Episode 3 –

  1. Please watch the whole thing so you can help me add to this playlist!
    Or jump straight to the playlist: https://goo.gl/DVoH5N

  2. Here is a few I know about.

  3. Well…..I don't have any but those book bikini vids pop up a lot even without searching for'em….. guess thru hey so many views that they get bumped up……👍👍👍

  4. Here are a couple for you..
    Country Girl Catfishing…https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEOZoxaN9mPd9lrfzGdlMsw
    I see you already have
    Pamela Girlfish…https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pLpJXHnT-nVLqK6oW5J6A
    These ladies can fish and are good friends of mine…

  5. Thank you! I really appreciate the addition to your playlist! You have most of the women covered, another one you could add is Sydney Sewell. She hasnt been doing as many videos lately because of college but she does a great job as well!

  6. Awesome idea!!!! Thanks for adding me to the playlist, and for the sub I just got you back and I'm looking forward to your future uploads 🙂

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