84 thoughts on “FLY VS JERK 11 – Episode 6 – Lake Day

  1. starts to be time to change the name of the show…. 1 fly team and 4-5 jerk teams dosent feel like a "VS" show anymore…. And plz go back to only 2 episodes each day! Otherwiaw i LOVE the show! You are doing a wounderfull good job! Keep it up!

  2. NEVER take your keys in the boat with you! The only thing worse than capsizing the boat is walking home afterwards. Get a metal box and put it inside the trailer receiver tube with the keys in it. Use the locking pin to secure the hitch receiver. I learned this the hard way in the kayak, tipped over and lost my keys.

  3. Is it because the flyguys have sinking lines that they can say "gonna fish this with 2,2 gram conehead, steady and deep just over the bottom" (never touched a flyrod so far so no idea how it works)

  4. I don't get why more people isn't downsizing? If you get several bites on the tail of your big lure just go smaller and make them take the whole lure.

  5. Love the respect that CWC and Team Vision have for each other! Maybe this is how Fly vs Jerk should be? 2 teams fishing the same water. Great episode thanks!!!

  6. You lost your swag completly. So many umrelaxed wanna be pros. This was once great. Di you even show this to anyone before putting it online?

  7. beautiful video, superb image, ideally chosen music, beautifully colored fish, and competitive fishermen who amaze us with their sense of water ….. what a pleasure for me to watch you.

  8. L'equipe cwc a laissé une chance au autres en pêchant très peut mais fait quand même 2 super fishs. Pierre et son acolyte sont vraiment des super mecs et terriblement efficaces

  9. Très belle session merci les gars ont a vue du magnifique fishs le top A+ ciao ciao 👌👍👌👍🐟🎣🎣🐟🎣👋👋👋👋

  10. I really like this series but I would prefer 5 or 6 teams as maximum. If there are 8 teams you need to skip quite often from one team to another. Thumbs up for team Vision and CWC.

  11. Fishing fly is all around a more respectable form of angling. I mean who needs 6 hooks!? That’s embarrassing. You have no respect for the sport or target if you use treble hooks. That’s fact. Not to mention how [email protected]&king stupid those boats and uniforms look. Clowns.

  12. No spoons, no spinners, no big spinnerbaits,no RAPALA super shads,no Bull Dawgs, no Stickbaits, no Red Octobers. Does anyone know how to catch a big pike in EUROPE. Next year have some teams from the USA !
    USA would win every day all day all points. Home of RAPALA and nobody uses them???WOW GOD BLESS

  13. Now I will start chain something to car keys 😅 something what will make them float on wather. It is good to have friends like this!

  14. I feel like watching cwc and vision fishing the same spot and seeing the sportsmanship, head to head competition and then at the end at the launch you could tell they are friends and probably went for a drink and dinner is what Fly vs Jerk should be about.
    Definitely my two favorite teams the last few seasons.

  15. Get some of the girls in from Girls Fishing Crew as one team and someone like Sussi Stridh team up with another ABU/Grey fly fisherman/woman to be another fly team.

  16. Are you guys ever going to bring back Daniel Bergman and his awesome FlyFishing videos for trout and grayling?

  17. Hello What a great competition! But: Team CWC made a big mistake. One should NEVER lift up a big pike in the net as Thomann did! You can damage the protective layer of the fish and make it more susceptible/ vulnerable for fungal diseases. 16:37 But I have to say that the fish he caught is beautiful! Great work! But please never ever lift up a pike again in the net.

  18. Hi Guys, great video! We would love to gift a Keyfender, waterproof car key case, to the poor guy who dropped his car key into the water. How can we get in contact?

  19. Anyone who drives 8 hours to bring his buddy his keys deserves a special award. Friends like that are hard to find!

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