Healthy Fish Tikka Curry | #10HealthyMeals | Kerryann Dunlop

Healthy Fish Tikka Curry | #10HealthyMeals | Kerryann Dunlop

Hi Food Tube, Kerryann here. I love curry!
All different types of curry, but this time I’m going to show you how to make a fantastic
fish tikka curry from Jamie’s book Save with Jamie. It’s affordable, it’s delicious, everyone
who eats it is going to love it and it’s really, really simple. All of this serves four people
and comes in including the fish at just under £2 per person. You’re not going to get that
at your local curry house! We’ve got four cod fillets, I use a lot of
frozen fish at home. It’s really, really affordable and not only that you only take out of the
freezer. What you’re going to use, what you’re going to eat. Now, we’re going to get started
on the sauce, squeeze the juice of half of a lemon into the plate, we;re going to use
a tablespoon of this ready made tikka paste and mix it in with the lemon juice. We’re
going to put in our fish, give it a good old rub around and then once we’ve covered all
the fish in this marinade we’re just going to leave this all on one side while we prepare
everything else we just want it to soak up all them flavours.
I’m just going to wash my hands. Now, we need some garlic a piece of ginger,
a chilli an onion and some fresh coriander stalks. Now we’re going to keep the leaves
because we’re going to use these later. Then an onion we’re going to slice this, it doesn’t
matter if it’s not perfect or uniform or anything like that. Chop up your garlic, ginger and
coriander stalks into tiny pieces, if you’re not that handy with a knife, try a grater.
I promise, i wont tell if you wont! Coriander’s a soft herb, the stalks are a bit more rough
and ready a bit more, you know ghetto. SO they can withstand heat and the cooking a
lot better than the leaves can and then some chilli. I love spicy food so I would probably
use the whole thing seeds as well. Which is what I’m going to do know. If your kids don’t
like spicy food, just use half or don’t put any in!
We’;re going to put these in a pan with some olive oil we want to cook it down and make
it really soft. and get a base flavour. We’re going to get the rest of the tikka pasta,
which is two more tablespoons left and put that in there as well. We’re also going to
put potatoes in there as well. We want to cut these into two centimetre chunks. These
are going to start soaking up this flavour straight away. So we’re going to give this
a nice stir, so this is the nice base of our curry. All we need to do now is leave it on
a low heat until it gets all soft and all sticky and that usually takes about 15 minutes.
Right come and have a look, now don’t worry about all these dark bits on the bottom because
this is all flavour. When we put some liquid in there, it’s going to suck up all of that
off the bottom. And make your sauce really, really lovely.
So, let’s get on with the next stage. We’;ve got two nice ripe medium tomatoes, cut them
into quarters and now we’ve got 300g of frozen cauliflowers florets. I like to use frozen
because you can just buy a bag of it and only take out what you need. SO again, it’s no
waste saving money ,y two favourite things. And we’ve also go 50g of red split lentils.
And what these are going to do as when they cook they are going to puff and split and
make your sauce nice and rich. And then we need 600mls of boiling water which is just
over a pint. Now I don’t usually measure the water but I’m doing it for your guys; because
I love ya!. So we will give that a good stir, now right I know it looks a bit water and
a bit thin and a bit hmmm but trust me, when you come back to this it’s going to be rich
and thick umptious. Oh my god I’ve waited so long to use that word. And delicious. Leave
it alone for 45 minutes and we’ll be back. Ahhh, I needed that coffee. Right, now this
has got about 15 more minutes left to go and we’re going to fry off our fish but first
of all I’m going to put some rice on. I’ve got one mug of basmati rice, put that in,
with two mugs of boiling water and if you want to cook more rice the principle’s the
same. Twice the amount of water to rice. You rice will be perfect every time. A bit of
salt, just a pinch. We need ten cloves. When it boils, turn it down really, really low
cover it with a lid, leave it until the rice has absorbed all the water and it’s ncie and
fluffy and loose. Now we’er poignant to fry the fish, so we’re
going to need a nice, large non stick pan because we’re not going to use any oil. We’re
going to dry fry the fish. We’re going to let that go and let it get really hot. Now
if you love curry a much as I do check out one of my other videos. It’s my recipe, my
style chicken curry. All you’ve got to do is click the bun.
And now the fish has thoroughly defrosted so we’ll try and get as much of the drippy
drippys off. And straight into the pan. Right now I know you’re going to be tempted to move
it around and turn it over and that stuff. Leave it alone. We want it to get really crispy
and charred and all lovely on the outside and really soft on the inside. Just wash my
hands. In the meantime we’ve got our curry here, come in and have a look. See the difference,
it’s rich, thick, it’s gorgoues. We’ve got four tablespoons of yoghurt here, I’m only
goign to sue half. And I’m going tos tir that in. It’ll take teh edge off make it a bit
more creamier. Put the lid on the rice. Maybe two or three minutes on that, two or three
minutes on the curry and we’re ready to go! It’s time for the best part, putting it together
and putting it on a plate. Get a fork for fluffy rice. None of the grains are stuck
together, winner, winner! We’ve got our fish, crispy and gnarly. Jamie
uses that word all the time. Get that on top of the rice we;re breaking it up just so it
goes that bit further. Lemon wedges and curry! It’s reduced and got thick and gorgeous. We’;re
going to top this off with the last remained bit of the yoghurt. Some fresh coriander.
SO there you go guys. Fantastic fish tikka curry. It’s affordable, economical, and most
importantly it is delicious. You’re family is going to love it. Have a go, let me know
how you get on in the comments box below. Enjoy!
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100 thoughts on “Healthy Fish Tikka Curry | #10HealthyMeals | Kerryann Dunlop

