Fishing with Joe Bucher! Season 30 Episode 07

Fishing with Joe Bucher! Season 30 Episode 07

– [Joe] Welcome to
this week’s episode. Inside this power-packed
show, we feature three separate seasons
and conditions. In segment one, chief editor
Josiah Winterhoff joins me for a scenic
October musky outing and some stained water
minnow bait muskies. After that we shift back to
one of our key focus topics of the 2018 bass
series, swim jigs. Finally the dude, Chas
Martin, joins me once again in our featured musky segment, and the subject is spying
on cruiser muskies. All this and more
coming up soon. Stick around for all the action. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Fishing with Joe
Bucher is brought to you by Recon Boats, made by
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that changed everything, St. Croix, best rods on Earth, Yeti, built for the wild, Joe Bucher Outdoors,
still number one in big game fishing products, and by your Wisconsin
Chevy dealers. (upbeat music) – Oh, yeah, just put a
fish back, my friends. Just gonna check
everything here. We’re fishing in early October, 55 to 58 degree
water depending upon where you’re fishing
this time of the year and the conditions, and
I just caught a fish. And one of my main
lures to fish, this is the first day the
wind’s been out of the northwest and we’ve got a cold front. It’s been a warm, like a warm
late September, early October and here comes one of our
first good cold fronts and it’s gonna get
colder tomorrow, and then we’re even gonna
get some cold icy rain. But this is one of my top baits for fishing this
time of the year. It’s a Shallow Raider,
the original seven inch, 7 1/4 inch Shallow Raider, and what I do with it this time
of the year, by the way, I fish it on a flexible leader. You see I’ve got one of the
fast attach snaps on here, which is my favorite snap on one of our
premium leaders here, but it’s the seven strand model, and I fish it on 65 pound test. I fish it on a smaller
reel, but a long rod. I’m fishing on a St.
Croix’s nine-foot medium-heavy fast
Legend Elite here. Now, what’s cool about
the way I fish this bait is that I combine it, I make it a jerk
bait and crank bait. So I do two things. Most people either throw
this out and crank it in, or they throw it out and they
jerk it all the way about and they do these dead sticking and all this kind of
stuff at boatside. I combine the two and I
think it works better for me. I’ll cast it out,
jerk, let it rise, jerk, let it rise, jerk,
jerk, you know, let it rise, do a bunch of this bump
and rise kind of stuff over the cover. Once I’m out of the cover, I turn it into a straight
retrieve crank bait, and I finish with
a figure eight. Now, why would you do that? Well, I want the jerk
bait action when I’m
around the cover, but then I want the
straight retrieve action so that it enhances the ability for me to catch
fish at boatside. And when you combine the
two, you get the good boatside strikes, you get a
lot more strikes at boatside, with the traditional retrieve
and the figure eight, yet you still have
the jerk bait action. And by the way, one last thing, don’t be afraid to pause the
daylights outta your bait in the fall like this when
the water starts to get cold, and you create a lot
more slack in your line so you get a more
lateral movement and you’ll get a lot
of those fish to hit. In fact, the fish
you’re about to see hit exactly like
that, on a slack line with a lot of lateral
movement over cover. (upbeat music) Fish. Got a musky here, folks. Oh, yeah. Got a musky here, folks, yep. Yep, got a musky here. I got one, come on
up here, Josiah. Come on up here. We got a musky, come on. Pick him up, there you go. Just leave him right in the net. Good job, Josiah. Master cameraman,
master landing net guy. You got a musky already. – Way to go.
