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  1. Hi bozeman i just want to say thanks for everything! You helped me so much at genetics and chemical equations and i just want to ask if you can make a video about comstellations😀😄😊

  2. i havent been eating any seafood in the past couple months and i feel like it's out of guilt, or maybe its one of those "if i dont eat any seafood then i wont think about how scary it would be to destroy ecosystems like that". anyway, great video

  3. How about starvation of the existing wild stock? Land and ocean balance might be out because of land agriculture and geo-engineering of land. How about compensating for it by taking care of the ocean pastures? russgeorge.net

  4. I like how I got an ad disputing the claims that climate change is real, on an Environmental Science video l. XD

  5. Anyone here cares to explain the sustainable field at 4:26? I don't understand why "if fishers are placed on the red line" the population stays the same? Isn't the population supposed to decline if fishers reach that cap? Why is the sustainable field shaped as an arc?

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