10 thoughts on “Fishing with NO Reel. Carp Fishing.

  1. Fished without reel before…we just use a bamboo, like, hook … and bait of course….awesome sesh you got there bud!

  2. 얼바인레이크에서 잡은거는 가지고올수있는거죠??밤낚시가 좋아요 아님 낮에 가는게 좋을까요??비용은 얼마인지 알려주셔요~~낚시초보라 오팔아이님꺼 많이 보고 있어요~~

  3. Your setup is the one that I use when I go for opaleye. It seems to work better for me than the Korean ISO style. Is there a reason why you used this style instead of your normal ISO setup?

  4. Wow, you always bring something different and unique to the table. So cool man!!

    Irvine lake closing was the reason I started Surf fishing. I haven’t been there since it’s opened but really cool to see the footage. Now if they’d allow boats there I’d be REALLY excited 😆.

    Thank you for another great video!

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