“Gun Girl” Troll FACEPLANTS During Bogus Interviews

“Gun Girl” Troll FACEPLANTS During Bogus Interviews

I have something that I think you’re going
to enjoy today. There is a young woman named Caitlin Bennett
who I had never heard of before yesterday before seeing the videos I’m going to play
for you today, but apparently she’s known as gun girl in some circles. She’s a pro gun anti-abortion, anti trans,
seemingly religious conservative. She strikes me as a religious conservative,
although, although maybe that’s not the case. Wikipedia says that Bennett received media
attention in 2018 because she opened, carried an AR 10 rifle at Kent state university. Imagine being known for holding a gun, holding
a gun is what she’s known for. I believe she’s 2324 years old. She goes to college campuses and she does
these horribly bad faith, dishonest, gotcha type interviews where she wants to show how
crazy things are on liberal college campuses and she asks students, what do you think about
abortion or what do you think about guns or trans people? It’s done totally out of context and very
bad faith. And she did this the other day and a young
man who has upper management written all over him. I think you will agree. After watching this segment stopped her short
when she started asking, Oh, what about tampons and men’s rooms or what about this or that? And the kid very clearly says, who cares? No one’s committing a crime. I’m living my life. I believe in individual Liberty. Who cares about this stuff? Check this out. What do you think about putting urinals and
women’s restrooms for women who have penises and they just want to stand in pee? I think people just making too big of a deal
about it. I don’t really care naughty words. Okay, so we showed her shouldn’t, I mean I
really care. Okay. What about tampons and pads and men’s restroom
for men who have periods, if you’re really getting that worked up about it, why does
it matter? Like I don’t care just sitting there. I’m not going to take it. Okay, so we should provide men with tampons. I mean, if a dude wants a tampon for some
reason he can have a tampon. That’s not my business. What would he use it for? I don’t know. That’s his problem. Well, we use a pad for his problem. Do you think they should seek medical advice
if they’re having bleeding? I mean, if they want to. I don’t really care. Why should I here? I don’t know. I care about people that they’re bleeding
out of their penis. I would want to, I care about people’s personal
rights. They can do whatever they want. Some, none of my business. Beautifully done. Absolutely beautifully done. This is like a fake, reactionary libertarian. This woman, Katelyn Bennett meeting an actual
libertarian and I mean libertarian in the authoritarian versus libertarian sense, not
like a capital L libertarian who says there’s no crime being committed. There’s no violence to anyone. There’s no interference with my life. What do I care about where a tampon is found? She has nowhere to go with it because she
can’t get an emotional response from the student. So she has to become more unhinged and start
saying things like, what about a bleeding penis? Then here’s another one that went horribly
wrong and she actually is so unbearable that I almost started feeling bad for how dumb
she looked here. But then I didn’t take a look at this. Yeah, there’s, there’s a, there’s more than
people think. White men having periods. Yeah, I got did you tell them to seek clinical
help if men are having periods? Well, trans men have periods. Okay. Okay. Explain that one to me. Yeah. So some people who have transitioned from
female to male, um, you know, obviously, you know, they might still have periods and you
know, if they identify as male, you know, they have the right to go into the men’s room. Uh, but if they’re still having periods, they
have the right to have, you know, the products they need. This is of course how these reactionary social
conservative movements work. They work by strategically narrowly framing
questions when it makes sense. And then when it’s more convenient, you broaden
it where the questions and the topic are way too broad to actually have any meaning and
it conservative, I’m sorry, conspiracy theorists actually do the same thing. There’s a strategy in pushing conspiracy theories
where you will sometimes say, let’s zoom way out in order to further your conspiracy theory. But when taking a broad view actually hurts
your, you’re a conspiracy theory. You zoom way in into narrowly, uh, calculated
details. And it’s a very similar strategy here. First they go very broad. Something like the identity politics left
things men can have periods. Okay, well, it’s not hard to understand. If you’re born biologically female, you transitioned
to male. Unless you have certain procedures, you’ve
got a uterus, you have the reproductive system, it doesn’t go away. So someone who identifies as male in society
and uses the men’s room might still have a period. Menstruation may still be part of their biological
reality. So then they go broad and they right, the
left thinks men has period, have periods or something like that. And then when you point out how absurd the
framing is, they will narrow it to, are you telling me you don’t care about someone who’s
penis is bleeding? This isn’t about a man whose penis is bleeding. This is about individual Liberty. It’s about rights. It’s about nobody’s breaking any laws. And the most important takeaway here, because
it’s an election year, is that these people vote. And many people agree with the framing of
a cake. Katelyn, Katelyn Bennett, she gets to vote. The people who find her intelligent and who
find her videos prescient about the future of America, they vote. And none of this means anything. If we can’t start fixing this problem from the bottom up and that means we all have
to vote in November of 2020 I want to hear from you, what do you think about these videos? We’ll take a quick break and be back right
after this,

