Fishing in the Philippines: Ruby Snapper Catch Clean Cook.

Fishing in the Philippines: Ruby Snapper Catch Clean Cook.

Fish! Thats a fish! Thank you! Fish! At long last! Use my gaft I’ll use mine, it’s longer Here, Mine is extendable Pull it up *breaks gaft Cool huh?…ohh you broke it Yea it broke Use yours then I’ll use my gaft Your gaft is supposed to be aluminum.. Thank the Lord! This is my first fish in 2 months! Do you see it? There it is! Oi, it’s a ruby snapper Nice one! Red! This is an expensive fish Aha an(red snapper) Aha an! (Red snapper) Let’s show the camera Thank you! That’s expensive fish! Yes! I’m so happy! Let’s put it out of its misery Thank you! Let’s keep trying for one more I had enough, let’s go home What was that? Let’s go Let’s bead back? So, we have this ruby snapper A first class fish! Weighs 3.8kg Let’s clean it Firstly, let’s remove the scales These scales are tough Keep going These are hard..ouch! Start at the tail Ok so i got take two Ok now, let’s remove the scales Ohh, so the big ones get clubbed to death? Good, how many kg is it?…3.8 Wash off the scales Ok, that’s good enough Some air came out Ahh, good! Ok, the head is off Let’s set this aside for soup The first fillet is off For soup later Lastly The skin What’s that for? Soup So? Should i fry these too? Yea, the skin is best fried Ok, stop taking the video Where’s the peacock brand vinegar? We don’t use that to wash the meat We are hungry Can’t we cut these smaller? No He cut it too big Mmmhhh it’s good So good!

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  1. Wow nice catched sir🎣🎣🎣 sarap yan sa sinigang😋😋😋 masarap kainin lalo kapag ikaw ang nakahuli😊😊😊 panalo ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪

  2. Wow ka nice, sunod kuha ana lawihan nah tong naay ikog hahaha good job!!! Wasak ang agahan sa sarap ng sabaw at pritong isda…

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