– How about that? How about that, huh? – Not even an hour in. – So what we’re
doing here, folks, is my chief cameraman
and videographer, and editor and producer here. You’re kinda the
jack of all trades, but now you’re
also musky fishing. – Guess so. – I wanted to teach him how
to musky fish this fall, so after the season
was kinda winding down, took Josiah out here on
a beautiful fall trip. You can see the beautiful
colors out here. We’re having a
great morning here. We just got started. – Yeah. – And just caught a musky. And well, we’ll show you
more about the technique here after I unhook the fish, but your maiden voyage, Josiah, at least I found out
what they’re hitting. – Yeah, look at him, a beauty. – Do you want to do me a
favor and get the tool box? – Sure. – Big tools are
essential, my friends. Long nosed pliers are you know, especially with an
offset handle like this, I think are essential, and
keep the fish in the water and do as much of this
as you can in the water. In the water’s the
key thing here. All right, so Shallow Raider, the new crackerjack
tiger pattern. All right. So, you know, let
the landing net and your tools do the job,
and the weight of the fish. So I’ll grab a hold
of this hook like this and just give it a
little boom, right? And she’s off. Now the fish is free, and you take the fish out. You see? Beautiful. We’ll go right over the
side of the boat with him, back in the water. Gonna take my other hand
here so I can get the– Good, good. In the water with you. And we’ll be right back. – [Voiceover] The official
music sponsor of all Fishing with Joe Bucher
episodes is Yeti. (mellow music) (mellow music) – There we go. There we go. There we go, deep tree fish. Deep trees. See, there’s a fishing, man-made fish cribs, and sunken trees, and a lot of people
all over the country, all over the country,
people do this where they put
structures in the water, cover, obstructions in the water to attract fish, so they can fish
them off their docks. And you know, they’re
panfish magnets. In fact, I’m gonna show
you some footage here, some panfish under
these docks and stuff. There’s just, it’s unbelievable how many fish that are there. But there’s also some nice largemouths
there too, huh? What do you think? So we’re gonna fish today. Man-made sunken structure. So here we are. Fishing with a St.
Croix Bass X Series rod. This is 66 medium-heavy fast. Got a Daiwa bait casting
reel here, the TATULA, 5.5:1 gear ratio reel. And I’ve got some
of Beast Braid, Joe Bucher Outdoors Beast
Braid on here, in the green. We’re fishing more of a green
colored water, moss green. And on the business
end here I’ve got a Dirty Jigs swim jig here in
that crawdad-like blue gill, he calls it a bluegill pattern. You can call it a lot
of different things. It’s got everything in
here that’s very crawdaddy, and these fish are
feeding on bait fish, feeding on crawdads, and it’s a matter of just
target fishing and then one more thing,
polarized glasses. I’ve seen the targets most
of the time I’m fishing. I’m not actually
looking at sonar as much as I am using my visual sonar. Let’s go get another one. (mellow music) And you reel your jig up to
about here, you can do this. You got that underhand alley-oop cast, and you can’t do that
with a 7 1/2-foot rod. You’ve got to go to
a pitch or a flip. And this little Jimmy
Houston style cast is really a great way
to fish these spots. See, you just a little, when
you’re doing this dock fishing, it’s just perfect, isn’t it? It just works so nice
for that kind of fishing. So you need a shorter rod. And really, a medium
action works well too, a medium heavy gives you a
little bit more backbone. Beautiful. A little more backbone. Yeah, baby. As Chas Martin would say, dude. See, what the
medium heavy does is it gives you a little bit more
boom when you set the hook for the weedless jig. Now you add braided line
to that and you’ve got a super duper combination. Oh, that’s a nice
fish, too, isn’t it? Look at that, oh, baby. All right. Oh, did that fish take it deep. That fish took it deep. Wow, big female, huh? Yeah. Northern Wisconsin,
quality bass. Yeah. You can see I net my fish. Frankly, I don’t
understand what’s the deal with these tournaments with
these guys not netting fish and just hauling them
up and flopping them into the boat kinda thing. This is way better on the fish, way better on the angler. Yeah, let’s go see if
we can get another one. (mellow music) (mellow music) Big tree in the water here. Gotta be a lot of fish
under this sunken tree. Might be a man-made fish crib. (mellow music) Got lots of them in
this one yesterday too. Got him. Yep. So there you go. There you go, my friends. Oh, good fish, too, yep. Man-made fish cribs, sunken brush piles, logs. Folks kinda helping you out by trying to make
their fishing better. They’re making your
fishing better. Yeah. Get the little net
on this one here. There we go. So it’s important to not
only watch your sonar, but use this sonar right here, your eyes, your visual. Look for targets. Fish ahead of the boat, and take advantage,
when you see a– When you see a dock
with a lot of activity and you see stuff
in the water there, this guy’s probably an angler, or that family is
full of anglers. Hey, and I’ll tell you what. Tough to beat this
jig, isn’t it? Get yourself some
of these Dirty Jigs. You’re gonna catch some
fish off of these docks and these sunken brush
piles and these cribs. We’ll be right back. I’m gonna put you back. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] This featured
segment is brought to you by the Musky Shop. (dramatic music) – Hey, folks, welcome
to our musky segment. Chas Martin and I, we’re
having this interesting day, an interesting trip, aren’t we? – It really is.
