Garmin Force™ Trolling Motor:  How to use the remote

Garmin Force™ Trolling Motor: How to use the remote

congratulations you own the force the
most powerful most efficient trolling motor on the water in this tutorial
video will help you get the most from your force hand-held remote control
first you must calibrate the compass in the remote control before you can use
the gesture controls feature do this outdoors to improve accuracy do not
stand near objects that influence magnetic fields such as vehicles
buildings and overhead powerlines select menu scroll up to settings remote calibrate
select start and follow the on-screen instructions
if the gesture controls feature is not working properly after calibration you
can repeat this process as often as needed now let’s get familiar with the
keys this is the on/off key this key sets and holds the cruise control at the
current speed over ground or SOG press this key to set the propeller
speed to full the propeller is off it turns on the
propeller and sets the speed to full press this key for manual control you
can hold and steer the motor with gestures
this key turns to propeller on and off these keys help you navigate through
menus when in heading hold or manual control
press left and right keys for single degree step turns or hold for rudder
steering also when in heading hold or manual
control pressed a forward or backward Keys for incremental speed changes or
hold for continuous speed changes press this key to set and maintain the
current heading hold this key to set the heading hold by positioning the remote
will cover gesture controls in a moment press this key to engage the anchor lock
feature when an anchor lock press to jog left/right backward or forward when an
anchor lock press to return to manual steering
this key opens and closes the remote control menu when connected to a
compatible Garmin chartplotter this key marks a waypoint and these Keys
numbered from 1 through 4 are your favorites keys now let’s look at the remote control
screen in this field will see the trolling
motor battery voltage and if you press the settings menu you can view the
remote controls battery level this field shows the operational status of the
trolling motor for example when in manual control manual is shown when the
heading hold is engaged heading hold is shown along with the heading and degrees
this icon shows the status of the propeller when the propeller icon is
shown the propeller is engaged if it is not shown the propeller is not engaged
this icon shows the GPS signal status of the trolling motor the prop indicator
shows the speed level for the propeller the SOG indicator shows the speed over
ground in your specified units now let’s talk about the point and go
gesture control feature of your handheld remote before you can use the gesture
controls you must have calibrated the compass in the remote control first make
sure the propeller is engaged press and hold the gesture control key
while holding the gesture control key move the remote control to the left or
to the right to steer toward port or starboard release the gesture control
key to stop steering you can also set and adjust your heading
hold using gesture controls to do this make sure your propeller is engaged now
point the remote control toward where you want to engage or change the heading
control press and hold the heading control key
the motor engages or changes the heading hold and steers the boat in the
direction you are pointing as you hold the key
once your heading is established simply release the key
to use gesture controls to adjust the position of the anchor lock feature
point the remote control in the direction you want to move the anchor
lock point and then press and hold the anchor lock key
the anchor lock point moves five feet in the direction you point you can repeat
the previous steps until you reach your desired anchor lock point location and
that’s all there is to using your Garmin force remote control and it’s point and
go gesture steering features

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