GoWild –  An App for Hunting, Fishing, Outdoors

GoWild – An App for Hunting, Fishing, Outdoors

Hunters and anglers, our sports are old as
mankind, yet as hunting and fishing gear has evolved how we share our story hasn’t caught
up. Our passion brings pain, but also great reward. We need an app that caters to us. It’s time to ditch the apps that subject
us to death threats and call our very lifestyle into question. We’re changing that with GoWild, an app
that’s built for us and our way of living. With GoWild, you can quickly log this year’s
trophy harvest and easily find ones from years past. We can even help you find that perfect recipe
for bass or backstrap. And with GoWild, you can actually compete
with your friends, even if you hunt deer, and they fish bass or turkey hunt. Ours is the only outdoors app that rewards
you for your time in the wild. So you can keep dumping your shots into InstaSnap,
where they get trolled and fade away or you can join us. It’s time to tell our story, our way. It’s time to GoWild.

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