Four Steps to Trolling | Dr. Terry Buhl

Four Steps to Trolling | Dr. Terry Buhl

Terry bowl here we got a comment here’s one from Diane commenting on dr. Vaughn’s removing blackheads video you are mean why didn’t you numb the skin you suck did you sanitize your watch Diane’s photo shows two heads i’m not sure which one is her i’m not sure that matters though two people can be as slow-witted as one first diana is why dr. Vaughn didn’t know the skin she’s making an assumption here just because the video doesn’t show it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen could it be that the patient was administered a local anesthetic before the cameras started rolling just for the sake of brevity the video doesn’t show dr. Vaughn being driven to work by his chauffeur that morning either and that’s where the very same reason this is an event that we can safely assume did happen just like the anesthetic and that question did you sanitize your watch I have it on good authority that dr. Vaughn doesn’t even wear a watch he says you are mean why didn’t you numb the skin you suck did you sanitize your watch I don’t wear a watch he hires a personal assistant to tell him what time it is Diane this video does not show anyone wearing a watch it makes me wonder why would you even ask this then it occurred to me Diane is proly to give herself onto adopted Terry video in fact I suspect that our old friend Donna is conducting seminars and how to get dr. terries attention she probably has a simple four-point plan that goes something like like this what make a comment using harsh language on one of dr. Vaughn’s videos something like you suck do make sure you have no credentials or any solid evidence to add credibility to your comment 3 use a picture that gives off that crazy cat lady 54 bask in the glory that comes with having so dr. Terry same rub off on you you we have achieved youtube nirvana I appreciate what you’re trying to do Diane but I really can’t believe anybody is that clueless but congratulations you got away with it this time hey but if viewers really want to improve the lives of the YouTube community what you really need to do is subscribe to dr. Terry Bulls channel by doing so you will encourage me in my mission of calling out idiocy and all of its various forms and make sure to click on that Bell simple so you’ll know when a new video drops that’s all for now i will see you next week sacrifice it’s a free service ok thanks

8 thoughts on “Four Steps to Trolling | Dr. Terry Buhl

  1. You mentioned a chauffeur and a timekeeper, but didn't mention an "ass"istant. Is it safe to assume Dr Vaughan does his own paperwork? Love your videos Dr Buhl 😊💜

  2. How dare anyone criticize Dr. Mark?! Don't they know he is amassing a legion of devoted fans here? lol Also, this is the second time I have seen Dr. Mark using the facilities. I have no idea why, but ok. We'll just go with it. Lmao 😀

  3. They are trolling and complaining because they don't have a life…..and nothing better to do! They wouldn't get away with the comments in real life so they do it under a anonymous handle or name. … Just keep on doing what you do and keep the laughter coming! !!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  4. Ok so here I was enjoying the funny and witty comments Dr Buhl has on trolling and I get to the end of the video about to hit that like button when Driving Vaughn pops back up on screen being told the time by his assistant when I'm traumatised by realising Dr Vaughn has wholeheartedly committed to that scene and has sat himself on the throne with his trousers pulled down! That's a little more intimate than I wanted to get lol 😂X Claire X

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