Hey! Everybody. We will walk to the mountain for fishing So cold, because it’s a rainy day Remember to SUBSCRIBE LIKE and SHARE my video It was raining in the morning until noon Very Cold ! I left home when it’s stopped raining and sunshine I guessed any way, it will hot in the afternoon And feel comfort to wearing the short jean But now it’s cold, and seem about to rain again We at an altitude of 2.500 mets maybe 3000 mets Not much people know we can fishing here So, I really want to show you in this video When you go to the Alps mountains you can fishing here if you want beside you discover and climbing mountains It isn’t the tourist area , so not crowed and noisy here Special for people who love calm and love to be in the nature The dreamlike colorful of the nature Late at twilight ,the sky is little by little turn to violet Chain of the mountains are rolling up and down as the waves Hey ! I’m almost arriving It’s a long way walking to the mountain We can’t go here by car or bike It’s lofty – uneven and many the jagged rocks Some places the big rocks stand in the middle of roads You can see what I left behind The beauty of the landscapes help me to effort to climb mountain paths Great ! I can touch the rocks in Alps mountains they’re millions of years I feel so happy I’m not making a boast , Actually ! I can’t imagine what I can do For example , I walked a long long road and climbing to the very high mountains today And I discovered many places already ( thinking ) I researched and found the information about where will I go Till I achieve my purposes, I feel very happy It’s windy at the hilltop The chain of the imposing mountains are standing by the beautiful blue sky Guess what’s in my hand ? They are babies frogs Oh ,not sure they are babies frogs or they are tiny size Free them ! Hundred of them in the water Ok now ! Fishing time 👍 This is my fishing rod I will so you the way I fish I have a fly I don’t use worms or baits for fishing Absolutely I don’t use any animals as bait for fishing I usually use flies for fishing So this is a fly It looks like….a…… It looks like an insect Some are look like the water striders Those animals walk on water This a fake insect … made by thread and feather I use this to fish now Normally, fishing in the mountain lakes , in wild nature like this Most of the times you might catch Trout fishes Trout fish ? Trout fishes are family of Salmon How does it taste ? taste like salmon In the mountain lake very hard to fish them It’s a challenge for the fishers Yes ! It’s more difficult than you go to a fishing club Because the fish farmer adds fishes in the pond as often Easy to fish in club But in the nature Even this lake about 4 – 5 fishes size big enough allow fisher to take Very hard ! But I like it Let I see And this sport fishing style name ” Fly Fishing ” Most of the normal sport fishing with treble hooks the treble hooks or those sharp hooks are easy to catch fishes Strong wind 🙁 Oh! The line has got stuck in grass Fly Fishing is an art of fishing You’re fishing but not killing You can keep the fishes or release them They are still alive if you fish them by fly fishing If you do fish by the treble hooks Sure most of times the fishes will die , even you don’t want to eat fish but you can’t release them Also need to know about methods and techniques of fly fishing And….I love doing fly fishing First, It helps me relax Second , I often choose a beautiful place to admire For example today , you’re here with me At the valley and a lake in mountains I have some fishing rods This one is hard to use And there’s a strong wind , hard for me to control the rob Masses of clouds look like smokes wrapped the mountains They make me feel the mountains seem highly to the horizon It’s starting to rain and colder Hope It won’t lashing rain on the way I go home The surface water looks like a mirror reflected the sky and clouds the wind blow makes the shadow of mountains sparkling water on the lake So quiet ! Just me with the fishes here But fish doesn’t take my fly yet Some times I go fishing not for a lot of fishes I enjoy the landscapes You can see doing fly fishing, we have to move often Move close to fishes and requires different tactics Impossible to sitting on a chair then waiting for the fish bites your fly You’re a hunter It’s very interesting ! If you love fishing or you’re a fisherman. Feel free to leave some comments We can share fishing experiences and learn more from each others No matter of the weather , but feel freezing coz the strong wind In former times, I used to use live worms and shrimps to fishing those baits helped I caught a lot of fishes Doing fly fishing I have to use the artificial fly There’re many kind of colorful artificial flies I think…….I will change another fly Because the fishes aren’t interesting with this one This is my artificial flies box I also have big artificial flies for the big fishes Here this line also this These little flies made by pheasant feather This side are flies for small fishes Now I’ll take one Ok, this one I see the sky’s overcast What a terrible day ! But I try to catch a fish I change to stand here And this summer in France was very hot Some days were 40-41’C The fishes died bcoz of the hot weather, maybe See, the trees and grassland around me. They were sunburned hope fishes weren’t die coz sunburned I saw the fishes jumped out of water But hard to catch them Trying my best , it looks like it’s going to rain From here so far to the foot of the mountain Omg! It’s chilly. Have zipping jackets Sincerely ! I can’t imagine how it’s cold today Days ago even it was so hot I see someone over there you might see him He’s a local person, I guess After a day of work as the shepherd or cowmmen They will take a stroll Exactly ! It’s not a best day for me I can’t catch any fish 🙁 But I hope this video introduces you a new fishing place with beautiful landscapes Next time I’ll go to another place for fishing I’m sure , I will catch some fishes to show you But not today 😄😄 , sometimes I’m not lucky i will go home now , would you like to follow me 💙 THANK FOR WATCHING 💙 Have a nice day to everyone ! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE LIKE and SHARE this video Your support is the motive for me to create the good videos Hey ! I caught a lizard Bravo ! 😀😀 a small lizard look at him, he’s stiff feigning death he bends his tail Release him I’ll show you in the Alps have a lot of blueberries I don’t remember it’s vietnamese name these are blueberries trees blueberries very small but so sweet Can you see I’m picking them ? On the way going down the foot of mountain pick some just for fun and flowers Do you know what is it name ? a lot of these flowers here lovely violet find the blueberries on the slope mountains Ok, Now I gotta go. Bye ! bye everybody


  1. Đi câu cá trên núi rất thú vị, dù không dính con cá nào nhưng được thay đổi không khí, được ngắm cảnh thiên nhiên tuyệt đẹp, hòa mình cùng thiên nhiên rất vui, chú thằn lằn nhỏ màu đen dễ thương và bông hoa màu tím rất đẹp 😍👍

  2. Cuộc sống của bạn thật thú vị hái nấm, lượm hạt dẻ nè giờ thì câu cá, chuc banj sống vui nhé

  3. Mình rất vui nếu dc giao lưu với nhiều bạn yêu thích câu cá , và rất cảm ơn mọi người đã ghé qua kênh nha ❤

    Thank you so much to visit my channel and welcome to all fishermen ❤

  4. Video bạn tôi đi câu cá FLY trên núi xem rất hay và thú vị quá! Rất thích xem video của bạn! Chúc bạn hiền luôn vui vẻ và thành công nhé!

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