Fishing with the Pros – Part 6 “Baits, Lures & Equipment”

Fishing with the Pros – Part 6 “Baits, Lures & Equipment”

>>King: There are a lot of basic lures
will catch fish on this lake. Jigs and plastic worms are tremendous lures here year round. But I always suggest, you know,
like in the warm weather months if you’re coming here and you just want to
have fun,
if you’ve got a couple of kids, you want to get some bites,
buy night crawlers and crickets. I mean, the spotted bass
will always bite those night crawlers and catch big bluegill on crickets
and night crawlers, catfish. >>Sainato: Smallmouth! That’s what I’m talking about. That’s a big shad coming out of his throat right there. I just caught that fish on a jig,
he thought that was a crayfish. But he just ate a shad probably
just seconds before he ate my jig. So that fish is definitely up there feeding. You can see the belly on him; he’s just loaded. These fish are healthy. This lake’s got a lot of crayfish and
a lot of shad in them. That’s just a really nice smallmouth right there. The two things, like I said,
these fish feed on is shad and crayfish. And just try to keep it natural;
get the baits that imitate a crayfish. When you’re fishing deep, the jig is the best. They hit this jig right here because it’s so big
and it
makes so much noise going through those rocks. It kicks up a lot of silt and
it looks like a big crayfish. This lake’s got some 4 and 5 inch crayfish in
and that’s what you’re imitating right here. And what it does is, actually, aggravates those fish;
even bite it when they’re not hungry.>>King: There he is. That’s what I always tell people
when they ask me about rods and reels. You don’t necessarily have to go out
and buy the most expensive stuff, You don’t necessarily have to go out
and buy the most expensive stuff, but get something that feels good to you in your hands. Just get some good quality line, you know;
line’s an important thing. It’s the most important element
between you and the fish; get good line. And then start off with a few basic lures. And if you’re going to come to Table Rock
instance, try to research a little bit. Get on the internet, look up some of the websites
that has some information about what the fishery is at that particular
of the year whenever you’re coming. So you’ll know what to go out and pick up,
whether it might be a live bait situation. If you’re going to hire a guide or if you go to
the bait shops
you can get that information from them. So you don’t need to spend a lot of excess money
just to
come down for a nice fishing trip on the lake. Just get a rod and reel that feels good
to you
with good line on it. Do a little research and you’ll find out if you need
to pick
up a few lures or get some live bait or whatever.

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  1. A crawfish is a bass's natural food. therefore a jig will catch fish day in and day out…..year round. So will a crankbait, but it HAS to be run at the right depth or else it's useless

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