Hello to everyone. Today in the beginning of winter season. I’ll try to make a new fishing adventure. Something that I not make at the moument Fishing for Seabass In stormy weather from shore. Now I see that conditions are perfect for this adventure. So I hope that we will catch something. And also hope that will show all important about this to you Wish me success Now you can see what the conditions are Domestic fishermans say to me that this is the perfect weather For me personaly it’s a little more angry that I want. Wind totaly blow me Waves also is big that I want. But it doesn’t matter, I hope that we will have luck. I need to say something about tackles My reel is Hi-gear, size 4000 Rod around 2.70-3,00m will be perfect for now. Setr that I have at the moument is only 2.54m. Longer rod will be perfectly fit to this conditions. Some words about lures. My choise is 2-3 lures Not so small and with slightly bigger weight. I need a good casting With hi visible colors Chartreuse, red head and visible holograms are welcome With big lip, to have a stabile run in this angry conditions And most important! We need a long casting For rod, we already say 2.70-3.00m will be perfect We will see. Now we make some tests Need to find where the fish are You say that we not see a grass in the water Exactly. Most of the time we have a grass. Today water is clear. You say me that fish come when here is full of grass I hope that we will be a lucky Ok, catch one. Ok, just to make a cast. I wait the exact time between the waves. Can you say something important. For lures Lure that I use This is the best colors for Seabass Especialy if the water is not so clear like now. Lure must be heavy also If they not have weight, we can not cast it well. We need a good cast. Waiting the strike. So you wait lower waves to make a good lure presentation. Yes, we need it After every 5-6 waves we have a moment with lower wave. 2-3 seconds only That is the moment to make a cast That is very important. Most of anglers not know that You also need to make flat cast, your line must fly close to the water surface Becase wind pick-up our line and lure if they stay high. In the other way we will have short cast. Our lure must fly close to the water surface! What is the reason to choose this place? Here I see many food around, many crabs and worms Fish come to eat here Here come big male and female Seabass 7+ 6.3kg. 5 kg. But it’s heavy It’s not fishing for everyone Wind, rain, waves. I am totaly wet now Yes, it’s a hard fishing Seabass is not a easy prey Everyone want to catch it Yes ,is verry hard to catch big Seabass. You need to be patient, need a time to catch a big one. This is the right time. Strong wind ……… Big waves……… Cold ……… Wi will see ….. I wish you a success We have just touched on a very important topic About fishing tactic As well as some subtleties You all heard about timing First of all you need to choose the right place for fishing. Second ….. … before casting look the waves. When the big waves is coming you must wait….. …when you will have the oportunity to make a good cast and good presentation. Next main point …… … most of the time fish stay on the line where ….. ….. the waves turn, where the foam begins. You need to choose a good place…… ….that give you a oportunity to reach this line. We catch only a few fish here …. …but I can say that the strikes is very agressive Seabass see our lures immediately…. ….all you have to do is reach their eating area Because of reduced visibility And dinamic conditions… …fish are not so cautious… …and they swallow greedily. Just after we start reeling For me is unbelivable … …how fast they find lure… this muddy waters All this sup … …sediments… …grass and all other that waves bring. But… ….fish is here. Another think that I meet… …..there is two places with back current. All fishes that we catch was in this places. I guess it’s no accident Better places is… …or where there is a sharp edge…. …which allows the wave to reverse immediately. Or reverse current locations… …where foam go back to the open sea. So…. …keep youe eyes open Thats allow you to meet the best places It’s help you to be a more successiful anglers Dessy made a right choise. In the front she have a flat stone that brake the waves… …but slughtly on the left you can see… …a deeper area… …with big underwater stones. Water current make a whirlpools around him. She try to make casts in this area. This is one of the best places that we find. We are here for the first time I think that this is one of the most promising places Who are you? Ninja? (joke) I am, black ninja Some times conditions are not good, storm is coming. It’s too easy if the weather is good. Well done Dessy! Well done! Well done! Come to me. Come here. What happened! You leave me for two minutes and I caught! Dessy take Seabass! It’s not a big fish, but…. …I’ll catch a big one Is that you think? 🙂 Yes, you will see…. Stormy Seabass Bravo Dessy! Sun go down… …weather stay worst. Sea is angry! It’s time to finish. Last casts. Unfortunately, the few hours we had expired Sun going down. The weather is, to put it mildly, harsh. But to my delight, Dessy was able to catch a decent Seabass That makes sense of our short fishing adventure. My assessment of this trip is that our time has not been wasted It’s a good expirience for us Something that I will try again for sure. I need a time. To understand Fish, lures, places, I need time My target is to be more effective. I hope I still have the opportunity to shoot in such places Today is New year I wish to everyone a Happy New Year! Success and luck to everyone! And success in fishing!

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  1. Ела тук на Астурия или Кантабрия, пълно е с такива плажове и времето е подходящо😜

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