FISHING OLD 10KG+ WATER – Autumn Fishing for Pike | Team Galant

FISHING OLD 10KG+ WATER – Autumn Fishing for Pike | Team Galant

Let’s get going. Excited? Incredible amount of bait fish, how cool. There! No! What a belly! A lot of people here in Småland are looking forward for the moose hunt, but we’re excited for pig fishing. We’ll be fishing in a familiar lake where Edvin caught a big pike. Check this small video out! This feels good. really good. Something from another world. It’s exceeding 10 kg. Holy. Here she is. She is guaranteed to be over 10 kg. Today we’ll be fishing at the lake where he caught it. We’ll use our big boat … it will be interesting. August has brought his gator car with him. Let’s get going. Excited?
– We are. Good weather, let’s do this.
– We’ve swapped August for Philip. Shouldn’t you bring more stuff with you?
– This back pack gets heavier by the years. It must weigh like 20-25 kg. My theory is that you’re getting weaker and weaker by the years. Your opinion Tobbe? He’s sitting home too much.
– Yeah, he got a new job. A mouse-arm?
– Nope, a pig arm. This can be among the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. We do everything we can to mount this boat. You forgot your earmuffs!
– That’s too bad! This is perfect. How fun using a real sonar. I’ve fished here plenty of times but without any knowledge about the bottom … but now I’m finally able to see how it really looks. All kinds of shallow areas. I’ll be starting out with Fatnose. It’s smilar to a jig I’ve had great fishing with here. There’s a school of bait fish nearby. I’ll be using a Sharkshad. A lot of vibrations in the water due to it’s big paddle. Good for pelagic fishing. I’m using this Abu Revo Beast reel. As rod, Saxa shade generation up to 170 g. There are pigs here. The big pikes tend to have a hard structured mouth, which require you to make good hook sets. Let’s see. A pike just underneath the boat. They don’t react. Here it comes! How sick! We drifted and found this eco just underneath the boat. I just sank my bait down and saw it reacting. What a strike, how cool. Check this beautiful belly out of this pelagic pike. Nice first fish. You knew this Fatnose was going to work.
– Of course I did. Let’s keep going. Back it goes. No! It was a nice one! There! Small one but a good strike. Second fish for today, been fishing for like 20 minutes. Seems to be a good day. Edvin missed out on a pig.
– It was a big one. So heavy head shakes. Made a cast and caught this small fellow. Three strikes, two up in 20 minutes. Good start! The brown color delivers. Fun to fish these lakes you tried out before. Use the same baits with immediate result. Let’s release it and keep going. Feels good today. There are sik in this lake. They spawn in October and November in shallow areas … so right now we tried this deeper area from 10-2 meters. We’ll make a long drift to the spot we caught the pikes at. If we don’t manage to catch anything there we’ll be going for the shallow areas among the bait fish. The reason why we’ll make this long drift along the deeper is because we saw plenty of pikes using the Side scan on our 2D sonar. So it’s pike nearby guaranteed. We’ll upload a sea map. We’re probably the first ones doing this. Exciting. Seen any bait fish?
– Not really, could’ve went for the other area. August is hooked up!
– Finally. Not a pig though. Fatnose in another color. Typical 2.5-3 kg pike.
– Nice fish though. Fat. Small head, fat belly. Pelagic colors. What’s the name of this color Tobbe?
– Transparent perch. I’ll be using this. We’ve drifted along this path, in the middle of this we saw a huge amount of bait fish and this is where we caught this one. Back it goes.
– Exactly. Good start, everyone has caught one fish. No! I’m losing every fish, why not just head home? I can’t do this anymore. Edvin is sad. He’s losing the big fish.
– They’re abusing my lures. Keep fishing. They’re nearby. I think this spot have more bites to give. The pikes are gathering around this shallow area. We’re currently on top of it so we just have to keep casting. This is what we meant. Bait fish, shallow area, deeper areas around. This is a good spot. I gave my best jigs to August.
– I’ve had great fishing using that color. Hooked up! Finally I didn’t lose it. Small pike though in comparison to the one I had before. I’m swapping baits.
– I told Tobbe what bait to use and in the middle of the drop I got hooked up. Wasn’t even hooked. Lovely condition. Not the biggest one though. How fun. Back it goes. Should I help you out?
– Do so, show me what jig to use. Check the crazy amount of fish out. I’ve had one strike and manage to get it up. Edvin has had like 5 strikes and August 2. I’m therefore swapping bait to the ones they’re using. They’re using Fatnose so therefore I’ll be using it as well. They prefer thin jigs with some height. Always worked out the best here. I’m using transparent pike colored Fatnose. Similar to August’s bait. Brown-ish, so should work fine. 20 gram jig head – time for a pig. There! No!
– Seemed to be a good fish. It was. There! Cool, I only fished for 5 minutes, had a strike, missed it and Edvin made a cast in the same direction and caught one. Mine felt a lot bigger.
