100 thoughts on “Giant Puffer Fish Eats Clams and Crabs!

  1. I loved this video ☺️. I love puffies. I have always wanted one but I think that the care would be beyond my skill level. Thank you for the videos.

  2. My Mbu loves frozen mussels. And I love their golf ball bellies after they eat.
    And it's believed Mbu puffer have the intelligence of a toddler seriously so awesome 😍😍 my Nellys behaviour leads me to believe she's smart.

  3. Check out this video of me feeding my 800 gallon aquarium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ_64C4ZGGg&list=PLNM4mDAXGxWx1E1hMUfDsiqN5uHnS43yq&index=3

  4. Hey guys i got a question..can i keep a giant puffer in my preditory fish tank,,it's 6feet by 2feet by 2feet,,i got red tail cat,tiger shovelnose,giant red tail gourami,oscars,parrots and some more,,plz tell me,,btw love murphy,,yor tank looks pretty awesome with those plants😃😃😃😃

  5. Tetradon Mbu , I love these guys , the African broomtail puffer …. They get huge …. My 1st job I worked at a store that had 1 these guys that was in a 12' tank with a bunch of African Tiger fish that were about 10" and large wide bar datnoids and a bunch of cool fish … When ever I have seen them in a store they are never for sale

  6. I just lost my porcupine puffer I had for many years… he just stopped eating I tried everything he was so personable very sad…

  7. Murphy is such a friggin’ cute name for a Pufferfish, I love it! Can you film more of Murphy eating? Like every thing? Lol

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