Guide to Buying a New Fishing Pole with Des Shipp

– If you’re looking to buy a new pole I’m gonna give you five of
my top tips to look out for. (rock music) Number one is weight,
stiffness, and strength. But just be aware that just
because the pole is very light it doesn’t make it the best pole. It’s the actual balance of the pole which is the most important thing. So just be aware of that. Number two is the package. Obviously the most important thing is how many top kits you’re gonna get, the more top kits you can get the better you can have a
different selection of elastics. So look out for the best packages. Number three is value for money. If you do get a new pole, look out for top kits that
are already pre-bushed. If you’ve got some roller
pull in pubs included this is gonna save you money. Obviously look for a potting kit included and some packages even come with a holdall. So look out for them, they’ll save you money in the long run. Number four is make sure you know what length of pole you need. You don’t really want
to use a 16 meter pole you might be better to go
to a 13 or 14.5 meter pole. Sometimes you buy a 16 meter pole, it wont be as good at 13 metres as if you bought a 13 metre pole. So just make sure before
you go to the shop you know what length
you need to fish with. Number five is try before you buy. Go to a shop, or even better, get to one of the tackle shows. You can pick up various
poles, different lengths, different packages,
and you can see exactly what you get for your money. (rock music)

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