Fiske CHALLENGE förloraren får klippa håret

Fiske CHALLENGE förloraren får klippa håret

Hey, hey! We’re going to do the FISHING CHALLENGE! We’re two teams, girls against boys. The team who catches the most fish in 30 minutes wins. We will use fishing rods. And the loser has to cut his or her hair. I don’t want to lose and cut my hair. Exactly, that’s the crazy twist to this challenge. Alma and Harry have long and frayed hair after this warm summer. The one who loses has to cut off the summer hair. Ok, come on. This will be floating on the surface. The fishline is below. It’s transparent so the fish can’t see it. This weight is below and down here’s the hook. We have to hook a worm here. The fish will come to eat it. When the fish get stuck the float goes under water. This is called a float, this is the sinker and here’s the hook. The fishline goes from the top of our fishing rod. We can make the rod longer. We take our fishing rod with fishline and worm, and we place it where we think the fish are. Here are the worms, thanks to Axel who dug in this drought. And here’s the timer set to 30 minutes. Are you ready? Yes! ARE YOU READY? YES! Let’s go! Give me a worm. Oh, I don’t like this. Poor worm. I don’t even eat meat. It’s hard to justify this. Is that ok Alma? Yes, throw it. 1,2,3 throw it! Look at our float, it’s moving. It’s moving Harry. Get the landing net. Look. No! We lost it. It happens with fish. Let’s take their spot. We took your spot. I don’t want to cut my hair. That’s why I’m going to win. I’m going to win. Harry, do you like fishing? Yes, I’ve got the landing net ready for fish, for fish, for fish, for fish. We will catch a shark Harry. We will catch a whale. We will catch an octopus that can eat your whale. No, they can’t. We will catch a turtle that can eat your octopus. We will catch a submarine. You can’t You will faint and die. Harry give me a kiss. It’s not the best water for fishing. We’re att Nämdö in Stockholm archipelago. We borrowed a boat and sailed here. So we’re on a little trip. So nice. One of the most common questions we get is; Do have any travel plans? Do we? Yes! We’re going to Gothenburg. That’s right. We’re going to Liseberg amusement park and I will try the worst haunted house in Sweden. We’ll see about that. We have some fun news. Our viewers in Gothenburg can come and see us. We will have a meet and greet. A fan meet. Harry gave up. I want to enter the haunted house. We will be at Scandic Europa Saturday the 18th of August from 3-4 PM. More info in the description box. We arrange it ourselves so it’s free. You can talk to us and take photos. Let’s move to the other side Harry. No, we lost it. No! We lose it every time. We caught it twice. We’re winning. No. It’s the amount of fish you catch that counts. If you like to see challenges on our channel give this video a thumbs up. No! Now, I got it! Yes! Yes! The girls! The girls! The girls! Put in in our bucket. Great teamwork Almis. We have a fish! We need your help. I don’t dare to take the hook out of the fish mouth. How much time is left? 1,59 minutes left. -It’s going to die.
-We’ll try to save it. Pliers. Oh, the time is up on our challenge. We’re on the boat and the fish is back in the water. We have a winning team. The girls! The boys too! We feel like winners, we were close many times. Ok. But Harry has to cut his summer hair. He has to cut his hair first. We lost! First? Will you cut your hair as well? Yes. Really? Ok. We have two happy kids with new hair styles. Hey! Hey! Looking good. A hairdresser might have to sort it out later but it looks ok for now. Yes! Yes! -Are you happy?
-Yes! They can’t be still. We have to take a swim before bedtime. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up or down. Philosophize and subscribe! Take care until next time. Bye! Bye!

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