Fishing Sea Trout In Öland – Chasing Big Sea Trout In Sweden!

Fishing Sea Trout In Öland – Chasing Big Sea Trout In Sweden!

Finally we are here at Öland.
– Sure thing! And you know this place? – A bit yeah, have been here a couple of times before. We are on the west coast of Öland, in the Kalmar region. We had expected a bit more wind today,
but this weather looks promising as well. Think you will have a great day with the fly rod.
– Hope so, prepared all the gear yesterday. – So I think this is perfect. I hope it will be a bit more windy during mid day,
and then we will hopefully hit a sweat spot for both of us. Here are some brilliant nature, and big fish.
– And I am impatient, so let’s go! Ah, it’s swimming right towards me! Around 50, I think? Crazy! It’s awesome. Think it’s a nice female. Real pretty fish!
– So nice, look at it! Yeah, nice!
– Congratulations! First fish of the day! So cool man! Awesome fish!
– Beautiful! Just look at these colours. We will let this one go again.
– Sure thing. But first fish! A bit coloured tho, so it should continue
it’s journey over to the river to spawn. Great catch! Let’s catch some more of them.
– Sure, conditions looks good as well! I started the day with fishing this, “Cobber eel” I call it. It’s a tobis imitation wobbler. And the colour is cobber. It’s really natural colour in the water. So when the conditions are like today, with
not so much wind and still water, this is great. Especially in the smaller sizes. And it really works here in the fall.
Already had some action on this today. Had a couple of strikes, and got a smaller fish. So it sure works. But it was Soren who took the big fish earlier. And that fish took a lure that was more like a stickleback. Therefore I will try to change lure, to something similar. Especially because the fish today isn’t easy.
They need to be triggered by something. And then it can be a good thing to have something that rotates in the water. Sometimes this can do the trick, when you pauses the lure in the water. Then it starts to rotate. And then because I think when they are shy, and there are not a lot of movement in the water… Now we actually are told there is a school of fish, so we have to get ready! But sometimes when they are shy, they are more likely to take something that is a bit smaller, and cobber. Especially here in the fall, when the weather is grey. Therefore I choose to fish with a small cobber flue, above my main lure. In this way we present two lures for the fish, and hopefully one of them will do the trick. With this lure I can throw a bit further as well, and Søren’s fish took his lure far out. Let’s see if this works, time to go out there again! There is a fish! But not hooked properly. It actually was hooked in the mouth at first, but then it jumped out of the water, and acedently got hooked underneath. I think it is hooked in the fin 🙁 So it felt a bit bigger than it is. But nice silver trout. But it’s not big enough to take home. They need to be 50cm, here in Sweden. So, it’s safe in the net. Nice fish. It went off the hook, after you hooked it first time? Yeah, it took the lure at first, and then jumped out of the water. – I just heard you screamed: “Noo!”. Then I felt the slack line, and shortly after it was hooked again. So unfortunately I hooked it in the fin afterwards. But nice fish after all.
– Yeah, real beauty. Lets release it again, it’s ready. That’s it. Nice. Unfortunately it was faulty hooked by mistake. But great that it was active, and chased the lure
So there should be more out there to catch properly. So lets hope there is a bigger one out there for us. – Now I just need one on the fly rod.
Yeah, must be you’re turn now. That was the first spot of the day, we got a couple of fish. Unfortunately not for the fly fisherman tho… Right after the sun came up, and the water became really still, we didn’t saw or felt any more fish at all. Right before that, we had some nice fishing. But it was a bit more windy and cloudy as well. So now we will try to find a spot with some more wind, and give it a go! We are now at a spot in the north-west part of Öland. This spot is known for all the big rocks here.
There aren’t really any sand here, only rocks. So we only have these big stones here, all the way across the coastline. Pretty dramatic, and it makes it hard to fish. It’s a pretty big spot, that takes some time to walk along. This is pretty characteristic for the swedish coastline. Its something that you have to prepare for, before you are traveling here. You need to have the right gear, and maybe chance some of the tactics you are used to back home, e.g. in Denmark These spots take a bit longer time to fish, because you are not that fast walking this type of coast. So often you have to find a rock, like this one, with water all around. In that way you can fish all the way around, between the other rocks around you. Often it’s effective to cast really close to the other rocks. Because the fish tend to hold up between the pockets of stone. That is basically the tactic for this type of coastline. So now I have actually covered a big area in front of me. So now it’s time to move about 100m alongside the coastline, and start to cover a new area of water there. And maybe there are some small areas in between, where I will take some extra casts. But now, let’s find a new rock. Its nor ready! Come here! It’s a tough fighter! It’s crazy. Just keeps pulling! Let’s try to get the head turned around. No… Finally. Nice fish. As you can see, there is not much light left of the day. We have Mikkel in the background, trying to catch the last trout with his spinning gear. We got two really nice fish today. I haven’t got any, hopefully it will come tomorrow! Then I will get the biggest one. But. We got two really pretty fish, especially the first… (shout in distance) He has a fish, let’s go out there! Hahah! Thats it! Can you take it with the net?
– Yeah! I will back up a bit.
– Sure! Woop, there we go!
– Nicely hooked! Yep, thats just perfect. Cute small sea trout.
– God damn it’s beautiful! Pure silver! The fish we have caught are so different in colours!?
– Yeah, this one is just pure silver! The first one we caught was almost golden.
– really pretty! It really wasn’t easy here at last.
– It was tough! We hurried to this spot, before sunset. We thought it might hold fish. We felt a couple of strikes earlier here, cool place, and finally we got one. Not the biggest, it’s gonna be released. But really pretty silver trout here. And that will be the end of our day here.
– Super nice day tho! We got some fish, but it was hard work!
– Yes, we have walked a lot, fished a lot of water. Totally worth it.
– Let’s get it back where it belong.

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  1. Tak for kigget, dejlig video. Jeg genkender øens kyst fra mine ture i firserne og halvfemserne, flotte tisk i fik.
    Sidst, men ikke mindst, skønt at i ikke tonser jeres video til med shit musik👍😊Hilsen Jan

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