20 thoughts on “Fishing for Snook and Redfish in Florida Everglades National Park

  1. good video ! love mangroves fishing ! 
    What about the sabalo reel 4000 i need informations because in French West indies we haven't got the Wright and mcgill brand 

  2. Happy Monday From OD5 Fishing!!
    Florida Fishing is hard to beat. Used to live in Jacksonville but never got around the fishing the Everglades… How are Snook to eat? I've had Redfish!

  3. What would be nice is if there was a link in the description to the lures being used in the videos. That would be much appreciated since I live here in Florida. Could end up buying some of them if I knew.
    Thank You

  4. To addictive fishing:
    I suggest u try going bass fishing in lake okechobee. they have some of the best bass fishing in the world.

  5. This show makes me sad. I live in Florida, but never have time to go fishing. Yet when I do I LOVE to catch snook #showyourmogan

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