100 thoughts on ““Gun Girl” Troll FACEPLANTS During Bogus Interviews

  1. Libertarian here. They need to shut the fuck up. Tampons and pads in the men's restrooms are fine. Maybe they menstrate. Maybe they can get one for their girlfriend. Its not our place to butt in. Let people be themselves and help them out.

  2. So Republicans care more about men who have periods more than liberals who care more about fair taxes and American jobs staying in America? Well if you care about pedantic social issues like that. Vote Republican. If you want to keep your job. Vote liberal. It's pretty simple.

  3. We already have so much to worry, most of us don’t give a shit about these things lol. Pretty sure this girl probably will call 911 on black people doing most normal stuff in public

  4. I see this being bad because shes pushing after he said
    " not my problem " ..
    Also ,
    i mean , if she did poop her pants ,everyone who was there and
    " saw " it .. what's your life like ?

    And to the content Creator. Envy is a dangerous emotion . I'd like to have a civil conversation sometime. Shoot me a message

  5. Good for you, calm educated compassionate your one of the good people! I hate gun girl she shouldn’t have a say in bathroom rights since she doesn’t know how to use one

  6. If people don’t care if a transgender person uses the bathroom they feel comfortable in, then me a male should be allowed to take a dump in the ladies bathroom right?

  7. I find it funny that someone so cute can be so stupid. All her hate makes her look ugly. This is what happens when you are raised on right wing propaganda. You forget what it means to be free to live ones life any way others want. republiCONS are the ones who want to tell everyone how to live, what language you can speak, what god you can pray to and what president to vote for. republiCONS would be so much happier in a country like North Korea or Russia.

  8. Ffs why do ppl take her seriously she’s joking fucking hell 10 times better people like you take this so to heart 😂😂😂this is the dumbest video she’s trying to antagonise and ask weird questions to see what ppl do, this is next level hate bro. Get a job

  9. She is, quite simply, stupid. Also so twisted as to claim she cars about people, while the whole reason for questioning if there should be tampons etc.. in the men's room, is because she doesn't think there should be. Not only that, it changes from "should there be…" to "So you think it should be provided"… so it comes back to conservative bean counting again, right before claiming she "cares about people".
    Well I care about people as well, those who aren't bothering me to anyone and actually need help and not my rummaging in their business. Those who DO bother me however, may get hurt. That's how I caee about people. This "gun girl", hopefully has not already passed her genes on to offspring.

  10. All the PC police do is hate Christians…they never try to better the world…you have "Keep America Great Again" and "Hate Trump and vote Dem"

  11. I’m a republican myself and i dont agree with how she’s asking ppl all these idiotic questions, like she fr is very immature..

  12. Imagine YOU , yourself being known for anything bro ?
    You might try it !
    She’s asking questions that pussies like you are afraid to ask and you are just going to fade into the massive liberal shithole with a million other jackasses just like you !

