Fishing for Snakehead

Fishing for Snakehead

Leigh & Toon rural life Thailand Catching catfish and snakehead wild fishing thailand rice farm thai vlog Welcome to Leigh and Toons channel walking back the other night we actually
got one before we left that big good today is that all the Frog stunting so
exactly we had exactly the right number as enough hooks for the Frog where’d you
put our still got some frogs good it’s going to say we’re a brilliant night
catching frogs last night something moving under the water since our massive crab wins you put this
look in sometimes you just got to admit defeat and move east and in hook if
there’s too many crab sir still say it and lucky number 22 to that
one guess we’re not where our hugs are all
right that’s all 22 ready to rock and roll like to replace one of the frogs a
crab or fish should already have battement everything’s good Suns just
going down now beautiful time sometimes I forget just down look at we are living
around it sometimes apart from the stings and bites it’s a take some
beating in my book all right I think we’re going to go back and have some
snakehead for dinner a couple of fried in a couple career think catch you later tis just insisted we have a quick check
on the shrimp pots on the way back you see what we’ve got
I always get a bit nervous around here after that vicious attack on me the
other day still here though alive and kicking
copy brave be nice to check these while it’s light anyway you normally do it in
pitch-black sea sufficiently wide oh I put some watering nut to the no gun I
put it back then see some things that doesn’t look too bad to me it’s not
a bad catch thousands and so we’ve got some bag a D which are really really
tasty beautiful little fish all sound pretty is that can really see the colors
too well but is blue green orange very nice fish but they don’t grow much
bigger than left okay let’s head back you ready Bambi squat day yeah five the night isn’t home five Allah noses okay everybody very low values we look
mm a falafel mother friend it is very mellow to lay mm-hmm I just got the vibe
tonight just outright the fishing gods are with us and you I’ve just seen a
motorbike on our farm so hopefully our shrimp pots are okay and bones okay ready fast alone nor to you that wasn’t
the splash that we obey with it I don’t mind if it’s pocket people from the standing off in as well
I have one that put me up without any approach that’s a good one
they can add it up from end up ah in that Oh looks like the monster got the
better of us again stormy frog yeah this one’s a bit long enough their job
Bob we got one we got one which staying deep beneath in mud yeah no no Finn’s got another one down
man nice I thought what the pinata then you say this today or the line
looks like it might be tight if you nothing could be a crap definitely move
carefully oh yeah oh yeah bugger if that is a big
pat the face eyes choo-choo-choo never patron big one right now he can bring the ball I’ve got
a big mouth that one now remember the fishing gods if schipper not as big as the last one
but still a really good size come out I’ll leave you without put this back in
the same place real fishing tonight well see by for the moon just have been just
moving on its own don’t tell me this has come off ah but
doc pregnant your spot yeah not make your
dude oh I’ll cut my I think we put one more favor she went off the wall

26 thoughts on “Fishing for Snakehead

  1. นี่คือชีวิตลูกทุ่งไม่มีอะไรมากไปกว่า ปลูก จับ ทำ กิน มีเท่านี้ก็มีความสุขได้

  2. Love watching your videos just to see that incredible scenery, i am not into that kind of fishing, and defiantly NOT at night ( my respect ). When i was there much prefer to buy my fish, But, worth watching to see the huntress stalking her pray , love when she goes off and does not even answer you !! only a fool return's to the scene of a vicious attack, but they say lighting does not strike twice in the same place !!!!1 ;-0

  3. Red​ letter days are great, enjoy it while it lasts..might even have a go at fishing with frogs next time we are out there. Great channel. Cheers

  4. I can't wait to get back to Mae Chan and try some of your fishing techniques. I've wound up my affairs in Yorkshire and I'm flying out on the 3rd of October with a case of mainly fishing and camping equipment! I really enjoy your vlogs not only for the comedy value but I love foraging, growing and catching my own food. Cheers Guys!

  5. Nice Haul! You seem to really be on your game last night! But you guys really need a pair of hemostats to get the hooks out easier. Actually you have a better option in your hand with that stick… I'll bring you a pair of Hemo's… I have several. What's nice about them is you can clip them to anything when not in use.

  6. gotta love it when a plan comes together, must try some snakehead next time I venture over, nearly tried it before until they said it was mud fish then it took all the appeal of eating it away lol, its like asking someone if they want a shit sandwich, might well be tasty but doesn't sound like it lolol

  7. Dear Leigh Dear Toon. Sir/Madam. May I take a moment of your time. It's amazing watching you get some fresh food to be cooked up with all the flavours we love to taste. Leigh what's it really like to be hunting gathering you both appear natural at it you made it look easy. Toons great you yourself are in there like a rocket hooking fishes. Well in Leigh, good show Toon. It's a thrilling view of Class Thai farming footage by Two Superstars. I love watching. Thank you both. have a great time. From Craig Lee White. GB.
    Will Toon tell us about things that go bump in the night… Is it to do with the Angel houses?

  8. Hello leigh and toon,what a scary walk you wouldn't want to get in her way, lol. Leigh how do you find your bearings at knight looking where you put your bait, or is it just good knowledge from toon?

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