Fly Fishing Equipment : Attaching Fly Fishing Reels to Rods

Fly Fishing Equipment : Attaching Fly Fishing Reels to Rods

Ok, now we’re going to attach the reel to
the rod. Depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, will determine which side
you want to put the handle on and the line will have to be pre-wound in the right direction,
but almost all fly reels are set up so that they can be used either left-handed or right-handed.
The traditional way for a right-handed person would be to put the reel on the rod with the
handle on the left side, so you’re going to hold the rod in your right hand and reel with
your left hand. So, if you look at the handle of the rod, in the reel seat, there’s usually
some type of indention that the foot of the reel will fit in. So, what you want to do
is slide the front of the foot into that little indention and then the locking mechanism on
the back usually has a similar indention that the back of the reel seat will fit into. We’ll
slide that on, and then we’ll use the locking nuts. Most of the time you will have two locking
nuts that will lock that reel in place and then this will keep the first locking nut
from coming loose. And like I said, this is set up for a right-handed person, so I’ve
got my reel handle on left side, I’m going to hold my rod with my right hand and I’m
going to reel with my left hand, but you can do it the other way without any problem. If
you’re left-handed, you’d hold the rod in your left hand and you’d have the handle here
and you’d reel this way. The traditional method was to rig your reel up, so that you reel
with your right hand, even if you’re right-handed, you’d hold it in your right hand and you’d
switch it over, but it’s much simpler to reel with your left hand.

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  1. …thanks good video…my dad was right handed but always set up with right hand you would have change hands…I changed everything over!!!

  2. I am blown away by how good this reel is>>> Period. Add in that it is half to a third of the cost of other machined reels and this is a no brainer. Get one before they realize they are selling them too cheap!

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