Guy Trolls People On Twitter Using Photoshop

hello there peoplz Hey Jamie Um Can you erase the trash can from the picture? Yeah, sure 😀 Where the trash…AH he spilled it all over the floor! Jamie. Jamie I didn’t mean to photoshop it on the floor *chuckles* This is James Fridman. One of the best photoshopping trolls, if not the only photoshopping trolls on Twitter. I made a previous video about him before. He’s absolutely hilarious. People have a request for him to photoshop either yourself, something you wanna take out of the photo anything like that and he does the honors. But, in the best of ways. You’re watching Reaction Time, and let’s jump right into it Let’s do this Hey Jamie, can you edit this so the flamingo and trash can aren’t behind me? Thanks, from Leah! DONE *the sound of a dying horse* What was that? Did I just beep? *meep meep* Jamie! I love you man. Look at him trolling her. It was already bad enough that the flamingo was behind her and it was a huge distraction. And now, no more distractions don’t worry. Cuz you are the flamingo *chuckles* I love how it just says “Done.” Hey bro. Can you photoshop my face to the first pic? Okay, you got a little Instagram model. Not even little, this guy is shredded. You got an Instagram model and this guy that wishes he was an Instagram model. Don’t we all bro *see you again plays is the background* I feel you So yeah can you just photoshop my face to the first pic? I wanna send it to the girl of my dreams. I wanna show her that I have some uh abs. You know? Jamie Jamie! JAMIEE! Sure! *laughs* Jamie! He meant photoshop his face onto the model’s face. Jamie you ruined his perfectly good moment. To impress all the ladies in his school. Or did you just make him super funny? And maybe that’s how he’s gonna get the girls. I mean you don’t have to worry about getting those 6 packs anymore cuz uh your whole torso is your head! *chuckles* Oh my god and there’s the little nipple of the model. It looks like a pimple on his face That is so ironic. What more have you got for us Jamie? What more have you got for us? Hey Jamie, can you please make me look badass? You know what I’m talking about?* hardcore music in the background* I wanna look SO badass. Like um Like this 😀 *the noise he thinks is a impressed lady but is actually a parrot* *chuckles* What was that? *clears throat*

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