  1. It's not cheating – this is the perfect sort of stuff for a good family dinner that fits a budget in harsh economic times. She's not cooking for a 2 or 3 star restaurant… it's about practicality, affordability and simplicity. Most of all, it will taste just as good and is far healthier then frying chips or buying takeout.

  2. tikka |ˈtikə, ˈtē-|
    noun [ usu. with modifier ]
    an Indian dish of small pieces of meat or vegetables marinated in a spice mixture.

  3. I don't know why they keep calling these under £2 per portion.
    Unless you're cooking for 20 people that's not the case surely?
    the shitty frozen fish alone costs more than £2 for a start

  4. Hi! For this recipe, would you suggest a blend of oregano and thyme as a replacement for the coriander? Anything I cook with coriander ends up tasting like dishwashing soap. In general, people have suggested parsley, but I think Thyme/Oregano fit better with this dish…

  5. I find it hard to believe that you can buy 4 pieces of fish, rice, lemons, ginger, garlic, yogurt, paste, chilies, corrigenda, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower , cloves all for under £8

  6. It's not a particularly unusual pronunciation. It's called "th-fronting", when dental fricatives are replaced by labiodental fricatives. I'd guess it's mostly associated with sort of working class English ppl, but it's spreading 🙂

  7. Basmati rice is fine to cook without washing, as it isn't as glutenous as Japanese rice, but you can wash it if you prefer. It won't make any difference in the cooking process.

  8. Thyme and Oregano, are more woody, meaty herbs. The coriander in this dish serves to lift it as it is quite rich and spicy. Parsley would be a much better alternative as it will also lighten it! Hope this helps!

  9. I love your cookery Kerryann and this looks delicious, is affordable and you don't need a master degree to prepare it! Thank you for your wonderful recipes!

  10. Isn't it a bit useless to use tikka paste? I mean, it's something not readily available to everyone and it's slightly uneconomical when you could just buy chili powder, turmeric (whatever goes into the paste itself) and assemble it yourself?

  11. Ooh yeah. Serve with a crispy lager or lovely weissbier and you'll have a super cheap perfect Friday night!

  12. I wish you'd write up a summary of all the ingredients needed for the dish somewhere. If I have to go to the site and have to search the recipe there (aint no pages there so "p232" doesn't help) since you provide no direct link, there's little reason for me to watch the videos over just browsing the site outright you know.

  13. Since you did everything separately, I'll just make the dry fried fish and have it with boiled potatoes and petis pois

  14. Tried this recepie today, unfortunately it wasn't a hit for my man and grandma :-/ But I give it 3 stars out of 5 🙂 

  15. Kerryann, I enjoy watching you! I am in the USA. Is there anyway you can include US dollars and Fahrenheit? I know you probably get requests like this from people all over the world. 

  16. it is wonderful to have your knoulege at hand si helpful can not wayt to see your experiences from Costa Rica my home town chao

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