Fly Casting Tips & Techniques: Distance Fly Casting – Leland Rod Co. – Mentor your Cast

Fly Casting Tips & Techniques: Distance Fly Casting – Leland Rod Co. – Mentor your Cast

today on this issue of breaking that magic
a one hundred-foot fly casting the result is involved in passing over a hundred
feet from the focus you on three key skills highlights the a limited one perfect for it and my fingers grow hey how’s it going on George will fly fishing
outfitters master certified flight gets his record and asserts that some can here at the
beautiful golden gate and with each passing of in San francisco California the golden gate in winning testing glove was
founded in nineteen thirty three to hold fly casting competitions and bring like minded
fly fishing together share their passion many great fly fishing breast cancer for instance
hold them lou brett butler us flight ankles the floods just
to name a few water flight testing techniques like the double
all were also the beloved right here on these hallowed grounds it’s just the perfect place to live and like
yes now let’s begin as mention the three skills
to casting further a high wind speed of of a deadline for action and I think that’s true all will or his whom he could form a very
tight this is for free out in the streets hills
would greatly increase the first he still is highlands islands it simply means to fly line is traveling
in the higher velocity were going faster think of a boy exit in November if the vortex it’s
faster it’ll go much further we achieve highlands let’s bring more energy
in the form of that tape reflects what we do this with the well executed double it will execute a double all requires two
things first with your life if the run is moving like him is moving away from conversely at the right hand is stopped you’re lying and is returning back to you
Reid secondly the flight line and should hold the flight
line the maximum this is possible constantly Hillary rudder all if we’ve done our whole problem added more
energy in the form of that Reid instead of our flight line now all we need to do get this for energy
out of the bag brought officially into the flight we do this with a deliberate stock of the
fire the best way to execute to stop sisters means the portrait as we’ve reached the end
of are casting a stroke truth be told the real magic here is this
weeks the best this is cast as the world have one
thing in common they’re able to stop the run officially on fat cats in the forecast allowing
for them maximum transfer energy from rod to the line they do this weeks now the we’ve achieved highlights the hauling
in stopping the rot we just need to determine when was this is
called project just think about the ball we talked about
earlier avoid paying low the crush of the crowd before
it reaches its maximum this for the entire world so much for the love in the trajectory of her forecast
simple to do this doctor on the forecast sooner the result will be a higher release of files traditionally to do this week the lower back
and say gee that’s great lines out of the rut the secret to distance casting trajectory is keeping
that high stock but allowing the filing to drop resulting
in a higher trajectory on the following facts whether on the four Gore backed this technique
allows the free massive amounts of flight line the last piece you hear as leith stroke in late summer stroke flight risk interesting as simply the right moving after
the stop in the direction the flight line is travel the distance to drift is now added to the
wake of the castings for of on the following facts this allows you to add power over a longer
period of time as removing for next house if also allows for sufficient time for filing
to straighten and four along with for we can rock or body you do this by moving the body back on your
back asking for your forecast this whole idea of what you’re casting stroke in actor for
body muscles here casting if you understand affects these three the
skills he’ll be casting further note if you would like a castle lesson here at the beautiful
golden detailing casting of works in a reflective please give me a call at one eight six six six seven two one nine
five nine or visit us all likelihood fly fishing dot com thanks for watching

41 thoughts on “Fly Casting Tips & Techniques: Distance Fly Casting – Leland Rod Co. – Mentor your Cast

  1. Quick question: How much line approximately, were you feeding in between your back strokes? It looked like like you were letting about 2 or 3 decent loops out. Thinking you started with 40' and finished with like 70 before launching it? Just curious. Thanks for the tips.

  2. @jsrtoofar
    I am shooting about 8 ft- 10ft. I start typically with about 60 ft (just to get my bearings). I then work my way out to about 80ft. This is really only possible with lines that have a very long belly and back taper.

  3. Thank you. I am using the TT and getting used to it and it seems to be, for me any way a great shooter. It gets a little sloppy in the wind, which is user error for sure. I appreciate you getting back. Which line were you using please and the rod to? I am throwing a Wulff TT 6/7 on a Ross FW-6. I'm curious to your rod flex, it looks perfect/

  4. @jsrtoofar
    The rod is a Leland prototype and has yet to be available, soon though! It is a 5 weight with what I would best describe as an adaptive taper. The line is the Rio Gold Tournament Taper (5wt). The triangle taper is a good casting line the long taper accelerates the line as it gets thinner due to less wind resistance. The shorter back taper kicks all over the power into the belly quickly and give it the shooting head zip.

  5. @jsrtoofar
    Lines with long rear tapers, long bellies, and a average front are the best for casting long distances.

  6. @vibrationdumbbell
    The rod Is a Leland Rod Co Prototype, it has been in developmental stages for a little over a year not and should be available soon.

  7. @Grayfisher1 good point you can see from the triangular shape of his loops that the lower section of his line is colliding with the upper section, like throwing a Frisbee straight up this type of cast will lose distance. That being said his cast is very good.

  8. Very interesting….I would think that elevation is determined by how much line you are false casting. If you are false casting…let's say…over 60 ft. you would have to throw the line higher in the back due to gravity taking over….when I try to throw too high in the backcast, all I end up doing is losing power and load……Awesome casting George!

  9. I didn't want to wake my entire house up so I was going by the subtitles, and I got really confused then I couldn't stop laughing.

  10. . . . going by the subtitles, and I got really confused . . . . . ________________________

    The goofy subtitles are very distracting. Fortunately, the CC button at the bottom of the video screen turns these off.

  11. think of a boy exiting in November……. at 1.41 probably the best typo I have ever seen ….. but it does work and if you think of him exiting in December youll get another 2ft on your cast

  12. Thank you for this excellent demonstration of technique… Best example of practical casting advice that I've found on the web – I've added significant distance and (almost!) eradicated wind knots as a result of practising these principles. Awesome video, well done!

  13. That's all fine and good on a pool or casting lawn, but rock your body like that on the front of my skiff and I'll push you out.  "Rocking your body" also rocks a boat, causing pressure waves that will scare everything on the flats.  

  14. explaine me please why the caster on this video , look always back by backcasting the line?

    It is possible the the Angler is not shure of his casting? I do not see any Bushes behind?

    Is the guy a Self-Loving Ballet -Caster??

    That wat he did is not possible on the fishing Water.

    And the Double-Houle is not to do every Time.

    For me it is a option of my Flycasting, but for you it is a Religion??

    I like to provocation!

    Fritz Raddatz, Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. City: PLÖN

  15. I'm sure that you can't cast 100' without good technique but what about the equipment ?
    If you are using a WF line with a front taper of (say) 30' then you will have to carry and shoot a further 70' – is this possible ? Also what about the rod – what weight and length are the best. I can cast between 70' and 80' (i.e. from the reel to the end of a 9' leader) but find it impossible to cast that extra 20' or so. Would any equipment (regardless of cost) help me, or do I just need to improve my technique ?

  16. Many expert fly casters suggest to put forward the right foot for a right hand caster, but this video shows that is possible casting excellent with opposite position

  17. good inexpensive rod>>> be careful with the tip, the material and the balance of the rod are amazing, if you're new to Fly Fishing just go for it.

  18. It is excellent casting style even if most of the champions today uses the 170 ° technique to achieve maximum distance. The stance is usually used to pecize cast. I think this technique is also ergonomically correct .

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