  13. I'm a gun owner. If you are bringing a gun to school actually for protection, you're not gonna be walking around with an AR strapped to your back. A school shooter will probably see her, come up behind her and rip it off her back – knocking her down and that's when he will begin. She would just be giving him an extra gun and probably be the first victim. The point of bringing protection is to surprise the attacker, her walking around an AR hanging around her back like an extra accessory or piece of jewelery is just making a farce out of actual self protection. She thinks she's helping the movement but really she's making us look fucking retarded. That gun has no utility hanging off her back like a scarf, she isn't gonna save anyone with that thing, bet. The guy (or girl) down the hall with a concealed carry is the one who would actually take down the shooter with the element of surprise. Someone cancel this bitch asap please, get her off the internet. She does this all for clout and internet fame. No better than an IG model in terms of clout chasing.

  14. And here we go again ladies and gentlemen a NO HIT WONDER!! if you don't like her a so much why talk about her for popularity? You'll never be as popular as her so go get it real job hate to be the one to break your little heart but your show sucks..and as far as you transgender if you are a guy and walk in on my granddaughter you can say its your last day on earth…

  15. If it was a male with a gun in the school. All hell would break lose. Cops would gun him down and ask questions later. Why do bitches have more rights than guys? Come on usa

  16. After what happened to 4 students at Kent State I'd carry a gun, too

    NB: The students were killed by the National Guard [or going to school]

  17. Our god in heaven above, thank god the left has no one for a president run in 2020. Trump shall win AGAIN. SUCK IT LIBTARDS

  18. This generation is so dumb down, men having periods? No you're a man with a mutilated penis, that's bleeding after it was hacked off, you are not having a period as a female who is after the egg was not fertilized, you don't have ovaries, you cannot produce eggs. Therefore Men cannot have periods, trying to logically explain that one, would be the equivalent to explaining The Emperors New Clothes, get it! LMAO!

  19. I like her I'm glad she's going to all these colleges oh, it definitely points out how really f**** stupid a lot of our college kids are now, they have no future whatsoever from what I can see

  20. I don’t know why your tweaking out abt this SHES asking people questions and their answering what did she do so wrong that she is “clowning herself”

  21. From a female point of view … she’s making it seem like periods are disgusting . I’m sure she begging her man to eat her out when she’s on hers

  22. I love how all these edgy right wing hosts go on college campuses to try and “own libtards”. Dude these people are in the middle of their day and probably don’t know much about the subject to begin with. Their arguments are so shitty they need to find the easiest possible targets in order to feel justified.

  23. These loon's need to go back to being shunned. That woman needs sat down and explained too. There are other people in America that do not believe in your way of thinking. They shouldn't be punished because you don't like the way they think. Welcome to America, honey. I know who she is and I have seen her stupidity.
    Hear is a deal for her. No urinals in women's bathrooms and no tampon dispenser in men's bathrooms. On one condition. ASSAULT GUNS ARE BANNED! It is illegal to own this weapon.

  24. Conservatives: Keep your big government nanny state away from me!
    Also Conservatives: We need laws to force people to use the bathroom WE want them to use!

    As IF the same people who fight so hard for people who are mentally ill and legally blind have ever cared about anyones' safety.

  25. Why are conservatives so obsessed with what people are doing in bathrooms? We’re all there for the same reason, well maybe not her, since she just shits her pants.

  26. The only person this concerned about dudes bleeding and women with urinals…Is a gender confused person. This chick is confused!

  27. She's the one that challenged David Hogg to arm wrestle her. I tweeted her (before Twitter suspended my account) to propose that instead of David Hogg she arm wrestle a female, with the caveat that if she lost she had to shave her head and donate her hair to charity (I actually found an all female arm wrestling group that raised funds for Planned Parenthood), and she had to wear a tee shirt with a message similar to the one she proposed David Hogg wear. She deleted my tweet, so I tweeted her again and she deleted me again, before blocking me. Kaitlen Bennett is a chickenshit with a gun, nothing more.

  28. That dude is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! In your face bitch who is messing with problems that's none of her god damn business!

  29. Open carry an automatic rifle on a college campus? What better way to scare the bejezzus out of people. One would need a perverse streak to do such a lame-brained thing.

  30. David you are possibly the stupidest man I've ever seen. If you think some creep can go and identify as a female just to go in the girls bathroom to look or do even worse things to girls then you're flat out an idiot.

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