Hey guys this is Norman. Let’s get right down to it. This winter I’m heading down south. To Florida, Texas, Mexico and then finally down to Central America. Um, now I’m mostly a fly fisherman. I do some spincasting here and there for trout in lakes and rivers. But, I’ve never tried my hand at surfcasting. And I got a rod, a surfcasting rod from my uncle, but what I really needed was a reel. Now, I don’t know how much surfcasting I’m going to be doing. And I wanted to get a reel that wasn’t going to break the bank, but is strong enough that it’ll land me a fish. That’s where this guy comes in, the Shimano IX4000R. Let’s see what we got here. At a 160 yards you got 12 pounds line capacity. 4.2 to 1 gear ratio, that means for every crank or revolution of the handle, the reel spins 4.2 times. The overall weight, kinda hefty 11.4 ounces. Which is understandable since this is the larger model. And it’s meant for larger spools and obviously to tackle on larger fish. Now from an unbox perspective, not a big fan of the clam shell packaging. I just find them super annoying. I wish that these things came in boxes almost every single time. It’s better, less chance for destroying or nicking anything. But, obviously we gotta get it out. So let’s do this. Trusty scissors, annoying clam. Here we go. Oh God I hate this style of packaging. Oh get outta here. Why do they do this? Why? Shimano you guys are a good company. You’re better than this. Just put it in a box. So much better. Alright! Liberating the 4000R. What was that? Something flew out. Random bits of packaging. Buh bye, buh bye…..buh bye. Alright, so what we got here, the IX4000R. As you can see, “R” stands for Rear Drag. Not as popular as the front-drag that a lot of fishermen use. Front drag obviously means that you can adjust the drag from the front. Which means that you cannot adjust it when you’re fighting a fish. Now the main draw for the rear-drag is that, if you’ve got a fish on the line And you want to adjust the drag, you can play with it as you’re playing with the fish. Obviously, the crank for the rear drag is at the back here, hence the name. Now, we’ve got a couple pieces here. Looks like a swing, swing-style crank handle. I;m a lefty, I crank with my left hand. So I’ll just put it in here. Got the locking mechanism on the other side. Here. Fix that. Now, you can switch it up from left to right, right to left, vice versa, whatever hand you prefer. I prefer to crank with my left hand. So… Lock that up on this side. Get in there. There we are. Now, let’s see how it fits on a rod. Like I said… I was given a rod by my uncle. He lives out in California. He was kind enough to give me a spare rod of his. See here, it’s a collapsible rod. Like I said, it’s nothing fancy before. But, he has been fortunate enough to… …bring in fish with it. So, it works! Fits on there nicely. Alright. There we are. Fits on there nicely, as you can see. Good profile of it. Feels good on the grip. Actually, that 11.4 ounces doesn’t come out to much when you put it on the [rod]. It’s got a nice spin rotation. Now the Shimano IX4000R comes with the QuickFire 2 system. That makes it so much easier for you to do a quick cast. That’s thanks to that lever right here at the bottom. Basically, according to Shimano, all you have to do is do one back reel… Flip the switch. So, I’m guessing flip the switch with this hand. Cast it out. Let the line go out. Hit the water. Flip the lever again. That will, or should, prevent your line from A) becoming a birds nest and B) from tangling up. Line I’m going to be putting up in here is gonna be… The Sufix Siege, I got a 20 pound because I’m paranoid. I don’t want my line breaking out in the ocean. One, I don’t like to pollute the ocean with random line. And, two I like to bring in fish. I got the 20-pound smoke green color. And I’m going to be pairing that up with a25-pound Maxima Leader. So my final thoughts on the IX4000R. A great reel. Affordable cost, not bad for something you can get for under 30 bucks. And, I look forward to catching a bunch of fish with it down south. ‘Til next time.

5 thoughts on “Fishing Unbox – MY NEW SURFCASTING REEL?!

  1. I love the shimano 4000r just such a great reel love the rear drag is a good reel I have used one for 3 years

  2. I fished one of these once and I hated every second of it…. for an extra 10 to 15 dollars you can get a substantially better reel.. but if you have one, and like it… go fishing

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