Fly Fishing Brown n Rainbow Trout Urban Flyfishing Tasmania Urban fishing Australia EP.90

Fly Fishing Brown n Rainbow Trout Urban Flyfishing Tasmania Urban fishing Australia EP.90

I’m in quiet little town in Tasmania Australia.
This is Russel and Rochelle’s House. And I am going for a fish soon.
There’s Russell there. It’s now about 2.30pm in the afternoon and
just heading out for a fish. Walk down the road a little bit, jump in the
creek and come back out there somewhere. Lets get some trout.
I’ve just come down from up there and I’ve already spotted some trout. There he is!
That close trout is about 35cm long, I’m hiding in the bushes here and set my rod up.
It will be a bow and arrow cast. Last night I walked along the river and there
were lots of beetles. So I’am using a brown beetle pattern.
There are actually lots of trout just here, and the guy I want is right at the end of
my rod. There’s another guy at the back here, and
there was one feeding here. That back one just ate there.
I’m just pinching the fly and will do a bow and arrow cast hopefully not getting stuck
on anything. Right in front of him. He’s looking, he’s
looking… It’s dragging, dragging, no he’s still looking.
No it, and he ate that and I missed him. He is now spooked and in the middle of the
creek. Lets fins another one.
Ok, I have one right in front of me here. There is a bird sitting on my fly rod.
A little flick cast, cast is good. Here he comes, here he comes, woo hoo! I got
my trout! yeah! Jumping everywhere. Out you come, he is only
about 26cm or so, little brown trout. Nice, ha ha ha.
Lets have a look at him. Come on fish. Beautiful, oops, there he goes.
He was a bit bigger, almost 30cm that one. There’s a little active guy here. He is chasing
stuff flying around, so this should be easy. He just ate he comes, and GO!
Got him! Lets get down to the water here.
Yes a
little Brown. Come here little guy.
Little Tassy trout, 26cm long and way too small to eat.
Off you go little buddy. Beautiful. That brown beetle worked on the trout, but
now I am trying a Stimulator, they are good High-Visibility fly.
Nice little run. Got him, ooo that is a nice trout. Yes. He’s
got me under, ahh! Broke me off. That was a good fish, almost 50cm long. One of the
biggest joys of trout fishing is just being in nature. These little creeks on sunny days
are just soul replenishing, I don’t get the fish all the time, I don’t mind missing one
every now and then. There’s a big fish under this ledge.
A little trout and the big one. Look at him. There is a big trout jumping and eating flies
here. I can’t really see him, but I’ll cast out and hope he sees it.
There he is up there, he is going nuts! Here is that fish. He is right near me.
How cool is that! Lets try and catch him.
Got him, oh yes, whoo-ho, that fly was just drifting down and he grabbed it.
Good fish. Good fish. This is the same guy that was just charging
around everywhere. Feisty little guy. I still have this first fish on and a second big 50cm trout just swam past me, this is
a nice little creek, right in the middle of suburbia.
There we go, he’s not the biggest today, but he’s a nice fish.
37cm trout. Wild brown trout. Let you go buddy. Off you go. Thanks. Woo-hoo!

43 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Brown n Rainbow Trout Urban Flyfishing Tasmania Urban fishing Australia EP.90

  1. Beautiful – I love small river fishing.
    In the UK 'urban' fishing would involve the police dragging the river for shopping trolleys and murder victims. Not many fish in our built up areas, lol

  2. Hey andy when are you posting your next video? Have watched every fishing video! don't know what to do with myself now!

  3. Brilliant photography. Great commentary. You've made me homesick for Oz.
    They have salmon here in Scotland but no Aussie sunshine 🙁
    Great video

  4. couple of questions. What rod brand do you use for this type of fly fishing? What were the names of the flies you had luck with. Also what's Russel's Surname I think I know him from my local angler club looks familiar

  5. +Casey Micenko  nice bit of fishing by you there.  Russell has never even held a fishing rod.  I use Pro-Angler 4pc, 4wt rod with loading line here.  Flies are so river and creek dependant, and at other times they don't matter.  I always use dry fly.  My favourite are beetles, stimulators and anything with upright wings.

  6. Hey your channel's great. I came over from a comment you left on mine. Love the helicopter footage. Very cool. Subbed! Ty

  7. Nice Brownies Andy ….. I learned how to fly fish up in northern California  in streams as you are in this video .  since then I have been to Idaho , Oregon , Texas , Nevada  chasing the rainbows and brownies as well as Bass , then  back to the beach  after the Halibut  ….. Thanks for the vid  !!

  8. hi subscribed great vids love the survival ones , have you done one specifically on eels ? we get nothing the size of your ones over here in the UK really interesting , also yabbies etc would be cool we just dont see them here

  9. Huon River…And it tributaries "Best trout fishing on planet" dont beleive me?…try it lads! Huon valley southern Tasmania.

  10. I live in Margate and was just wondering if this river is north or south of me because if it looks like the river I go fishing in often.

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