Fly Fishing the Runoff (Poudre River, Fort Collins Colorado)

Fly Fishing the Runoff (Poudre River, Fort Collins Colorado)

How’s it going everybody? My name is C.J., I’m going to try to do some fly fishing today. It’s been a month or two since I’ve been fly fishing. Basically since before I went to North Carolina. And it’s runoff conditions. (Funky music) Whoo! Got one! There he is. Somebody had told me, if you’re trying to match the hatch . . . A good way to do it is to look in spider’s webs. So let’s see what the spiders got today. There’s a lot of little ones in there. Lot’s of little midges or whatever those are. Yeah, I don’t see any big flies stuck in this web. *inaudible* I have had so much going on in my life right now. I have a brand new job, and I haven’t told you guys about this job yet. I’m waiting until all my training is over, basically. But i’ll tell you guys about the job soon, it kind of has to do with fishing So, I’m pretty happy about it! I dropped out of grad school, which is why I was in North Carolina. … was leaving grad school. So i’ll have to tell you guys that story sometime, I think it’s really interesting. Whoo! Wow! Hey! Hey guys, thanks for watching, if you got all the way through the video, you’re awesome! I think that this is the way my videos are going to be from now on, they’ll probably be very short because I only have an hour or two to fish after I get off work. Alright that’s all I have time for today! Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and I’ll talk to you soon! That last one, I didn’t get the actual catch on video for whatever reason. I hat this camera, I’m looking at you camera! I hate you! Hate you! I hate my camera.

8 thoughts on “Fly Fishing the Runoff (Poudre River, Fort Collins Colorado)

  1. Awesome looking water and trout. Saw you on Captain Hook'd's shout out and coming over to support a fellow small fishing channel. Best of luck and hope you have the opportunity to check out my channel (warning, though, no fly fishing videos yet).

  2. Ha! That's pretty sage advice. Spiders know best! I don't like them much myself, but they do know what's been on the dinner table recently. Good to see you back at it. Don't hate on the camera man. The camera can only do what you tell it to do. lol

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