– Not the same fish. Keeps on delivering. What a good condition. We’ve had plenty of contact with bigger fish, so therefore we’ll keep hammering this spot. Good fish nearby. Quite windy, but it has started to calm down. Plenty of bait fish in the surface, so I used the Monkey Shad … resulted in a pike immediately. Here we have her. The small Monkey Shad. Good and cheap down-size bait. A treble hook connected with spring ring and a swivel. Works great, fishing along the bottom. Back you go. Live a good life. Let’s catch some more. I lost it? I lost it! Fish! From nowhere we caught two pikes. In addition, Edvin lost his bait. I had an insane bite in the drop so it chewed off my leader. Not a frequent event, must’ve been a pig. They’re fat.
– They are. Let’s release them and keep going. It did a front flip!
– That’s the way it goes. Fish on! In the drop!
How sick, swapped bait and made it sink. Saw the line twitching and suddenly I was hooked up. Smallest pike for today. Good to down-size, not big fish though but at least a good amount of them. Close to the shore we’ve found sick amounts of bait fish. Very small though. Dense is the word. It’s not something the pike are chasing but it’s perfect for perch. Great to see some fish. That was a pike! How cool seeing the bait fish. Let’s see if there’s some pike nearby. Not a super big one. Here it comes. A small pike. Took on the Fatnose again. Expected it to be a bit bigger for a while. Back it goes. Like number 19 for today – could be nr 20 as well. Cool let’s keep going. This is how we rig it. A 25 gram BFT Flexhead, a spring ring connected to a swivel … in order for the hook to move without any problems. Spring ring again, then the treble hook. I connected a small leader to the hook with a bit of steel wire which I can insert into the bait. That’s how it’s done. When fishing during Autumn, it’s clear that some type of baits work better than other. Jigs are great, you can fish them slowly and deep. Two most optimal jigs in our opinion for Autumn fishing are … Flatnose, it’s 17 cm long with an erratic swimming action. Good size due to the bait fish size. Followed up by the Fatnose, more like a classic shad jig. Smaller paddle which makes it perfect for slow retrieving. When making spin stop it moves in a lovely way which usually results in a bite. Flatnose has more of a rolling action compared to the Fatnose.
– It uses more of it’s paddle. Good to vary. Today the Fatnose was the best lure by far, but caught some on the Flatnose. Hopefully we’ll catch some more fish. Good advice for Autumn fishing! There! Double strike! From nowhere we caught two fish.
– Like two seconds between the bites. Unfortunately I lost mine while getting the camera, but your’s is still on. Mine took on the Shark Shad – Hotpike. Mine took on the Fatnose in a bit more colorful pattern.
– Mine is also colorful. Great condition.
– The pattern as well. Potential to get super big.
We’ve been fishing along this area, and as you can see there’s a shallow area followed up by a deeper part at 11 meters. These deeper edges are always great. When logging we used waypoints so we can find the same spot again and again. You’re speaking the truth Tobbe. Without the sonar we would’ve fished the wrong spots. We know exactly where to make our casts. How sick! Caught this one after I released the previous pike. How cool, two casts in a row. Fun fishing, another fattie. Same lure. August, you should use more colorful baits.
– Someone has the break the trend right? And catch nothing?
– Exactly. We’re missing out on the super big ones. Is it a pig? There! Decent fish. Check this pike out, blue-ish. Interesting how the colors on the pike can differ from each lake … some are yellow-ish, some are dark and some are blue-ish. Using the same bait as before. The clock is like 17:30 p.m, so it gets dark quite soon. We’ve never had good fishing in the darkness … so we’ll be fishing for 30 minutes more. These final minutes can be really hot. Let’s release it quickly and fish as effectively as possible. Bye bye! I’m hooked up! Thought it was the bottom! Quite big! What’s happening? Hooked up with a good one. Down-sized jerk bait. Holy! How fat!
– It’s so fat. Not the engine. What a belly. Check that belly out. Some jerk baits can sometimes be the key. Colorful bait. The belly is insane. Today’s biggest pike, like 5 kg. Let’s release it. Just check it out. There it went.
– Thought it was a small one in the beginning. Quite fun, the biggest one we’ve caught took in less than three meters of depth. The smaller ones are located at 9-10 meters. Perhaps we should’ve went for the shallow areas … but you get easily stuck, like me right now. Is this better than hunting moose?
– Yes. Great fishing. We caught plenty of fish, we just didn’t catch that meter plus pig. We’ll catch it the next time. Don’t forget to smash the like button if you want to see more videos from us in Team Galant. Subscribe, follow us at Instagram and Facebook. If you watched this far please leave a comment stating your opinion about this video. Take care, tight lines! Bye bye!
– See you out there!

