Fish Slap with John Cena

Fish Slap with John Cena

-We’re joined right now
by the one and only John Cena, everybody.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s the good news. -The bad news is John and I
are about to face off in a brand-new game
called “Fish Slap.” Now — [ Laughter ]
-Whoo! -It works like the game
“High or Low.” We’ll take turns being dealer. You deal one card, then
the other person guesses whether the next one
will be higher or lower. Aces are high. If you guess wrong,
you get fish slapped. And, uh — [ Laughter ] The dealer gets to slap you with
a fish from their fish bucket. [ Laughter ]
This is a real — These are real —
-It really is. -Yeah, they — I can smell them.
-Yeah. -They will be eaten by the crew
after the show. [ Laughter ]
They won’t be wasted. Now, if you get
the exact same card, we both slap each other
at the same time. -In the event of a draw —
-Oh, my God. Double fish slap. -Okay.
-The Internet is gonna break. [ Laughter ]
-[ Sighs ] -All right, first to fish slap
the other person three times is the champion. [ Laughter ] [ Coughing ] -Welp, yep. That’s everything.
-Here we go. -All right.
-We’ve actually done everything. All right, so I go —
I’ll deal first — -Yes.
-To you. -Yeah.
-All right, here we go. Do you trust these cards?
Do you want me to shuffle? -No, I don’t —
No, not at all. We’re gonna try it, though. -Ooh.
-Oh, come on. -Higher or lower,
that’s pretty easy. -Pretty easy?
It’s right in the middle. [ Laughter ] Fallon, you son of a bitch.
[ Laughter ] -I didn’t even hit you
with a fish yet! What do you think?
Higher or lower? It’s seven. -Low.
-You’re gonna go lower. -Low. -Oh! You lucky — You lucky — [ Sad tuba plays ] Oh, my gosh. [ Drum roll ]
[ Cheers and applause ] All right, y-you won that one. -All right, Fallon.
-[ Inhales deeply ] Oh!
[ Laughter ] -“Oh, I don’t know. Is it
going to be higher or lower? I don’t know, man.” -I hate your whole face. -Now does this mean I slap you
if I win? -No, because I just won,
and no slaps happened. I think it’s if you lose.
If you lose. -Okay.
-All right. I would slap you —
-Lower. That’s lower.
-You’re going to go low? -Definitely.
-Okay, great. -That’s actually really low.
All right, wow, here we go. Ready? -High. Good. -I want to see some
fish slapping here. Oh.
Go low, low, right? -Oh!
-What?! [ Audience ohs ] [ Sad tuba plays ] come on, that’s higher
than a queen! All right, be gentle, dude.
[ Laughter ] [ Audience cheering ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -I just wanted
to get a feel for it. -That slap was a real —
Can we have in it slow motion? That slap was a bit backhanded
a little. [ Laughter ]
All right, here we go. There was a good little slap
to it. And I smell like fish right now.
Here we go. This is for you, right? -High.
-You think? [ Laughs ] [ Audience oohs ] -I will allow you the first —
-No, I’ve not done mine yet. -Go for it.
-Are you sure? -Go for it.
-No, because then what if I do it too hard, then you’re
gonna want to retaliate? [ Laughter ] -Your fate lies
in your own hands. -Damn you, Fallon!
[ Laughter ] -You can get this side, too.
-No, I wouldn’t. [ Laughter and applause ] ♪♪ -All right, all right.
You’re down to one fish. I got two fish left.
This is — If you’re tuning in or went
for a bathroom break, we’re still playing “Fish Slap.”
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] You would think this would be
easy. 10. So I’m going to go low. ♪♪ -Okay.
-All right, go ahead. -High. -Gosh.
[ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Low! -Aah!
-Aah! No! [ Sad tuba plays ]
You’ve got to be kidding me. -In the name of salmon
and mackerel, the day is mine. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]
I got to get myself — ♪♪ ♪♪ -It was like hitting me —
it was like hitting me with your — with your arm! Can we see that?
I feel like — Slow motion.
This is for real. Watch this. Oh, my God! See my jowls —
my jowls started shaking. [ Laughter ]
-Dude, you came up with this game.
-That’s true, I did. John Cena, the champ in the
first ever game of “Fish Slap.” [ Cheers and applause ]
-Truly a sportsman.

100 thoughts on “Fish Slap with John Cena

  1. 2:43 he looks like Michael Myers mask smiling.

    Maybe jhon should try becamo a fucking halloween type of character. The Guy is huge

  2. crap 0:07 think joke cena slap Strong) dont worry for smell) 1:04 and so the cards will decide fate 2:38 Well, Jimmy is the hand of justice)) can not escape from it => aaa cena Ez slap) scere revenge))) hahaahha smart) but scere 3:35 WWE FIRE= tydydydy 4:44 FATALITY)) MK10)) Well, I lost so I lost) (^_^)

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