FLY TV – Dobb Daddy – Pike Fly Fishing with Fly and Spinning Rods

FLY TV – Dobb Daddy – Pike Fly Fishing with Fly and Spinning Rods

hi nuclear power and I’m the customer you’re watching fly TV and today we’re doing this hi and welcome back to fly TV I’m Nicolas power and this is my good friend and colleague Geeta Samir he’s also the inventor of the system that he’s going to fish today the dubbed Adi system today we are going to show you how cool fishing you can have together with flies and also this new dub daddy system as you can fish flies with spinning gear so now all you spin with guys can steal our flies and catch big fish follow us on a cool day we raise it up to the slack of the diggers the sweet of the ride because no much campus city boy changing it give me come to me so the area we were fishing at the moment is them we have a spawning pool behind us and these are really rocky parts here you can see the big stones and also a lot of stone structure here all these black pockets here and creates heat a little bit slightly warm water so the fish before spawning and also after spawning they kind of tendency to lay in these pockets and also out on the ledge here with the water is a little bit deeper and these places are really really good to fish before spawning and also after spawning it’s a cool place that fish came just from the side make let’s just I don’t know what happened they need some help now fine but we’re fishing in we’re actually we’re supposed to fish post spawn fish but this little girl hasn’t spawned yet took that articulated bream like uno tomorrow maybe we have to reconsider this post spawn pike fishing yeah maybe we’re searching for post form fish this girl was probably a little bit late for the party huh well let’s catch a big one up well down the class thanks may close I like to fishing a dog daddy with a small switch and a stop and almost always the type attacked when you stop really crashing bait we are seeing some pipe attack small bait fish in here and I have switched to a much smaller fly and let’s see what’s happened yes yes it’s all gone but without the second cast after switching to a smaller fly yeah Mike has been thrashing small minnows here and all over the place and we’ve been fishing big flies they haven’t been looking at them and also but at least it worked downsizing yes and here HC the fly with the rubber ball in front and if I lose that over a small cone after that comes to fly and after that the dog seems to work yep how’s amigo oh all right thank you smart guy nice with these single hooks they don’t really disturb the fish too much but they hook them really well hello dot ma’am yes a big one Hank so we’re looking for concentrations of Bream here as you can see now we have a lot of weeds here this is big concentration of weed here you can actually see almost the branches so what we’re looking for now is schools of bream and also perch so it’s early June and the pike spawned here a month ago at least and now they’re starting to feed on the bream and perch that are coming into these shallow coves to spawn this time of the year can be really a good time to fish like we’re fishing these weed banks here get these awesome takes in the surface don’t grab for me I’m not tall like Eileen yes you do they’re right from wrong but now the song yes I said in the console there ain’t no for how high it was me a live person there a I’ll be yeah like buses we’re in this really shallow cold here where the fish has been spawning and I’m fishing a slow-mo line but I’m also fishing an articulated fly and usually when you’re fishing in really shallow waters with these articulated flies is that these two hooks makes the fly go a little bit too deep so what I’ve done is I’ve put two foam heads here these are Rainey’s minimis popper heads and I put one on each hook what they do is they and create much more lifting so the fly is not going as deep as normal and also they make the fly have a much more tube-like action in the water they don’t dive down as fast as they normally do and as you can see it’s been working pretty well so first try some you this mercy check this mercy tray I still like Ross – beer we Lobby we Lobby say my cross to bear so nice fish necklace yeah I just had a pike coming up and hitting a smaller pike so I put the biggest Pike imitation I have in my box it’s one skinny guy but long so this fish that we called they’re on their way to hi Kevin probably closer to a meter or something like that and it’s really old and really bad condition really skinny fish like it’s an articulated one but extra everything it’s a rattle and also it goes this is a really important feature we’ve got skulls on it that was a better fishing place seems like that could be the trick bigger place bigger fish they’re feeding on the small ones then they’re these big fights might just be the trick for catching the big ones yes it looked a little bit bigger I’ll shoot maybe I miss I said yeah it’s better fish here it comes not really oh and there is gone now it’s gone that’s what we call a longline release perfect we didn’t have to unhook it small but angry look he was going for the skulls right on the skull I think this standing right in the bait fish yeah please blind on one ice flying yeah that’s why it took this fly because I’m tied up like one skinny one Hey look at his banana yeah total of whites and wiggled eight it’s so cool together with that brown fly all right how do you hold this like this so like that all thing close how do you hold it like if you want to learn a little bit more about how you rigged the dub daddy and also some different variations you can play around with click on the video up here in the left corner and you get some more info – double double hookup it’s really cool you can fish fish the same flies with a fly rod or with a spinning rod of course this is with a fly rod see much bigger on fly rod not always hold on my fault so my pike catch big one so it’s kind of time to wrap it up we had an awesome day a lot of contacts a lot of fish lost Oh a big one follower come on touch it ah well that’s kind of the story today a fishing you want to take but thanks guys for watching and until next time sidelines you you

35 thoughts on “FLY TV – Dobb Daddy – Pike Fly Fishing with Fly and Spinning Rods

  1. Absolutely Fantastic!! Excellent Excellent Excellent!!!! Dobb Daddy is the Future of Fly/Lure fishing with light spinning gear!..

  2. This is a first class video as usual from kanalgratis. The slow mo strikes are excellent. Also an excellent idea to use a fly with a bait caster.

  3. nic, have you had the opportunity to see the amazing
    videos on Kajana club you tube channel?
    …..its cool, and well made , ect, ect.
    thanks for this , flys on spinning, cool concept.

  4. Niklaus oozes cool and confidence as a presenter(and he gave me a free small bag of Bauer rattles at Sportfiskemässan) always interesting watching his styles of fly fishing in these videos AND another great Kanalgratis production

  5. i just the dobb for sale on a dutch webshop! yeehaaaa!!!
    I'm a terrible flyfisher, but that's not an issue anymore 😆.
    Thanks for the creating new innovations

  6. After 2 years I'm finally unsubscribed. Liked this channel back in the days, now there's pretty much only fly fishing or things related to flies. Thank you for the good old times. Sorry that you couldn't do the old stuff still. When it was more about fishing, less about product placement.

  7. Nice video, as usual. I must say, though that the rod type used by Mr. Holmer is called a baitcasting rod here in the United States. A spinning reel has a bail that revolves around the spool on the retrieve, to wind the line on. The bail is opened to cast, and the line "spins" off of the spool to allow the lure to go on its way – hence "spinning reel".

  8. kgratis-videos allways works and fun to watch…but please leave out those bonjoviheroshitheavymusic tones out!!its agony to watch bauer-videos with heavyshit!

  9. Yes it is good but the price of this in the uk is rediculus i realy would love to have it but i cant justify spending £40 for the dobb daddy kit plus delivery wtf are you high or crazy would love to make it but i cant what a shame

  10. Great video, but I don't understand why people think they need country music as background to their fishing videos. IMO it doesn't add to the program, it detracts. you're Swedish for chrissakes, play some Dirty Loops or something.

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