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  1. Ni har jävligt bra filmer men det börjar bli för mycket sälj. När det kommer till prenumerera och sociala medier så gör ju folk det när de tycker det är bra. Inte för att nån tjatar. Och om de gör det för att nån tjatar, hur kul är det att ha dem i statistiken?

  2. The lakes I'm fishing are on average 2 meters deep and the pike tend to go to the harbours about this time of the year. So its shallow fishing on 365 days a year 💥😁

  3. vad de måste vara en gris? inte säkert det var en bjässe för att den biter av fluorcarbonen…. jag har haft smågädda som bitit av 0,50 fluorcarbon….
    kommer tafsen mellan 2 vassa tänder så finns det god chans att den ryker,mindre gäddor har tätare mellan tänderna.
    Och sluta älta gris hela tiden.

  4. Härligt gäddfiske, kul!
    Nu får ni även börja köra hullinglöst (var ju riktigt läskiga hullingar på nån bild) och bli bland föregångarna här.
    Mer liknande filmer, tack!

  5. Nice catch my friend 🎣👍🏼 Thumbs up👍🏼 if you like check out my stuff👀🎣 Greetings from Germany🇩🇪

  6. August fick störst firre för han va den enda rediga pöjken som hade flytväst. Ja ska ta tobbe och edvin i örat när ja ser dom!

  7. Snyggt! Alltid lika lärorikt att titta på er och riktigt kul att se när ni drar så feta gäddor! 😉👍🏻 skit fiske på er! 🔥🎣 Lets Fish.

  8. Chłopaki robicie kawał dobrej roboty fajnie się ogląda wasze filmy pozazdrościć wam tak pięknych ryb w tak dużej ilości pozdrowienia z Polski.

  9. are you using flouracarbon leaders ? I got cut off with flouracarbon leader twice yesterday, thinkin about steel leaders now but concerned about visibility and action on bait.

  10. Hi, you can try to do pike challenge with for example 10 different lures. To try to fish with the same one at the same time and one lure for one fish, and go to the next one. The winner is who catches the most or first on all lures 🙂

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