– Yeah. Yeah, this fish that,
one guy pulls it up and the next guy catches it. – Well, so we got the
beach thing going. We got the solar bite going, and then like you said,
in addition to that, it’s this dual lure thing where one guy will have a
fish follow in kinda lazy. The second angler throws
in a cast back lure, seems to get a reaction
out of the fish, and then you got this
visual thing going on, where you saw the musky,
and then you got her coming in hot again. – It was amazing, folks. Chas raised the fish
on a Glide Raider, and it initially
came in on my lure. What, maybe five minutes
ago, 10 minutes ago. And then it took
off, and then Chas did a cast back, which
we’ve been having success with cast backs
with glide baits. Here comes the
fish, but real lazy, and then just
starts to veer off, and I can actually see
the fish veering off, and I threw a cast way
out in front of it. Well, you’ll see the video. And I throw a cast
out in front of it, and just almost like
you’re sight fishing tarpon or bonefish,
and just gunned that and herded that bait. That fish came, you know,
it fired that fish up. Sometimes it takes
some other bait to fire the fish up. – Well, and that’s
another thing to mention is that you can– You read the fish’s,
you know, it’s attitude and then you gunned
your bucktail up to really trigger that strike. – How many times have
we talked about that in the last four or five years, about this bursting
or gunning the bait? – Absolutely, man. – You know, it’s
one thing to just throw it out and
crank it in steady, or throw it out and then
crank it in steady fast. I think it’s much more
productive to do the one, two, three, four, five,
and then da-da-da-da-da, one, two, three, four,
da-da-da, you know? – Well, yeah, ’cause
you could see that fish respond to the burst.
– Yes. – And then she snuck up
and then you get her again. And she, you really
got her going. – Yes, and it’s the same
thing with the figure eight. When I had the fish
strike the figure eight, it isn’t just a
fast figure eight. It isn’t just a
slow figure eight. It’s a bursting figure
eight and then backing off, bursting and backing off,
and the fish just comes up and overtakes the
bait and voila. And again, one last thing,
watch the nine foot rod. The softer action, nine
foot rods, medium heavy, medium medium, nine foot rods, the St. Croix Legend Elite, just you own ’em. – Dude. That fish was peeling
drag off the side. – How about that Texas tea? – Oh, yeah.
– This bait continues to be– – The 500 is just so
good at triggering fish. And not just small fish.
– No. – You have so many
guys say oh, really? We’re gonna go after small ones? Uh-uh, it catches
big muskies, man. – That was fun, that was
a fun big fish to me. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – Man. – Check it out, folks. (mellow music) – Gonna get it rigged up. You know, these fish
don’t seem to really respond to them much. They like little blades. The little blades thing
is really working on them. Well. We’ll see. But those 500s are sure
getting them gone, man. (mumbles) Is it any better
with the big hooks? – Nah, I don’t know. Not much. See, those fish, we’re
bringing those fish up. They’re really
very neutral fish. – Yeah. – Those aren’t really
cranked up fish, you know? – No, But they’re here, though. – Yeah oh, there’s a fish. – You see one? – Yep. I thought he followed
your bait in. – Did he? Nice, nice. Nice, man. All right. That’s, is that
a different fish? – Take him, dude. – Quick, treading water. All right. Pull him up to me. All right, we’ve got her. Dude, nice job. Woo. – She followed in
your jerk bait, dude. – Did she really? – Yes, yes. I saw her out there and
I thought I saw a flash and then I did see the flash. I saw her glance out over there. Remember I said
hey, there she is? I saw her coming
off your jerk bait, and I did the tarpon thing. I threw past her,
and she went vroom, and she came in on it. – That’s awesome, man. Nice work. – There we go, my friends. Oh, what a beautiful fish, huh? Wow, I actually saw that fish chase Chas’ bait in. I saw it take off and I threw
a bait way out in front of it. And gunned it and
there you have it. (dramatic music) – Nice, nice. Nice, man. All right. That’s, is that
a different fish? – Take him, dude. – Quickly, treading water. All right, pull him up to me. All right we’ve got her. – We’ll see you next week. – [Voiceover] Fishing with Joe
Bucher is brought to you by Recon Boats, made by
craftsmen, built for fishermen, Evinrude E-TEC G2, the outboard
that changed everything, St. Croix, best rods on Earth, Yeti, built for the wild, Joe Bucher Outdoors, still number one in big
game fishing products, and by your Wisconsin
Chevy dealers. (mellow music)

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