Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Inside Celebrity Photos (Internet Troll)

Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Inside Celebrity Photos (Internet Troll)

alright this isn’t actually a photo of this guy ryan reynolds isn’t holding a random guy with baby goggles, glasses I don’t know what he’s doing. This guy, the guy Ryan Reynolds is holding is actually a Photoshop troll you guys remember Photoshop trolling? Please put me somewhere nice like a sexy pool or something. There you go, buddy. You’re in a pool now. Hey Jamie! Please can you make my legs longer? They look shorter here than they really are no problem Personally I think Photoshop trolling is one of the funniest things on the Internet. its teasing people in awesome ways But like this guy is a master He takes celebrities photos and just like puts himself in it you wanna see what like… what he does though? He doesn’t just put himself in the photos. He does this… Is he pregnant? he made himself pregnant with… He even held Kanye’s arm and what’s up with the glasses? it’s like those same iconic glasses from the last one He has like a special look. We should look out for him. What would this look like if I did this… Oh, I just hit my f***ing face, hey Brad, Brad Pitt I’m enjoying the car ride Angelina’s face of disgust like “why is this guy here, who invited him?” Sorry, I’m just enjoying it. What, he’s casually hanging out with the politicians. Oh Obama. You’re just so funny I can’t keep myself from laughter. How does he make him look so clean? He makes them look so good, look at that. His street name is Average Rob I want you guys to go follow him on all social media (@averagerob) this guy’s absolutely hilarious. Now Can you find out where Average Rob is in the photo? I saw it That is beautiful, bro, honestly think he’s a sexiest one there out of all these women, Rob jeez like look at that 🎵Hello? Is it me, you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. You’re all I’ve ever wanted🎵 It was getting hot, I’m sorry about that Oh s***! Rob what you doing bro?, don’t touch Beyonce’s baby. Guys you know like those kids? when they always get excited when they’re when the mom is pregnant She has a big belly and the little kids always get excited. This guy’s a middle-aged man getting excited I didn’t even look at Selena at this point. Is he looking at her because she’s beautiful? and making that face Or is he dropping like the meanest s***. This is a work of art How does he do this like I’m jealous of this guy how does he think of these ideas? Rob. Rob always thinks he’s a dog we always tell him “you’re not a dog you’re a human” And he does not listen. Rob look at me look at me buddy. You’re a human you walk on two feet. Okay there’s no helping him. I think, even the other dog is like disappointed. He’s like. Oh my god. It’s freaking Average Rob again. Hey Low-key That’s me if I ever have a light saber. I would try to figure out How it works and then all of a sudden my hand just gets chopped off once its turned on, “Oh my god!” Yeah, sorry Rob should have told you should have warned you. Only in America is he gonna try to blow up his farts. Yo what the f*** ♪ Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? ♪ So, like average Rob is kind of ruining all my childhood movies. Did I just spit? Uh, I don’t know what to say. Either I should feel like, thankful for making it so funny or just like ever since I’m gonna think of the Titanic I’ll always think of Rob in the middle. Rob Can you stop cock-blocking, please? I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio’s the one cock-blocking right now, like he’s just there, when you have Kylie Jenner trying to pose trying to look very model esque You just have Rob in the background Waving hi ohh, Rob. guys Rob is a Legend if you want to see a part two to this he has so many more photos by the way check him out Average Rob go follow him out of socials (@averagerob), but if you want to see a part 2 like the video Let me know if you guys enjoyed this I loved photoshopping trolls on the Internet They are the best thing to ever happen But thank you so much for watching check out another video subscribe to the channel I would really appreciate it guys if you have more awesome video ideas. [email protected] You guys can email me whatever video ideas you guys want I love looking them guys, but thank you for watching and have a great one. peace out!

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  1. 2:16
    That face you make
    when your poop finally comes out 😂


    That face you make
    When bae chooses the movie when you go to the cinema 😂

  2. Is Titanic one of ur childhood movies?😳💩

    Translate this from Danish to English:
    En smilende bunke lort!💩

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