Fish Recipe for Weight Loss Indian Style Recipe in Hindi  मज़ेदार फिश  बनाएं घर पर इस आसान रेसिपी से

Fish Recipe for Weight Loss Indian Style Recipe in Hindi मज़ेदार फिश बनाएं घर पर इस आसान रेसिपी से

Hello Friends , My Name is Natasha and today in my health channel , I am going to show you a Healthy Indian Fish Recipe which is the best from your keto diet intermediate fasting , weight loss program and for all your diet programs and plans which you follow it will be very helpful for it It will not only help you but this recipe is very tasty and you will feel like eating it again and again . This Grill Fish Recipe has been measured this has exact 250 grams of Fish and the calorie intake is 270 Calories and the best thing about this fish recipe is that my friends that we have use such simple spices , which is available in every home for which you have to do hard work nor do you especially need to go to the market You just need a few spices which are always lying around the house which these itself the fish was marinated The Full Recipe Description of the Ingredients and all in the description box of this video You can see it and make it very easily. Now we have made the marinate of the fish Now we will add 250 gms of fish for 2-3 hours in the fridge so that all the marinagation reaches inside the fish properly yes , we want all the spices to reach inside the fish so it become all and more tasty , tender and yummy Now i till tell you the BIGGEST secret of this taste indian style recipe we have not used any Oven or Indian Style Tandoor ( Clay Oven ) Griller or Grill We have only used a Non Stick Pan (A TAWA ) Yes it can be made on a Non Stick pan or a tawa very easily Yes this is indeed a very easy fish recipe . Do try it and let me know in the comments section How you like it . Friends these days , everyone is on a look out for recipe which has minimum calories and our stomach fills up to the maximum so that we can do weight loss easily that why this is a amazing recipe for your weight loss and you can stay under 1000 calories limit per day with your tummy all filled. Now tell me what can be better than this ? Just Think about it Friends , If you have this for your Lunch and Dinner and you have your healthy salad , you will get your fiber intake No Carbs is also going inside you what can be better than anything else else .Isn’t this the best recipe for your weight loss , health and fitness goals ? You can always have some light for your breakfast to compliment these fish diet plan for your lunch and dinner But friends try your best that to avoid Carbs but have as much salad as possible which will be very good for you Now you can see our marinated fish how will it is cooking on our Tawa , yes its sizzling away Now i have a small Cooking Tip for you If you are not putting oil in the Non Stick Pan Make use of the Full Flame First cook 1 side for 5-6 minutes and then turn over as its marination is still wet . As you are seeing as the marination is getting cooked , we are turn it to the other side Now its so easy to turn the fish over once the marrination is cooked properly . Now see its becoming brown just like its being cooked in Tandoor or like it been cooked on a grill We are getting the same colour , aren’t we friends ? Now that is cooking properly , now lets plate it beautifully . The Fish is all ready friends Eat this with your friends and family If you are a bachelor you can easily cook it Eat with your friends , squeeze some lime and chaat masala on it ..and make it more spicy I will wait for your comments, let me know how you have liked my Indian style fish recipe which is healthy recipe also for weight loss I just love this fish recipe and i have it all the time myself

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  1. Good evening ma'am after watching this recipe video i m thinking that you made this video indeed for me, coz i needed such recipe for maintain my weight and emerge my face attraction thank you so much ma'am.

  2. Wow ma'am it's look really yummy I try this tomorrow ma'am and I love this too much ma'am for weight loss I do anything for it ma'am

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