Fly Fishing the Huron [Ypsilanti, Michigan]

Fly Fishing the Huron [Ypsilanti, Michigan]

My name is Mike Schultz. I grew up you know, in the outdoors. My father is an avid hunter, an avid angler, and exposed me to fishing and the outdoors at an early age.
Mid teenage years one of my really good buddies in high
school’s dad was a salmon and steelhead fisherman and he took us salmon fishing one
fall and that’s pretty much all I needed. I got a smaller fly rod like around a 5
or 6-weight, I think it was a 6-weight that winter, and turned my attention
believe it or not right here. Right on the Huron River in Ypsilanti, the closest moving water that I could
find. I grew up in Canton, just down the road. There were nights that
I’d fish down this river in sunset and I looked up here and you’d see
Depot town and Man, you know that’d be a pretty good place
to have a fly shop, and here we are today the the business is going extremely well We’ve really created an angling community
around the smallmouth bass, around the warm water scene around here and it really shows here at the shop.
We got some funny looks when we said we were coming to Ypsi, but Ypsi has been really good to us. It’s a
great little town here with close access to the river which
allows us to do a lot of presentations and events and on-stream demos and whatnot. Let’s get this out of the way, who
doesn’t have a partner? There’s so many things going on that we like to support whenever we can and the Huron
River Watershed Council has really embraced that, and sees what we’re doing and you
know it’s probably been seven eight years now that we’ve been working directly with
them. The Single Fly Tournament is just one of the
things that we do. We work together and raise money, raise awareness, and it just
works. The Huron River is a beautiful river for recreation and
it’s also wonderful for beginning fly anglers because it’s much easier to wade than some of our
other larger more unstable streams so it’s just a
great resource and it’s right downtown. My name’s Jay
Cooper and we’re on the Huron River right behind Schultz Outfitters. We’re fishing
for smallmouth bass for the Single Fly, me and my step
brother Nick Connell. Personally I like catching a fish, that’s
the funnest part. It is different from regular fishing, you’re using both your hands in like a different way than just reeling in.
Instead you’re stripping out lines, instead of opening a bail and casting. It’s just a lot more active, instead of
just sitting down casting you gotta stand up. We’re wading right now,
it’s a lot of fun. We’re big fans of Mike. I know for me he’s upped my game as far
as how well I’ve been able to fish and have learned a lot about this actual fishery, and he’s really got it
dialed in. Well Mike’s just enthusiastic and he loves the river and his
enthusiasm for it is contagious. He’s done a great job developing the
fishery. He’s really brought a lot of
fishermen to the river and fly fishermen tend to be about conserving the resource. Thanks again for coming out supporting the Single Fly and the Huron River
Watershed Council. We definitely have surprises to give away.
We always do the overall title for the team big fish … I’m not a
scientist or a fisheries biologist by any means but from what I hear in the
connections that I have it seems like we’re on the up and up.
I mean the river is constantly improving constantly getting better. The Watershed Council and us, and other
business owners, you know really making it a priority. I think you’re just going
to continue to see the Huron get better and better.

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  1. Mr Mike, please don’t sell yourself short. You are a scientist and a stream biologist without a doubt. That’s what we need more than riches, is the accute knowledge of checks and balances No money needed and as much as you know I’m sure your more than willing to share your knowledge without a doubt to anyone that cares as much. You should actually get a grant from the state of Michigan for your unquestionably insightful ways of improving the quality of our valuable resources….. humm. Maybe you should start a satellite company up in Baldwin or maybe even ludington / manistee areas?? Lots of money and game available for a person with aspirations 👌🤘😉🇺🇸

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